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March 2013Leakage, Welfare, and Cost-Effectiveness of Carbon Policy
with Kathy Baylis, Daniel H. Karney: w18898
Can a Unilateral Carbon Tax Reduce Emissions Elsewhere?
with Joshua Elliott: w18897
October 2011The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy: An Introduction
with Catherine Wolfram: w17499
April 2011Negative Leakage
with Daniel Karney, Kathy Baylis: w17001
February 2011Does the Indexing of Government Transfers Make Carbon Pricing Progressive?
with Garth Heutel, Gilbert E. Metcalf: w16768
January 2011Six Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy
April 2010Can Pollution Tax Rebates Protect Low-Income Families? The Effects of Relative Wage Rates
with Holly Monti: w15935
February 2010Analytical General Equilibrium Effects of Energy Policy on Output and Factor Prices
with Garth Heutel: w15788
June 2009Is Social Security Part of the Social Safety Net?
with Jeffrey R. Brown, Julia Lynn Coronado: w15070
August 2008Distributional Effects of Environmental and Energy Policy: An Introduction
July 2008Environmental Taxes
with Andrew Leicester, Stephen Smith: w14197
November 2007The General Equilibrium Incidence of Environmental Mandates
with Garth Heutel: w13645
March 2006Environmental Investment and Policy with Distortionary Taxes and Endogenous Growth
with Seung-Rae Kim: w12070
August 2005Vehicle Choices, Miles Driven, and Pollution Policies
with Ye Feng, Li Gan: w11553
May 2005The General Equilibrium Incidence of Environmental Taxes
with Garth Heutel: w11311
March 2005Cost-Effective Policies to Reduce Vehicle Emissions
with Li Gan: w11174
December 2003The Two-Part Instrument in a Second-Best World
with Ann Wolverton: w10140
A Simulation-Based Welfare Loss Calculation for Labor Taxes with Piecewise-Linear Budgets
with Li Gan: w10139
June 2002The Distribution of Tax Burdens: An Introduction
with Gilbert E. Metcalf: w8978
April 2002Cap and Trade Policies in the Presence of Monopoly and Distortionary Taxation
with Gilbert E. Metcalf: w8901
March 2002Tax Incidence
with Gilbert E. Metcalf: w8829
January 2002Suggested Subsidies are Sub-optimal Unless Combined with an Output Tax
with Robert D. Mohr: w8723
August 2001A Framework to Compare Environmental Policies
July 2000Tax and Subsidy Combinations for the Control of Car Pollution
with Sarah West: w7774
February 2000The Progressivity of Social Security
with Julia Lynn Coronado, Thomas Glass: w7520
Long Run Effects of Social Security Reform Proposals on Lifetime Progressivity
with Julia Lynn Coronado, Thomas Glass: w7568
January 2000Two Generalizations of a Deposit-Refund System
with Ann Wolverton: w7505
August 1999The Economics of Residential Solid Waste Management
with Thomas C. Kinnaman: w7326
July 1999A Tax on Output of the Polluting Industry is Not a Tax on Pollution: The Importance of Hitting the Target
with Inkee Hong, Gilbert E. Metcalf: w7259
March 1999Distributional Impacts of Proposed Changes to the Social Security System
with Julia Lynn Coronado, Thomas Glass: w6989
Can Taxes on Cars and on Gasoline Mimic an Unavailable Tax on Emissions?
with Sarah West: w7059
September 1997Environmental Taxes and the Double-Dividend Hypothesis: Did You Really Expect Something for Nothing?
with Gilbert E. Metcalf: w6199
July 1997Environmental Controls, Scarcity Rents, and Pre-Existing Distortions
with Gilbert Metcalf: w6091
April 1997The Case for a Two-Part Instrument: Presumptive Tax and Environmental Subsidy
with Ann Wolverton: w5993
Garbage and Recycling in Communities with Curbside Recycling and Unit-Based Pricing
with Thomas C. Kinnaman: w6021
February 1997Neglected Effects on the Uses Side: Even a Uniform Tax Would Change Relative Goods Prices
with Diane Lim Rogers: w5937
May 1996Policies for Green Design
with Wenbo Wu: w5594
April 1996Sulfur Dioxide Compliance of a Regulated Utility
with Shaun P. McDermott, Jonathan P. Caulkins: w5542
March 1996Second-Best Pollution Taxes
December 1995Why Have Separate Environmental Taxes?
October 1994How a Fee Per-Unit Garbage Affects Aggregate Recycling in a Model with Heterogeneous Households
with Thomas C. Kinnaman: w4905
September 1994Inputs to Tax Policymaking: The Supply Side, the Deficit, and the Level Playing Field
Distributional Effects on a Lifetime Basis
with Diane Lim Rogers: w4862
March 1994"Household Responses for Pricing Garbage by the Bag,"
with Thomas C. Kinnaman: w4670
December 1993Tax Evasion and the Allocation of Capital
with Marios Karayannis: w4581
November 1993A General Equilibrium Model of Housing, Taxes, and Portfolio Choice
with James Berkovec: w3505
October 1993Distortionary Taxes and the Provision of Public Goods
with Charles L. Ballard: w3506
August 1993Environmental Costs Paid by the Polluter or the Beneficiary? The Case of CERCLA and Superfund
with Seng-Su Tsang: w4418
May 1993Garbage, Recycling, and Illicit Burning or Dumping
with Thomas C. Kinnaman: w4374
June 1991Lifetime vs. Annual Perspectives on Tax Incidence
with Diane Lim Rogers: w3750
June 1990Tax Policy Toward Art Museums
1989If Labor is Inelastic, Are Taxes Still Distorting?
The General Equilibrium Effects of Inflation on Housing Consumption and Investment
with James Berkovec: w2826
May 1988Economic Efficiency in Recent Tax Reform History: Policy Reversals or Consistent Improvements?
with James B. Mackie: w2593
December 1987The Taxation of Income from Capital in the United States, 1980-86
with Marios Karayannis: w2478
November 1987Tax Neutrality and Intangible Capital
with Andrew B. Lyon: w2430
August 1987The Marginal Excess Burden of Different Capital Tax Instruments
with Yolanda K. Henderson: w2353
April 1986The Impact of Fundamental Tax Reform on the Allocation of Resources
with Yolanda K. Henderson: w1904
A Disaggregate Equilibrium Model of the Tax Distortions Among Assets, Sectors, and Industries
with Yolanda K. Henderson: w1905
June 1985The Indexation of Interest, Depreciation, and Capital Gains: A Model ofInvestment Incentives
April 1985Does the Tax System Favor Investment in High-Tech or Smoke-Stack Industries?
with Andrew B. Lyon: w1600
1984Incentive Effects of Taxes on Income From Capital: Alternative Policies in the 1980's
with Yolanda K. Henderson: w1262
November 1983Uncertainty, Welfare Cost, and the 'Adaptability' of U.S. Corporate Taxes
with Andrew B. Lyon, Richard J. Rosen: w1239
May 1983Which Effective Tax Rate?
April 1983Uncertain Parameter Values and the Choice Among Policy Options
with Andrew B. Lyon: w1111
February 1983The Taxation of Income from Capital: A Comparative Study of the U.S., U.K., Sweden and West Germany--Comparisons of Effective Tax Rates--
with Mervyn A. King: w1073
1983The Taxation of Income from Capital: A Comparative Study of the U.S., U.K., Sweden, and West Germany--The Theoretical Framework--
with Mervyn A. King: w1058
June 1982A Comparison of Methodologies in Empirical General Equilibrium Models of Taxation
with Yolanda K. Henderson, John B. Shoven: w0911
May 1982Replacing the U.S. Income Tax with a Progressive Consumption Tax: A Sequenced General Equilibrium Approach
with John B. Shoven, John Whalley: w0892
December 1981Long-Run Effects of the Accelerated Cost Recovery System
with Yolanda K. Henderson: w0828
June 1981Pitfalls in the Construction and Use of Effective Tax Rates
with David F. Bradford: w0688
May 1981A Reexamination of Tax Distortions in General Equilibrium Models
with Roger H. Gordon: w0673
July 1980Transition Losses of Partially Mobile Industry-Specific Capital
June 1980Income Tax Incentives to Promote Saving
with Charles Becker: w0487
April 1980On the Possibility of an Inverse Relationship between Tax Rates and Government Revenues
March 1980Static and Dynamic Resource Allocation Effects of Corporate and PersonalTax Integration in the U.S.: A General Equilibrium Approach(Rev)
with A. Thomas King, John B. Shoven, John Whalley: w0337

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