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January 2010The Political Resource Curse
with Fernanda Brollo, Tommaso Nannicini, Roberto Perotti: w15705
June 2007The Growth Effect of Democracy: Is It Heterogenous and How Can It Be Estimated?
with Torsten Persson: w13150
April 2006Democratic Capital: The Nexus of Political and Economic Change
with Torsten Persson: w12175
February 2006Democracy and Development: The Devil in the Details
with Torsten Persson: w11993
September 2005Why is Fiscal Policy Often Procyclical?
with Alberto Alesina: w11600
August 2005Why Do Politicians Delegate?
with Alberto Alesina: w11531
July 2004Economic and Political Liberalizations
with Francesco Giavazzi: w10657
January 2004Bureaucrats or Politicians?
with Alberto Alesina: w10241
December 2003How Do Electoral Rules Shape Party Structures, Government Coalitions, and Economic Policies?
with Torsten Persson, Gerard Roland: w10176
March 2001Electoral Rules and Corruption
with Torsten Persson, Francesco Trebbi: w8154
April 1999Political Economics and Public Finance
with Torsten Persson: w7097
December 1998The Size and Scope of Government: Comparative Politics with Rational Politicians
with Torsten Persson: w6848
December 1997Political Economics and Macroeconomic Policy
with Torsten Persson: w6329
April 1996Monetary Cohabitation in Europe
with Torsten Persson: w5532
August 1991The Optimality of Nominal Contracts
with Scott Freeman: t0110
July 1991External Debt and Political Instability
with Sule Ozler: w3772
May 1991Political Instability, Political Weakness and Inflation: An Empirical Analysis
with Sebastian Edwards: w3721
January 1991Is Inequality Harmful for Growth? Theory and Evidence
with Torsten Persson: w3599
October 1990The Politics of 1992: Fiscal Policy and European Integration
with Torsten Persson: w3460
Explaining Fiscal Policies and Inflation in Developing Countries
with Sebastian Edwards: w3493
June 1990Rules versus Discretion in Trade Policy: An Empirical Analysis
with Robert W. Staiger: w3382
February 1990A Positive Theory of Social Security
December 1989Seigniorage and Political Instability
with Alex Cukierman, Sebastian Edwards: w3199
October 1989Public Confidence and Debt Management: A Model and A Case Study of Italy
with Alberto Alesina, Alessandro Prati: w3135
August 1989The Politics of Intergenerational Redistribution
November 1988Voting on the Budget Deficit
with Alberto Alesina: w2759
July 1988Rules and Discretion in Trade Policy
with Robert W. Staiger: w2658
June 1988External Debt, Capital Flight and Political Risk
with Alberto Alesina: w2610
July 1987A Positive Theory of Fiscal Deficits and Government Debt in a Democracy
with Alberto Alesina: w2308

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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