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January 2010Terminal Care and The Value of Life Near Its End
with Tomas J. Philipson, Dana Goldman, Kevin M. Murphy: w15649
August 2007The Value of Life Near its End and Terminal Care
with Kevin Murphy, Tomas Philipson: w13333
December 2004The Economic Theory of Illegal Goods: The Case of Drugs
with Kevin M. Murphy, Michael Grossman: w10976
June 2003The Quantity and Quality of Life and the Evolution of World Inequality
with Tomas J. Philipson, Rodrigo R. Soares: w9765

Published: Becker, Gary S., Tomas J. Philipson and Rodrigo R. Soares. "The Quantity And Quality Of Life And The Evolution Of World Inequality," American Economic Review, 2005, v95(1,Mar), 277-291. citation courtesy of

November 1998Deadweight Costs and the Size of Government
with Casey B. Mulligan: w6789

Published: Becker, Gary S & Mulligan, Casey B, 2003. "Deadweight Costs and the Size of Government," Journal of Law & Economics, University of Chicago Press, vol. 46(2), pages 293-340, October. citation courtesy of

September 1996Mortality Contingent Claims, Health Care, and Social Insurance
with Tomas Philipson: w5760

Published: Journal of Political Economy, Vol.106, no.3 (1996): 550-574.

August 1990Human Capital, Fertility, and Economic Growth
with Kevin M. Murphy, Robert F. Tamura: w3414


April 1990An Empirical Analysis of Cigarette Addiction
with Michael Grossman, Kevin M. Murphy: w3322

Published: American Economic Review, Vol. 84, no. 3, pp. 396-418, (June 1994). citation courtesy of

1986A Reformulation of the Economic Theory of Fertility
with Robert J. Barro: w1793

Published: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. CIII, No. 412, pp. 1-25,(February 1988). citation courtesy of

July 1977A Theory of the Production and Allocation of Effort

Published: "A Theory of the Allocation of Time" Economic Journal, Vol.75, no.299 (Sep., 1965): 493-517.

October 1976Economics of Marital Instability
with Elisabeth M. Landes, Robert T. Michael: w0153

Published: Becker, Gary S., Elisabeth M. Landes, and Robert T. Michael. " An Economic Analysis of Marital Instability." Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 85, No . 6, (December 1977), pp. 1141-1187.

February 1976Child Endowments, and the Quantity and Quality of Children
with Nigel Tomes: w0123

Published: Becker, Gary S. and Nigel Tomes. "Child Endowments, and the Quantity of Children." Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 84, No. 4, part 2, (August 1976) , pp. S143-S162. citation courtesy of

June 1974A Theory of Social Interactions

Published: Becker, Gary S. "A Theory of Social Interactions." Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 82, No. 6, (December 1974), pp. 1063-1093. citation courtesy of

Contact and additional information for this authorAll NBER papers and publicationsNBER Working Papers only

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