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May 2014Culture: Persistence and Evolution
with Ivan Petkov, Fabio Schiantarelli: w20174
August 2012The Output Effect of Fiscal Consolidations
with Alberto Alesina, Carlo Favero: w18336
February 2012The Households Effects of Government Consumption
with Michael McMahon: w17837
August 2011Country Heterogeneity and the International Evidence on the Effects of Fiscal Policy
with Carlo Favero, Jacopo Perego: w17272
July 2010Central Banks and the Financial System
with Alberto Giovannini: w16228
October 2009Culture, Policies and Labor Market Outcomes
with Fabio Schiantarelli, Michel Serafinelli: w15417
August 2009How large are the effects of tax changes?
with Carlo Favero: w15303
April 2008Policy Uncertainty and Precautionary Savings
with Michael McMahon: w13911
January 2007College Cost and Time to Complete a Degree: Evidence from Tuition Discontinuities
with Pietro Garibaldi, Andrea Ichino, Enrico Rettore: w12863
Debt and the Effects of Fiscal Policy
with Carlo Favero: w12822
September 2005Searching for Non-Monotonic Effects of Fiscal Policy: New Evidence
with Tullio Jappelli, Marco Pagano, Marina Benedetti: w11593
February 2005The U.S. Current Account and the Dollar
with Olivier Blanchard, Filipa Sa: w11137
July 2004Economic and Political Liberalizations
with Guido Tabellini: w10657
March 2004Inflation Targeting and Debt: Lessons from Brazil
with Carlo A. Favero: w10390
Public Debt Management in Brazil
with Alessandro Missale: w10394
June 2003Transparency, Risk Management and International Financial Fragility
with Mario Draghi, Robert C. Merton: w9806
February 2001Macroeconomic Effects of Regulation and Deregulation in Goods and Labor Markets
with Olivier Blanchard: w8120
December 2000European Financial Markets After EMU: A First Assessment
with Jean-Pierre Danthine, Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden: w8044
July 2000Looking for Contagion: Evidence from the ERM
with Carlo A. Favero: w7797
January 2000Searching for Non-Linear Effects of Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Industrial and Developing Countries
with Tullio Jappelli, Marco Pagano: w7460
July 1999The Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy in Europe: Evidence from Banks' Balance Sheets
with Carlo A. Favero, Luca Flabbi: w7231
January 1998The Immediate Challenges for the European Central Bank
with Rudiger Dornbusch, Carlo A. Favero: w6369
December 1997Managing the Public Debt in Fiscal Stabilizations: The Evidence
with Alessandro Missale, Pierpaolo Benigno: w6311
January 1996High Yields: The Spread on German Interest Rates
with Carlo Favero, Luigi Spaventa: w5408
November 1995Non-Keynesian Effects of Fiscal Policy Changes: International Evidence and the Swedish Experience
with Marco Pagano: w5332
April 1992Attitudes Towards Inflation and the Viability of Fixed Exchange Rates: Evidence From the EMS
with Susan M. Collins: w4057
May 1990Can Severe Fiscal Contractions be Expansionary? Tales of Two Small European Countries
with Marco Pagano: w3372
April 1989Confidence Crises and Public Debt Management
with Marco Pagano: w2926
December 1988Can The European Monetary System Be Copied Outside Europe? Lessons From Ten Years of Monetary Policy Coordination In Europe
with Alberto Giovannini: w2786
July 1988Can International Policy Coordination Really Be Counterproductive?
with Carlo Carraro: w2669

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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