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April 2012The Impact of the 2009 Federal Tobacco Excise Tax Increase on Youth Tobacco Use
with Jidong Huang: w18026
November 2011Socioeconomic Differences in the Impact of Smoking Tobacco and Alcohol Prices on Smoking in India
with G. Emmanuel Guindon, Arindam Nandi, Prabhat Jha: w17580
August 2010Cigarette Excise Taxation: The Impact of Tax Structure on Prices, Revenues, and Cigarette Smoking
with Richard Peck, John A. Tauras, Xin Xu, Ayda Yurekli: w16287
June 2009Economic Contextual Factors and Child Body Mass Index
with Lisa M. Powell: w15046
September 2007Risks and Prices: The Role of User Sanctions in Marijuana Markets
with Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Beau Kilmer, Michael Grossman: w13415
September 2006Do State Expenditures on Tobacco Control Programs Decrease Use of Tobacco Products Among College Students?
with Christina Czart Ciecierski, Pinka Chatterji, Henry Wechsler: w12532
January 2002Are There Differential Effects of Price and Policy on College Students' Drinking Intensity?
with Jenny Williams, Henry Wechsler: w8702
December 2001The Impact of Tobacco Control Program Expenditures on Aggregate Cigarette Sales: 1981-1998
with Matthew C. Farrelly, Terry F. Pechacek: w8691
July 2001Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among College Students: Economic Complements or Substitutes?
with Jenny Williams, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Henry Wechsler: w8401
June 2001The Demand for Nicotine Replacement Therapies
with John A. Tauras: w8332
May 2000Marijuana and Youth
with R. L. Pacula, M. Grossman, P. M. O'Malley, L. Johnston, M. C. Farrelly: w7703
July 1999Determinants of Smoking Cessation: An Analysis of Young Adult Men and Women
with John A. Tauras: w7262
May 1999State Drug Control and Illicit Drug Participation
with Henry Saffer: w7114
March 1999The Economics of Smoking
with Kenneth E. Warner: w7047
February 1999Price, Clean Indoor Air, and Cigarette Smoking: Evidence from the Longitudinal Data for Young Adults
with John A. Tauras: w6937
Do Higher Cigarette Prices Encourage Youth to Use Marijuana?
with Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Matthew C. Farrelly, Lloyd D. Johnston, Patrick M. O'Malley: w6939
Tobacco Advertising: Economic Theory and International Evidence
with Henry Saffer: w6958
April 1998An Examination of Gender and Race Differences in Youth Smoking Responsiveness to Price and Tobacco Control Policies
with Rosalie Liccardo Pacula: w6541
February 1998The Demand for Cocaine and Marijuana by Youth
with Michael Grossman, John A. Tauras: w6411
Demographic Differentials in the Demand for Alcohol and Illicit Drugs
with Henry Saffer: w6432
September 1996Price, Tobacco Control Policies and Youth Smoking
with Michael Grossman: w5740
August 1996The Demand for Cocaine by Young Adults: A Rational Addiction Approach
with Michael Grossman, Charles C. Brown: w5713
April 1996Public Policy and Youth Smokeless Tobacco Use
with Michael Grossman, John A. Tauras: w5524
U.S. Trade Policy and Cigarette Smoking in Asia
with Adit Laixuthai: w5543
October 1995The Impact of Price, Availability, and Alcohol Control Policies on Binge Drinking in College
with Henry Wechsler: w5319
August 1995The Demand for Illicit Drugs
with Henry Saffer: w5238
July 1995An Empirical Analysis of Alcohol Addiction: Results from the Monitoring the Future Panels
with Michael Grossman, Ismail Sirtalan: w5200
February 1995Price, Tobacco Control Policies and Smoking Among Young Adults
with Henry Wechsler: w5012
February 1994Do Youths Substitute Alcohol and Marijuana? Some Econometric Evidence
with Adit Laixuthai: w4662
June 1993Effects of Alcohol Price Policy on Youth
with Michael Grossman, Henry Saffer, Adit Laixuthai: w4385
February 1993Youth Alcohol Use and Public Policy
with Adit Laixuthai: w4278
September 1991Alcohol Control Policies and Motor Vehicle Fatalities
with Henry Saffer, Michael Grossman: w3831
February 1990Men, Women, and Addiction: The Case of Cigarette Smoking
Rational Addictive Behavior and Cigarette Smoking
July 1988The Demand For Cigarettes and Restrictions on Smoking in the Workplace
with Henry Saffer: w2663
November 1987Nutrition and Infant Health in Japan
with Tadashi Yamada, Tetsuji Yamada: w2444
June 1987Breath Testing and the Demand for Drunk Driving
with Henry Saffer: w2301
December 1985A Multinominal Logistic Approach to the Labor Force Behavior of JapaneseMarried Women
with Tadashi Yamada, Tetsuji Yamada: w1783

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