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January 2010Causes and Consequences of Early Life Health
with Anne Case: w15637
The Long Reach of Childhood Health and Circumstance: Evidence from the Whitehall II Study
with Anne Case: w15640
May 2009The Impact of the AIDS Pandemic on Health Services in Africa: Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys
with Anne Case: w15000
May 2008Making Sense of the Labor Market Height Premium: Evidence From the British Household Panel Survey
with Anne Case, Mahnaz Islam: w14007
October 2007The Income Gradient in Children's Health: A Comment on Currie, Shields and Wheatley Price
with Anne Case, Diana Lee: w13495
August 2006Stature and Status: Height, Ability, and Labor Market Outcomes
with Anne Case: w12466
May 2006Socioeconomic Status and Health in Childhood: A Comment on Chen, Martin and Matthews (2006)
with Anne Case, Tom Vogl: w12267
July 2004Sex Differences in Morbidity and Mortality
with Anne C. Case: w10653
June 2003From Cradle to Grave? The Lasting Impact of Childhood Health and Circumstance
with Anne Case, Angela Fertig: w9788
September 2002Orphans in Africa
with Anne Case, Joseph Ableidinger: w9213
October 2001Mortality, Income, and Income Inequality Over Time in Britain and the United States
with Angus Deaton: w8534
June 2001Economic Status and Health in Childhood: The Origins of the Gradient
with Anne Case, Darren Lubotsky: w8344
May 2000Mothers and Others: Who Invests in Children's Health?
with Anne Case: w7691
February 2000Social Security and Inequality over the Life Cycle
with Angus Deaton, Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas: w7570
September 1999Work, Welfare, and Child Maltreatment
with Jane Waldfogel: w7343
May 1999Mortality, Education, Income, and Inequality among American Cohorts
with Angus Deaton: w7140
March 1999Approximation Bias in Linearized Euler Equations
with Sydney Ludvigson: t0236
October 1995Measuring Poverty Among the Elderly
with Angus Deaton: w5296
Saving and Growth: Evidence from Micro Data
December 1994The Dynamics of Dual-Job Holding and Job Mobility
with Nachum Sicherman: w4968
April 1993Intertemporal Choice and Inequality
with Angus Deaton: w4328
Saving, Growth, and Aging in Taiwan
with Angus Deaton: w4330
October 1990Labor Supply, Hours Constraints and Job Mobility
with Joseph G. Altonji: w3474
September 1990Patterns of Aging in Thailand and Cote D'Ivoire
with Angus Deaton: w3436
1987Labor Supply Preferences, Hours Constraints, and Hours-Wage Tradeoffs
with Joseph G. Altonji: w2121
April 1986Job Characteristics and Hours of Work
with Joseph G. Altonji: w1895

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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