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April 2001Distortion Costs of Taxing Wealth Accumulation: Income Versus Estate Taxes
with Donald Marples: w8261
October 2000Personal Income Taxes and the Growth of Small Firms
with Robert Carroll, Mark Rider, Harvey S. Rosen: w7980
July 2000Financial Capital, Human Capital, and the Transition to Self-Employment:Evidence from Intergenerational Links
with Thomas Dunn: w5622
June 2000Generational Conflict, Human Capital Accumulation, and Economic Growth
with Mary E. Lovely, Mehmet S. Tosun: w7762
May 2000Income Taxes and Entrepreneurs' Use of Labor
with Robert Carroll, Mark Rider, Harvey S. Rosen: w6578
March 2000Horatio Alger Meets the Mobility Tables
with Harvey S. Rosen, Robert Weathers: w7619
September 1999Estate Taxes, Life Insurance, and Small Business
with John W. Phillips, Harvey S. Rosen: w7360
January 1998Entrepreneurs, Income Taxes, and Investment
with Robert Carroll, Mark Rider, Harvey S. Rosen: w6374
November 1997Apocalypse Now? Fundamental Tax Reform and Residential Housing Values
with Donald Bruce: w6282
April 1997Labor Earnings Mobility and Inequality in the United States and Germany During the Growth Years of the 1980s
with Richard V. Burkhauser, Stephen E. Rhody: w5988
October 1995Scale Economies, Returns to Variety, and the Productivity of Public Infrastructure
with Mary E. Lovely: w5295
February 1995Spatial Productivity Spillovers from Public Infrastructure: Evidence from State Highways
with Amy Ellen Schwartz: w5004
October 1994Health Insurance and the Supply of Entrepreneurs
with John R. Penrod, Harvey S. Rosen: w4880
August 1994Infrastructure in a Structural Model of Economic Growth
with Amy Ellen Schwartz: w4824
June 1994Entrepreneurial Decisions and Liquidity Constraints
with David Joulfaian, Harvey S. Rosen: w4526
Technological Linkages, Market Structure, and Optimum Production Policies
with Mary E. Lovely: w4779
May 1994Intertemporal Analysis of State and Local Government Spending: Theory ad Tests
with Harvey S. Rosen, Schuyler Tilly: w4261
October 1993Sticking it Out: Entrepreneurial Survival and Liquidity Constraints
with David Joulfaian, Harvey S. Rosen: w4494
June 1993The Carnegie Conjecture: Some Empirical Evidence
with David Joulfaian, Harvey S. Rosen: w4118
Health Insurance Provision and Labor Market Efficiency in the United States
April 1993Municipal Construction Spending: An Empirical Examination
with Harvey S. Rosen: w2989
December 1992Stoking the Fires? Co2 Emissions and Economic Growth
with Thomas M. Selden: w4248
August 1992Solow and the States: Capital Accumulation, Productivity and Economic Growth
July 1992Public-Sector Capital and the Productivity Puzzle
October 1991Municipal Labor Demand in the Presence of Uncertainty: An Econometric Approach
with Harvey S. Rosen: w3516
December 1990Federal Deductibility and Local Property Tax Rates
with Harvey S. Rosen: w2427
July 1989The Revenues-Expenditures Nexus: Evidence from Local Government Data
with Whitney K. Newey, Harvey S. Rosen: w2180
March 1988The Line Item Veto and Public Sector Budgets: Evidence from the States
April 1987Tax Deductibility and Municipal Budget Structure
with Harvey S. Rosen: w2224
November 1984Housing Tenure, Uncertainty, and Taxation
with Harvey S. Rosen, Kenneth T. Rosen: w1168
September 1984Public Opinion and the Balanced Budget
with Alan S. Blinder: w1234
June 1984Inventory Fluctuations in the United States Since 1929
with Alan S. Blinder: w1371

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