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June 2014Mutual Assistance between Federal Reserve Banks, 1913-1960 as Prolegomena to the TARGET2 Debate
with Barry Eichengreen, Arnaud J. Mehl, Livia Chițu: w20267
March 2013Does “Skin in the Game” Reduce Risk Taking? Leverage, Liability and the Long-Run Consequences of New Deal Banking Reforms
with Kris James Mitchener: w18895
September 2011A Brief History of Regulations Regarding Financial Markets in the United States: 1789 to 2009
with Alejandro Komai: w17443
When the Music Stopped: Transatlantic Contagion During the Financial Crisis of 1931
with Patrick Van Horn: w17437
March 2011Business Failures by Industry in the United States, 1895 to 1939: A Statistical History.
with Michael Gou: w16872
December 2010Stopping Suicide Attacks: Optimal Strategies and Unintended Consequences
with Michael McBride: w16637
Retail Trade by Federal Reserve District, 1919 to 1939: A Statistical History
with Haelim M. Park: w16617
October 2010Arresting Banking Panics: Fed Liquidity Provision and the Forgotten Panic of 1929
with Mark Carlson, Kris James Mitchener: w16460
January 2010Property Rights and Parliament in Industrializing Britain
with Daniel Bogart: w15697
October 2008Estate Acts, 1600 to 1830: A New Source for British History
with Dan Bogart: w14393
June 2008Intensified Regulatory Scrutiny and Bank Distress in New York City During the Great Depression
with Patrick Van Horn: w14120
Making Property Productive: Reorganizing Rights to Real and Equitable Estates in Britain, 1660 to 1830
with Dan Bogart: w14107
May 2008Religion, Longevity, and Cooperation: The Case of the Craft Guild.
with Michael McBride: w14004
April 2008Brand Names Before the Industrial Revolution
January 2008Institutional Adaptability and Economic Development: The Property Rights Revolution in Britain, 1700 to 1830
with Dan Bogart: w13757
March 2007Fetters of Debt, Deposit, or Gold during the Great Depression? The International Propagation of the Banking Crisis of 1931
with Patrick Van Horn: w12983
December 2006Bank Distress during the Great Depression: The Illiquidity-Insolvency Debate Revisited
Correspondent Clearing and the Banking Panics of the Great Depression
Quarterly Data on the Categories and Causes of Bank Distress During the Great Depression
A Comment Concerning Deposit Insurance and Moral Hazard
October 2006Bank Distress During the Great Contraction, 1929 to 1933, New Data from the Archives of the Board of Governors
Monetary Intervention Mitigated Banking Panics During the Great Depression: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Federal Reserve District Border in Mississippi, 1929 to 1933
with William Troost: w12591
Deposit Insurance and the Composition of Bank Suspensions in Developing Economies: Lessons from the State Deposit Insurance Experiments of the 1920S
with Ching-Yi Chung: w12594

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