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May 2013Does High Home-Ownership Impair the Labor Market?
with Andrew J. Oswald: w19079
October 2012Is Psychological Well-being Linked to the Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables?
with Andrew J. Oswald, Sarah Stewart-Brown: w18469
January 2011International Happiness
with Andrew J. Oswald: w16668
September 2009The formation of inflation expectations: an empirical analysis for the UK
with Conall MacCoille: w15388
September 2008International evidence on well-being
Imitative Obesity and Relative Utility
with Andrew J. Oswald, Bert Van Landeghem: w14337
May 2008Minority Self-Employment in the United States and the Impact of Affirmative Action Programs
October 2007Is Unemployment More Costly Than Inflation?
Fear, Unemployment and Migration
with Chris Shadforth: w13506
February 2007Is Well-being U-Shaped over the Life Cycle?
with Andrew Oswald: w12935
Hypertension and Happiness across Nations
with Andrew J. Oswald: w12934
January 2006The Scots may be Brave but They are Neither Healthy Nor Happy
with David Bell, David Blanchflower: w11911
November 2005An Analysis of the Impact of Affirmative Action Programs on Self-Employment in the Construction Industry
with Jon Wainwright: w11793
June 2005Happiness and the Human Development Index: The Paradox of Australia
with Andrew J. Oswald: w11416
May 2005The Wage Curve Reloaded
with Andrew J. Oswald: w11338
May 2004Money, Sex, and Happiness: An Empirical Study
with Andrew J. Oswald: w10499
February 2004Self-Employment: More may not be better
September 2003What Effect do Unions Have on Wages Now and Would 'What Do Unions Do' Be Surprised?
with Alex Bryson: w9973
December 2002Changes over time in union relative wage effects in the UK and the US revisited
with Alex Bryson: w9395
January 2000Self-Employment in OECD Countries
Well-Being Over Time in Britain and the USA
with Andrew J. Oswald: w7487
December 1998Discrimination in the Small Business Credit Market
with Phillip B. Levine, David J. Zimmerman: w6840
July 1997Changes Over Time in Union Relative Wage Effects in Great Britain and the United States
The Rising Well-Being of the Young
with Andrew J. Oswald: w6102
June 1994Estimating a Wage Curve for Britain 1973-1990
with Andrew J. Oswald: w4770
May 1994The Legacy of Communist Labor Relations
with Richard B. Freeman: w4740
June 1993Did the Thatcher Reforms Change British Labour Performance?
with Richard B. Freeman: w4384
March 1993A Comparison of Changes in the Structure of Wages
with Lawrence F. Katz, Gary W. Loveman: w4297
December 1992Wages, Profits and Rent-Sharing
with Andrew J. Oswald, Peter Sanfey: w4222
Entrepreneurship, Happiness and Supernormal Returns: Evidence from Britain and the US
with Andrew Oswald: w4228
October 1992International Wage Curves
with Andrew J. Oswald: w4200
March 1992Training at Work: A Comparison of U.S. and British Youths
with Lisa M. Lynch: w4037
June 1991A Longitudinal Analysis of Young Entrepreneurs in Australia and the United States
with Bruce D. Meyer: w3746
May 1990Fear, Unemployment and Pay Flexibility
April 1990Going Different Ways: Unionism in the U.S. and Other Advanced O.E.C.D. Countries
with Richard B. Freeman: w3342
February 1990Unemployment and the Demand for Unions
with Robert Crouchley, Saul Estrin, Andrew Oswald: w3251
What Makes an Entrepreneur? Evidence on Inheritance and Capital Constraints
with Andrew J. Oswald: w3252
November 1989Insider Power in Wage Determination
with Andrew J. Oswald, Mario D. Garrett: w3179
Unionization and Employment Behavior
with Neil Millward, Andrew J. Oswald: w3180
The Wage Curve
with Andrew J. Oswald: w3181

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