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May 2011An Exploration of Optimal Stabilization Policy
with Matthew C. Weinzierl: w17029
March 2010Spreading the Wealth Around: Reflections Inspired by Joe the Plumber
February 2010Imperfect Information and Aggregate Supply
with Ricardo Reis: w15773
June 2009Optimal Taxation in Theory and Practice
with Matthew Weinzierl, Danny Yagan: w15071
May 2009The Optimal Taxation of Height: A Case Study of Utilitarian Income Redistribution
with Matthew Weinzierl: w14976
October 2006Sticky Information in General Equilibrium
with Ricardo Reis: w12605
July 2006The Politics and Economics of Offshore Outsourcing
with Phillip Swagel: w12398
The Macroeconomist as Scientist and Engineer
February 2006Pervasive Stickiness (Expanded Version)
with Ricardo Reis: w12024
December 2004Dynamic Scoring: A Back-of-the-Envelope Guide
with Matthew Weinzierl: w11000
June 2003Disagreement about Inflation Expectations
with Ricardo Reis, Justin Wolfers: w9796
February 2003Monetary Policy for Inattentive Economies
with Laurence Ball, Ricardo Reis: w9491
December 2002What Measure of Inflation Should a Central Bank Target?
with Ricardo Reis: w9375
May 2002The NAIRU in Theory and Practice
with Laurence Ball: w8940
December 2001Sticky Information: A Model of Monetary Nonneutrality and Structural Slumps
with Ricardo Reis: w8614
September 2001U.S. Monetary Policy During the 1990s
May 2001Intergenerational Risk Sharing in the Spirit of Arrow, Debreu, and Rawls, with Applications to Social Security Design
with Laurence Ball: w8270
Sticky Information Versus Sticky Prices: A Proposal to Replace the New Keynesian Phillips Curve
with Ricardo Reis: w8290
September 2000The Inexorable and Mysterious Tradeoff Between Inflation and Unemployment
February 2000The Savers-Spenders Theory of Fiscal Policy
March 1998Government Debt
with Douglas W. Elmendorf: w6470
June 1996Stock Market Yields and the Pricing of Municipal Bonds
with James M. Poterba: w5607
April 1996What Do Budget Deficits Do?
with Laurence Ball: w5263
August 1995The Growth of Nations
July 1995A Sticky-Price Manifesto
with Laurence Ball: w4677
April 1995Capital Mobility in Neoclassical Models of Growth
with Robert J. Barro, Xavier Sala-i-Martin: w4206
March 1995Relative-Price Changes as Aggregate Supply Shocks
with Laurence Ball: w4168
February 1995The Deficit Gamble
with Laurence Ball, Douglas W. Elmendorf: w5015
October 1994Nominal Income Targeting
with Robert E. Hall: w4439
September 1994An Asset Allocation Puzzle
with Niko Canner, David N. Weil: w4857
May 1994Asymmetric Price Adjustment and Economic Fluctuations
with Laurence Ball: w4089
July 1992The Reincarnation of Keynesian Economics
June 1992A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth
with David Romer, David N. Weil: w3541
November 1991The Consumption of Stockholders and Non-Stockholders
with Stephen P. Zeldes: w3402
October 1991The Response of Consumption to Income
with John Y. Campbell: r1645
Should The Fed Smooth Interest Rates? The Case of Seasonal Monetary Policy
with Jeffrey A. Miron: w3388
February 1991A Quick Refresher Course in Macroeconomics
January 1991Permanent Income, Current Income, and Consumption
with John Y. Campbell: w2436
May 1990Consumption, Income, and Interest Rates: Reinterpreting the Time Series Evidence
with John Y. Campbell: w2924
March 1990The Baby Boom, The Baby Bust, and the Housing Market
with David N. Weil: w2794
Optimal Advice for Monetary Policy
with Susanto Basu, Miles S. Kimball, David N. Weil: w3054
October 1989International Evidence on the Persistence of Economic Fluctuations
with John Y. Campbell: w2498
Real Business Cycles: A New Keynesian Perspective
Stock Market Forecastability and Volatility: A Statistical Appraisal
with David H. Romer, Matthew D. Shapiro: w3154
September 1989Precautionary Saving and the Timing of Taxes
with Miles S. Kimball: w2680
April 1989Assessing Dynamic Efficiency: Theory and Evidence
with Andrew B. Abel, Lawrence H. Summers, Richard J. Zeckhauser: w2097
February 1989Consumption: Beyond Certainty Equivalence
with Olivier J. Blanchard: w2496
"The New Keynesian Economics and the Output-Inflation Trade-off"
with Laurence M. Ball, David H. Romer: r1111
The Worldwide Change in the Behavior of Interest Rates and Prices in 1914
with Robert B. Barsky, Jeffrey A. Miron, David N. Weil: w2344
Imperfect Competition and the Keynesian Cross
December 1988Recent Developments in Macroeconomics: A Very Quick Refresher Course
June 1988Are Output Fluctuations Transitory?
with John Y. Campbell: w1916
February 1988Consumer Spending and the After-Tax Real Interest Rate
The Optimal Collection of Seigniorage: Theory and Evidence
October 1987The Adjustment of Expectations to a Change in Regime: A Study of the Founding of the Federal Reserve
with Jeffrey A. Miron, David N. Weil: w2124
Permanent and Transitory Components in Macroeconomic Fluctuations
with John Y. Campbell: w2169
August 1987Government Purchases and Real Interest Rates
April 1987The Equity Premium and the Concentration of Aggregate Shocks
March 1987Do Long-Term Interest Rates Overreact to Short-Term Interest Rates?
with Lawrence H. Summers: w1345
February 1987Risk and Return: Consumption versus Market Beta
with Matthew D. Shapiro: w1399
Ricardian Consumers With Keynesian Propensities
with Robert B. Barsky, Stephen P. Zeldes: w1400
1987Are Tax Cuts Really Expansionary?
with Lawrence H. Summers: w1443
November 1986The Allocation of Credit and Financial Collapse
News or Noise? An Analysis of GNP Revisions
with Matthew D. Shapiro: w1939
October 1986The Term Structure of Interest Rates Revisited
August 1986Intertemporal Substitution in Macroeconomics
with Julio J. Rotemberg, Lawrence H. Summers: w0898
July 1986The Changing Behavior of the Term Structure of Interest Rates
with Jeffrey A. Miron: w1669
December 1985Consumer Durables and the Real Interest Rate
October 1985Do We Reject Too Often? Small Sample Properties of Tests of Rational Expectations Models
with Matthew D. Shapiro: t0051
September 1984Aggregation and Stabilization Policy in a Multi-Contract Economy
with Alan S. Blinder: w0873

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