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December 2013A World of Cities: The Causes and Consequences of Urbanization in Poorer Countries
August 2013The Supply of Environmentalism
June 2013The Supply of Gender Stereotypes and Discriminatory Beliefs
with Yueran Ma: w19109
May 2013Clusters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
with Aaron Chatterji, William R. Kerr: w19013
April 2013Why Does Balanced News Produce Unbalanced Views?
with Cass R. Sunstein: w18975
Shrouded Costs of Government: The Political Economy of State and Local Public Pensions
with Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto: w18976
February 2013A Nation Of Gamblers: Real Estate Speculation And American History
August 2012Entrepreneurship and Urban Growth: An Empirical Assessment with Historical Mines
with Sari Pekkala Kerr, William R. Kerr: w18333
July 2012Urban Public Finance
May 2012The Political Risks of Fighting Market Failures: Subversion, Populism and the Government Sponsored Enterprises
March 2012Housing Booms and City Centers
with Joshua D. Gottlieb, Kristina Tobio: w17914
October 2011Identification and Inference with Many Invalid Instruments
with Michal Kolesár, Raj Chetty, John N. Friedman, Guido W. Imbens: w17519
April 2011Cities, Skills, and Regional Change
with Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto, Kristina Tobio: w16934
July 2010Can Cheap Credit Explain the Housing Boom?
with Joshua D. Gottlieb, Joseph Gyourko: w16230
December 2009The Greenness of China: Household Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Urban Development
with Siqi Zheng, Rui Wang, Matthew E. Kahn: w15621
November 2009Urban Economics and Entrepreneurship
with Stuart S. Rosenthal, William C. Strange: w15536
September 2009Clusters of Entrepreneurship
with William R. Kerr, Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto: w15377
June 2009Yet Another Tale of Two Cities: Buenos Aires and Chicago
with Filipe Campante: w15104
The Complementarity between Cities and Skills
with Matthew G. Resseger: w15103
March 2009The Wealth of Cities: Agglomeration Economies and Spatial Equilibrium in the United States
with Joshua D. Gottlieb: w14806
October 2008Urban Inequality
with Matthew G. Resseger, Kristina Tobio: w14419
Local Industrial Conditions and Entrepreneurship: How Much of the Spatial Distribution Can We Explain?
with William R. Kerr: w14407
The Economics of Place-Making Policies
with Joshua D. Gottlieb: w14373
Social Capital and Urban Growth
with Charles Redlick: w14374
August 2008The Greenness of Cities: Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Urban Development
with Matthew E. Kahn: w14238
July 2008Housing Supply and Housing Bubbles
with Joseph Gyourko, Albert Saiz: w14193
December 2007Arbitrage in Housing Markets
with Joseph Gyourko: w13704
Did the Death of Distance Hurt Detroit and Help New York?
with Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto: w13710
Extremism and Social Learning
with Cass R. Sunstein: w13687
The Economics Approach to Cities
October 2007Entrepreneurship and the City
Social Interactions and Smoking
with David M. Cutler: w13477
May 2007When Are Ghettos Bad? Lessons from Immigrant Segregation in the United States
with David M. Cutler, Jacob L. Vigdor: w13082
April 2007What Causes Industry Agglomeration? Evidence from Coagglomeration Patterns
with Glenn Ellison, William Kerr: w13068
The Rise of the Sunbelt
with Kristina Tobio: w13071
Aggregation Reversals and the Social Formation of Beliefs
with Bruce Sacerdote: w13031
Is the US Population Behaving Healthier?
with David M. Cutler, Allison B. Rosen: w13013
December 2006Regulating Misinformation
with Gergely Ujhelyi: w12784
Housing Dynamics
with Joseph Gyourko: w12787
The Political Economy of Warfare
October 2006Researcher Incentives and Empirical Methods
The Causes and Consequences of Land Use Regulation: Evidence from Greater Boston
with Bryce A. Ward: w12601
April 2006Why Does Democracy Need Education?
with Giacomo Ponzetto, Andrei Shleifer: w12128
March 2006Why Do Europeans Smoke More than Americans?
with David M. Cutler: w12124
December 2005Myths and Realities of American Political Geography
with Bryce A. Ward: w11857
November 2005Paternalism and Psychology
September 2005The Divergence of Human Capital Levels Across Cities
with Christopher R. Berry: w11617
August 2005Inequality
June 2005Urban Colossus: Why is New York America's Largest City?
May 2005Is the Melting Pot Still Hot? Explaining the Resurgence of Immigrant Segregation
with David M. Cutler, Jacob L. Vigdor: w11295
April 2005Work and Leisure in the U.S. and Europe: Why So Different?
with Alberto Alesina, Bruce Sacerdote: w11278
February 2005Why Have Housing Prices Gone Up?
with Joseph Gyourko, Raven Saks: w11129
What Explains Differences in Smoking, Drinking and Other Health-Related Behaviors
with David Cutler: w11100
January 2005Urban Growth and Housing Supply
with Joseph Gyourko, Raven E. Saks: w11097
October 2004Strategic Extremism: Why Republicans and Democrats Divide on Religious Values
with Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto, Jesse M. Shapiro: w10835
Corruption in America
with Raven Saks: w10821
September 2004The Rise of the Fourth Estate: How Newspapers Became Informative and Why It Mattered
with Matthew Gentzkow, Claudia Goldin: w10791
Corruption and Reform: An Introduction
with Claudia Goldin: w10775
June 2004Do Institutions Cause Growth?
with Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silane, Andrei Shleifer: w10568
February 2004Opportunities, Race, and Urban Location: The Influence of John Kain
with Eric A. Hanushek, John M. Quigley: w10312
January 2004Psychology and the Market
December 2003The Rise of the Skilled City
with Albert Saiz: w10191
Reinventing Boston: 1640-2003
November 2003Why is Manhattan So Expensive? Regulation and the Rise in House Prices
with Joseph Gyourko, Raven Saks: w10124
August 2003Cities, Regions and the Decline of Transport Costs
with Janet E. Kohlhase: w9886
May 2003Sprawl and Urban Growth
with Matthew E. Kahn: w9733
April 2003The New Comparative Economics
with Simeon Djankov, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silane, Andrei Shleifer: w9608
January 2003Why Have Americans Become More Obese?
with David Cutler, Jesse Shapiro: w9446
October 2002The Benefits of the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
with Jesse M. Shapiro: w9284
September 2002The Injustice of Inequality
with Andrei Shleifer: w9150
The Social Multiplier
with Bruce I. Sacerdote, Jose A. Scheinkman: w9153
The Political Economy of Hatred
May 2002The Curley Effect
with Andrei Shleifer: w8942
The Governance of Not-For-Profit Firms
March 2002The Impact of Zoning on Housing Affordability
with Joseph Gyourko: w8835
December 2001Cities and Warfare: The Impact of Terrorism on Urban Form
with Jesse M. Shapiro: w8696
The Rise of the Regulatory State
with Andrei Shleifer: w8650
Public Ownership in the American City
November 2001Urban Decline and Durable Housing
with Joseph Gyourko: w8598
October 2001Why Doesn't the US Have a European-Style Welfare System?
with Alberto Alesina, Bruce Sacerdote: w8524
July 2001Is There a New Urbanism? The Growth of U.S. Cities in the 1990s
with Jesse Shapiro: w8357
May 2001Legal Origins
with Andrei Shleifer: w8272
March 2001A Case for Quantity Regulation
with Andrei Shleifer: w8184
February 2001Decentralized Employment and the Transformation of the American City
with Matthew E. Kahn: w8117
January 2001Education and Religion
with Bruce Sacerdote: w8080
December 2000The Social Consequences of Housing
with Bruce Sacerdote: w8034
Non-Market Interactions
with Jose Scheinkman: w8053
July 2000Consumer City
with Jed Kolko, Albert Saiz: w7790
June 2000The Economic Approach to Social Capital
with David Laibson, Bruce Sacerdote: w7728
May 2000Explaining the Rise in Youth Suicide
with David M. Cutler, Karen Norberg: w7713
April 2000Why Do the Poor Live in Cities?
with Matthew E. Kahn, Jordan Rappaport: w7636
The Determinants of Punishment: Deterrence, Incapacitation and Vengeance
with Bruce Sacerdote: w7676
July 1999What is Social Capital? The Determinants of Trust and Trustworthiness
with David Laibson, Jose A. Scheinkman, Christine L. Soutter: w7216
November 1998Not-For-Profit Entrepreneurs
with Andrei Shleifer: w6810
June 1998What Do Prosecutors Maximize? An Analysis of Drug Offenders and Concurrent Jurisdiction
with Daniel P. Kessler, Anne Morrison Piehl: w6602
January 1998Incentives and Social Capital: Are Homeowners Better Citizens?
with Denise DiPasquale: w6363
November 1997Geographic Concentration as a Dynamic Process
with Guy Dumais, Glenn Ellison: w6270
Learning in Cities
October 1997The Misallocation of Housing Under Rent Control
with Erzo F. P. Luttmer: w6220
January 1997The Rise and Decline of the American Ghetto
with David M. Cutler, Jacob L. Vigdor: w5881
May 1996Information Technology and the Future of Cities
with Jess Gaspar: w5562
Should Transfer Payments Be Indexed to Local Price Levels?
February 1996The L.A. Riot and the Economics of Urban Unrest
with Denise DiPasquale: w5456
January 1996Why Is There More Crime in Cities?
with Bruce Sacerdote: w5430
The Social Costs of Rent Control Revisited
June 1995Are Ghettos Good or Bad?
with David M. Cutler: w5163
February 1995Economic Growth in a Cross-Section of Cities
with Jose A. Scheinkman, Andrei Shleifer: w5013
Crime and Social Interactions
with Bruce Sacerdote, Jose A. Scheinkman: w5026
January 1995The Incentive Effects of Property Taxes on Local Governments
December 1994Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be: An Economic Analysis of Interest Restrictions and Usury Laws
with Jose A. Scheinkman: w4954
August 1994Geographic Concentration in U.S. Manufacturing Industries: A Dartboard Approach
with Glenn Ellison: w4840
May 1994Cities and Skills
with David C. Mare: w4728
April 1994Evidence on Growth, Increasing Returns and the Extent of the Market
with Alberto F. Ades: w4714
Trade and Circuses: Explaining Urban Giants
with Alberto F. Ades: w4715
July 1991Growth in Cities
with Hedi D. Kallal, Jose A. Scheinkman, Andrei Shleifer: w3787

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