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June 2014The “Business Climate” and Economic Inequality
with Jennifer Muz: w20260
April 2014Place-Based Policies
with Helen Simpson: w20049
July 2013Did Age Discrimination Protections Help Older Workers Weather the Great Recession?
with Patrick Button: w19216
March 2013The Employment Effects of State Hiring Credits During and After the Great Recession
with Diego Grijalva: w18928
February 2013Do Labor Market Networks Have An Important Spatial Dimension?
with Judith K. Hellerstein, Mark J. Kutzbach: w18763
January 2013Revisiting the Minimum Wage-Employment Debate: Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?
with J.M. Ian Salas, William Wascher: w18681
May 2012Estimating the Economic Impacts of Living Wage Mandates Using Ex Ante Simulations, Longitudinal Estimates, and New Public and Administrative Data: Evidence for New York City
with Matthew Thompson, Francesco Brindisi, Leslie Koyle, Clayton Reck: w18055
Does Employer-Provided Health Insurance Constrain Labor Supply Adjustments to Health Shocks? New Evidence on Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
with Cathy J. Bradley, Scott Barkowski: w18060
September 2011Do Stronger Age Discrimination Laws Make Social Security Reforms More Effective?
with Joanne Song: w17467
July 2011Future Skill Shortages in the U.S. Economy?
with Hans P. Johnson, Marisol Cuellar Mejia: w17213
The Effects of Health Shocks on Employment and Health Insurance: The Role of Employer-Provided Health Insurance
with Cathy J. Bradley, Meryl I. Motika: w17223
April 2011Employment in Black Urban Labor Markets: Problems and Solutions
with Judith K. Hellerstein: w16986
What Do Business Climate Indexes Teach Us About State Policy and Economic Growth?
with Jed Kolko, Marisol Cuellar Mejia: w16968
Fiscal Zoning and Sales Taxes: Do Higher Sales Taxes Lead to More Retailing and Less Manufacturing?
with Daria Burnes, Michelle J. White: w16932
March 2011Spurring Job Creation in Response to Severe Recessions: Reconsidering Hiring Credits
February 2011Beaches, Sunshine, and Public-Sector Pay: Theory and Evidence on Amenities and Rent Extraction by Government Workers
with Jan K. Brueckner: w16797
October 2010Detecting Discrimination in Audit and Correspondence Studies
October 2009Spatial Mismatch, Immigrant Networks, and Hispanic Employment in the United States
with Judith K. Hellerstein, Melissa McInerney: w15398
August 2009Do Some Enterprise Zones Create Jobs?
with Jed Kolko: w15206
April 2009Immigration and Product Diversity
with Francesca Mazzolari: w14900
March 2009Alternative Labor Market Policies to Increase Economic Self-Sufficiency: Mandating Higher Wages, Subsidizing Employment, and Increasing Productivity
December 2008Do Enterprise Zones Create Jobs? Evidence from California's Enterprise Zone Program
with Jed Kolko: w14530
September 2008The Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Challenge of Population Aging
July 2008Neighbors And Co-Workers: The Importance Of Residential Labor Market Networks
with Judith K. Hellerstein, Melissa McInerney: w14201
April 2008Is Marriage Always Good for Children? Evidence from Families Affected by Incarceration
with Keith Finlay: w13928
March 2008Differences in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment:Experiences of Insured and Uninsured Patients in a Safety Net Setting
with Cathy J. Bradley, Lisa M. Shickle, Nicholas Farrell: w13875
February 2008Do Small Businesses Create More Jobs? New Evidence from the National Establishment Time Series
with Brandon Wall, Junfu Zhang: w13818
June 2007Spatial Mismatch or Racial Mismatch?
with Judith K. Hellerstein, Melissa McInerney: w13161
May 2007Changes in Workplace Segregation in the United States between 1990 and 2000: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data
with Judith Hellerstein, Melissa McInerney: w13080
February 2007Does a Higher Minimum Wage Enhance the Effectiveness of The Earned Income Tax Credit?
with William Wascher: w12915
November 2006Minimum Wages and Employment: A Review of Evidence from the New Minimum Wage Research
with William Wascher: w12663
December 2005The Impact of Provider Choice on Workers' Compensation Costs and Outcomes
with Peter S. Barth, Richard Victor: w11855
November 2005The Effects of Wal-Mart on Local Labor Markets
with Junfu Zhang, Stephen Ciccarella: w11782
October 2005Employment Dynamics and Business Relocation: New Evidence from the National Establishment Time Series
with Junfu Zhang, Brandon Wall: w11647
September 2005Do School-To-Work Programs Help the "Forgotten Half"?
with Donna Rothstein: w11636
Workplace Segregation in the United States: Race, Ethnicity, and Skill
with Judith Hellerstein: w11599
May 2005The Effects of Living Wage Laws: Evidence from Failed and Derailed Living Wage Campaigns
with Scott Adams: w11342
Employment-Contingent Health Insurance, Illness, and Labor Supply of Women: Evidence from Married Women with Breast Cancer
with Cathy J. Bradley, Zhehui Luo, Heather L. Bednarek: w11304
April 2005School-to-Career and Post-Secondary Education: Evidence from the Philadelphia Educational Longitudinal Study
with Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr.: w11260
July 2004Minimum Wage Effects in the Longer Run
with Olena Nizalova: w10656
June 2004When Do Living Wages Bite?
with Scott Adams: w10561
The Economic Effects of Living Wage Laws: A Provisional Review
with Scott Adams: w10562
February 2004Production Function and Wage Equation Estimation with Heterogeneous Labor: Evidence from a New Matched Employer-Employee Data Set
with Judith K. Hellerstein: w10325
November 2003School-to-Career Programs and Transitions to Employment and Higher Education
with Donna Rothstein: w10060
July 2003The Effects of Changes in State SSI Supplements on Pre-Retirement Labor Supply
with Elizabeth T. Powers: w9851
May 2003Living Wage Effects: New and Improved Evidence
with Scott Adams: w9702
July 2002Ethnicity, Language, and Workplace Segregation: Evidence from a New Matched Employer-Employee Data Set
with Judith K. Hellerstein: w9037
April 2002Employment Relationships in the New Economy
with Deborah Reed: w8910
December 2001The Supplemental Security Income Program and Incentives to Take Up Social Security Early Retirement: Empirical Evidence from Matched SIPP and Social..
with Elizabeth Powers: w8670
Attrition Bias in Economic Relationships Estimated with Matched CPS Files
with Daiji Kawaguchi: w8663
July 2001Living Wages: Protection For or Protection From Low-Wage Workers?
April 2001The Effects of Race and Sex Discrimination Laws
with Wendy A. Stock: w8215
March 2001Age Discrimination Legislation in the United States
February 2001External Job Churning and Internal Job Flexibility
with Peter Cappelli: w8111
Breast Cancer Survival, Work, and Earnings
with Cathy J. Bradley, Heather Bednarek: w8134
June 2000An Introduction to School-To-Work Programs in the NLSY97: How Prevalent are They, and Which Youths do They Serve?
with Mary Joyce: w7733
May 2000Evaluating School-To-Work Programs Using the New NLSY
with Mary Joyce: w7719
March 2000Using the EITC to Help Poor Families: New Evidence and a Comparision with the Minimum Wage
with William Wascher: w7599
Do Living Wage Ordinances Reduce Urban Poverty?
with Scott Adams: w7606
February 2000The Effects of Minimum Wages Throughout the Wage Distribution
with Mark Schweitzer, William Wascher: w7519
January 2000Changes in Job Stability and Job Security: A Collective Effort to Untangle, Reconcile, and Interpret the Evidence
October 1999Do "High Performance" Work Practices Improve Establishment-Level Outcomes?
with Peter Cappelli: w7374
August 1999A Cross-National Analysis of the Effects of Minimum Wages on Youth Employment
with William Wascher: w7299
Assessing Affirmative Action
with Harry Holzer: w7323
June 1999The Employment Effects of Recent Minimum Wage Increases: Evidence from a Pre-specified Research Design
March 1999Why are Racial and Ethnic Wage Gaps Larger for Men than for Women? Exploring the Role of Segregation
with Kimberly Bayard, Judith Hellerstein, Kenneth Troske: w6997
New Evidence on Sex Segregation and Sex Differences in Wages from Matched Employee-Employer Data
with Kimberly Bayard, Judith Hellerstein, Kenneth Troske: w7003
November 1998Welfare for the Elderly: The Effects of SSI on Pre-Retirement Labor Supply
with Elizabeth Powers: w6805
July 1998Minimum Wages and Training Revisited
with William Wascher: w6651
June 1998What Does Affirmative Action Do?
with Harry J. Holzer: w6605
May 1998Labor Market Information and Wage Differentials by Race and Sex
Youth Labor Markets in the U.S.: Shopping Around vs. Staying Put
April 1998The Effects of Minimum Wages on the Distribution of Family Incomes: A Non-Parametric Analysis
with Mark Schweitzer, William Wascher: w6536
December 1997The Effect of Means-Tested Income Support for the Elderly on Pre-Retirement Saving: Evidence from the SSI Program in the U.S.
with Elizabeth Powers: w6303
Market Forces and Sex Discrimination
with Judith K. Hellerstein, Kenneth R. Troske: w6321
Has Job Stability Declined Yet? New Evidence for the 1990's
with Daniel Polsky, Daniel Hansen: w6330
August 1997Do Minimum Wages Fight Poverty?
with William Wascher: w6127
July 1997Age Discrimination Laws and Labor Market Efficiency
with Wendy A. Stock: w6088
May 1997Cohort Crowding and Youth Labor Markets: A Cross-National Analysis
with Sanders Korenman: w6031
January 1997Order from Chaos? The Effects of Early Labor Market Experiences on Adult Labor Market Outcomes
with Rosella Gardecki: w5899
August 1996Women Helping Women? Role-Model and Mentoring Effects on Female Ph.D. Student in Economics
with Rosella Gardecki: w5733
June 1996Are Affirmative Action Hires Less Qualified? Evidence from Employer-Employee Data on New Hires
with Harry Holzer: w5603
Age Discrimination, Job Separation, and Employment Status of Older Workers: Evidence from Self-Reports
with Richard W. Johnson: w5619
Wages, Productivity, and Worker Characteristics: Evidence from Plant-Level Production Functions and Wage Equations
with Judith K. Hellerstein, Kenneth R. Troske: w5626
Is the Time-Series Evidence on Minimum Wage Effects Contaminated by Publication Bias?
with William Wascher: w5631
August 1995The Effect of New Jersey's Minimum Wage Increase on Fast-Food Employment: A Re-Evaluation Using Payroll Records
with William Wascher: w5224
April 1995The Effects of Minimum Wages on Teenage Employment and Enrollment: Evidence from Matched CPS Surveys
with William Wascher: w5092
February 1995Sex Discrimination in Restaurant Hiring: An Audit Study
with Roy J. Bank, Kyle D. Van Nort: w5024
Relative Income Concerns and the Rise in Married Women's Employment
with Andrew Postlewaite: w5044
September 1994Job Stability in the United States
with Francis X. Diebold, Daniel Polsky: w4859
June 1994Biases in Twin Estimates of the Return to Schooling: A Note on Recent Research
May 1994Training and the Growth of Wage Inequality
with Jill Constantine: w4729
March 1994Minimum Wage Effects on Employment and School Enrollment
with William Wascher: w4679
Why Do Wage Profiles Slope Upwards? Tests of the General Human Capital Model
with Paul Taubman: w4688
January 1994Minimum Wage Effects and Low-Wage Labor Markets: A Disequilibrium Approach
with William Wascher: w4617
December 1993Employment Effects of Minimum and Subminimum Wages: Reply to Card, Katz and Krueger
with William Wascher: w4570
April 1993Do Hostile Takeovers Reduce Extramarginal Wage Payments?
with Jagadeesh Gokhale, Erica L. Groshen: w4346
January 1993Are OLS Estimates of the Return to Schooling Biased Downward? Another Look
with McKinley L. Blackburn: w4259
Sex Discrimination and Women's Labor Market Interruptions
November 1992Are Rising Wage Profiles a Forced-Saving Mechanism?
June 1992Hostile Takeovers and Expropriation of Extramarginal Wages: A Test
with Steven A. Sharpe: w4101
April 1992Union Threat Effects and Nonunion Industry Wage Differentials
with Michael L. Wachter: w4046
March 1992Inflation Expectations and the Structural Shift in Aggregate Labor-Cost Determination in the 1980s
with Jonathan S. Leonard: w4018
Sources of Bias in Women's Wage Equations: Results Using Sibling Data
with Sanders Korenman: w4019
October 1991Unobserved Ability, Efficiency Wages, and Interindustry Wage Differentials
with McKinley Blackburn: w3857
Evidence on Employment Effects of Minimum Wages and Subminimum Wage Provisions From Panel Data on State Minimum Wage Laws
with William Wascher: w3859
May 1991Omitted-Ability Bias and the Increase in the Return to Schooling
with McKinley L. Blackburn: w3693
February 1991Lump-Sums, Profit Sharing, and the Labor Costs in the Union Sector
with Linda A. Bell: w3630
October 1990Marriage, Motherhood, and Wages
with Sanders Korenman: w3473

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