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March 2014Less Cash, Less Crime: Evidence from the Electronic Benefit Transfer Program
with Richard Wright, Volkan Topalli, Chandler McClellan, Timothy Dickinson, Richard Rosenfeld: w19996
July 2013Health and Health Behaviors during the Worst of Times: Evidence from the Great Recession
with Chandler McClellan, Karen Jean Minyard: w19234
June 2013Food Prices and Body Fatness among Youths
with Michael Grossman, Roy Wada: w19143
January 2013Air Pollution and Infant Mortality: Evidence from the Expansion of Natural Gas Infrastructure
with Resul Cesur, Aydogan Ulker: w18736
December 2012Youth Depression and Future Criminal Behavior
with D. Mark Anderson, Resul Cesur: w18656
Fast-Food Restaurant Advertising on Television and Its Influence on Youth Body Composition
with Michael Grossman, Roy Wada: w18640
June 2012Stand Your Ground Laws, Homicides, and Injuries
with Chandler B. McClellan: w18187
January 2012Child Care Subsidies, Maternal Well-Being, and Child-Parent Interactions: Evidence from Three Nationally Representative Datasets
with Chris M. Herbst: w17774
October 2011Fathers and Youth's Delinquent Behavior
with Deborah A. Cobb-Clark: w17507
September 2011The Geographic Accessibility of Child Care Subsidies and Evidence on the Impact of Subsidy Receipt on Childhood Obesity
with Chris M. Herbst: w17471
August 2011Is there a Link Between Foreclosure and Health?
with Janet Currie: w17310
April 2011The Psychological Costs of War: Military Combat and Mental Health
with Resul Cesur, Joseph J. Sabia: w16927
August 2010The Impact of Child Care Subsidies on Child Well-Being: Evidence from Geographic Variation in the Distance to Social Service Agencies
with Chris M. Herbst: w16250
June 2009Obesity, Self-esteem and Wages
with Naci H. Mocan: w15101
May 2009Child Care Subsidies and Childhood Obesity
with Chris M. Herbst: w15007
November 2008Child Care Subsidies and Child Development
with Chris M. Herbst: w14474
August 2008"Might Not Be a Tomorrow": A Multi-Methods Approach to Anticipated Early Death and Youth Crime
with Timothy Brezina, Volkan Topalli: w14279
November 2007Body Composition and Wages
with Roy Wada: w13595
September 2007Teen Smoking and Birth Outcomes
with MaryBeth Walker, Sally Wallace: w13386
April 2006Does Child Abuse Cause Crime?
with Janet Currie: w12171
February 2006Ugly Criminals
with Naci Mocan: w12019
May 2005The Determinants of the Willingness to be an Organ Donor
with Naci Mocan: w11316
April 2005Suicidal Behavior and the Labor Market Productivity of Young Adults
with Sara Markowitz: w11238
May 2004Child Care Subsidy Receipt, Employment, and Child Care Choices of Single Mothers
February 2004Single Mothers Working at Night: Standard Work, Child Care Subsidies, and Implications for Welfare Reform
July 2003Guns, Drugs and Juvenile Crime: Evidence from a Panel of Siblings and Twins
with H. Naci Mocan: w9824
May 2003The Determinants and Consequences of Child Care Subsidies for Single Mothers
with David Blau: w9665
September 2002Catholic Schools and Bad Behavior: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis
with H. Naci Mocan: w9172
October 2000Nonprofit Sector and Part-Time Work: An Analysis of Employer-Employee Matched Data of Child Care Workers
with H. Naci Mocan: w7977
April 2000The Demand for Medical Care in Urban China
with H. Naci Mocan, Jeffrey S. Zax: w7673

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