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November 2013People, Places and Public Policy: Some Simple Welfare Economics of Local Economic Development Programs
with Patrick Kline: w19659
August 2013Local Economic Development, Agglomeration Economies, and the Big Push: 100 Years of Evidence from the Tennessee Valley Authority
with Patrick M. Kline: w19293
State Incentives for Innovation, Star Scientists and Jobs: Evidence from Biotech
with Daniel J. Wilson: w19294
February 2013Place Based Policies with Unemployment
with Patrick Kline: w18758
April 2012Winning by Losing: Evidence on the Long-Run Effects of Mergers
with Ulrike Malmendier, Florian S. Peters: w18024
May 2011Estimating and Testing Models with Many Treatment Levels and Limited Instruments
with Lance Lochner: w17039
March 2011Superfund Cleanups and Infant Health
with Janet Currie, Michael Greenstone: w16844
September 2010Inequality at Work: The Effect of Peer Salaries on Job Satisfaction
with David Card, Alexandre Mas, Emmanuel Saez: w16396
April 2010The Political Economy of Intergenerational Income Mobility
with Andrea Ichino, Loukas Karabarbounis: w15946
Local Labor Markets
May 2009Pollution, Health, and Avoidance Behavior: Evidence from the Ports of Los Angeles
with Matthew Neidell: w14939
February 2009The Effect of Fast Food Restaurants on Obesity and Weight Gain
with Janet Currie, Stefano DellaVigna, Vikram Pathania: w14721
September 2008Real Wage Inequality
March 2008Social Learning and Peer Effects in Consumption: Evidence from Movie Sales
Identifying Agglomeration Spillovers: Evidence from Million Dollar Plants
with Michael Greenstone, Richard Hornbeck: w13833
July 2007Extreme Weather Events, Mortality and Migration
with Olivier Deschenes: w13227
September 2006Peers at Work
with Alexandre Mas: w12508
July 2006Biological Gender Differences, Absenteeism and the Earning Gap
with Andrea Ichino: w12369
August 2005Biology as Destiny? Short and Long-Run Determinants of Intergenerational Transmission of Birth Weight
with Janet Currie: w11567
May 2005Does Voting Technology Affect Election Outcomes? Touch-screen Voting and the 2004 Presidential Election
with David Card: w11309
March 2005Did Iraq Cheat the United Nations? Underpricing, Bribes, and the Oil for Food Program
with Chang-Tai Hsieh: w11202
September 2004The Dynamics of Criminal Behavior: Evidence from Weather Shocks
with Brian Jacob, Lars Lefgren, Enrico Moretti: w10739
April 2004Competition in Imperfect Markets: Does it Help California's Medicaid Mothers?
with Anna Aizer, Janet Currie: w10429
February 2004The Demand for Sons: Evidence from Divorce, Fertility, and Shotgun Marriage
with Gordon B. Dahl: w10281
July 2003Bidding for Industrial Plants: Does Winning a 'Million Dollar Plant' Increase Welfare?
with Michael Greenstone: w9844
April 2003Human Capital Externalities in Cities
March 2003Does Education Improve Citizenship? Evidence from the U.S. and the U.K.
with Kevin Milligan, Philip Oreopoulos: w9584
December 2002Mother's Education and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital: Evidence from College Openings and Longitudinal Data
with Janet Currie: w9360
November 2002Credibility and Policy Convergence: Evidence from U.S. House Roll Call Voting Records
with David S. Lee, Matthew J. Butler: w9315
Human Capital Spillovers in Manufacturing: Evidence from Plant-Level Production Functions
September 2002Can Free Entry be Inefficient? Fixed Commissions and Social Waste in the Real Estate Industry
with Chang-Tai Hsieh: w9208
August 2002Estimating the Social Return to Higher Education: Evidence From Longitudinal and Repeated Cross-Sectional Data
November 2001The Effect of Education on Crime: Evidence from Prison Inmates, Arrests, and Self-Reports
with Lance Lochner: w8605

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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