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January 2014Corporate Governance and Risk Management at Unprotected Banks: National Banks in the 1890s
with Mark Carlson: w19806
November 2013Betting on Secession: Quantifying Political Events Surrounding Slavery and the Civil War
with Jonathan Pritchett: w19625
September 2012The Effects of Reconstruction Finance Corporation Assistance on Michigan’s Banks’ Survival in the 1930s
with Joseph R. Mason, Marc Weidenmier, Katherine Bobroff: w18427
February 2012Crisis-Related Shifts in the Market Valuation of Banking Activities
with Doron Nissim: w17868
Does Macro-Pru Leak? Evidence from a UK Policy Experiment
with Shekhar Aiyar, Tomasz Wieladek: w17822
January 2012The Housing Wealth Effect: The Crucial Roles of Demographics, Wealth Distribution and Wealth Shares
with Stanley D. Longhofer, William Miles: w17740
January 2011Did Doubling Reserve Requirements Cause the Recession of 1937-1938? A Microeconomic Approach
with Joseph Mason, David Wheelock: w16688
November 2010Crisis “Shock Factors” and the Cross-Section of Global Equity Returns
with Inessa Love, Maria Soledad Martinez Peria: w16559
October 2009Banking Crises and the Rules of the Game
June 2009The (Mythical?) Housing Wealth Effect
with Stanley D. Longhofer, William Miles: w15075
September 2008The Foreclosure-House Price Nexus: Lessons from the 2007-2008 Housing Turmoil
with Stanley D. Longhofer, William Miles: w14294
August 2008Preserving Slave Families for Profit: Traders' Incentives and Pricing in the New Orleans Slave Market
with Jonathan Pritchett: w14281
February 2008Profiting from Government Stakes in a Command Economy: Evidence from Chinese Asset Sales
with Raymond Fisman, Yongxiang Wang: w13774
November 2007Bank Failures in Theory and History: The Great Depression and Other "Contagious" Events
February 2007Activity-Based Valuation of Bank Holding Companies
with Doron Nissim: w12918
October 2006Devaluation with Contract Redenomination in Argentina
Relationship Banking and the Pricing of Financial Services
with Thanavut Pornrojnangkool: w12622
May 2005Venture Capital as Human Resource Management
with Antonio Geldson de Carvalho, Joao Amaro de Matos: w11350
Monopoly-Creating Bank Consolidation? The Merger of Fleet and BankBoston
with Thanavut Pornrojnangkool: w11351
Banker Fees and Acquisition Premia for Targets in Cash Tender Offers: Challenges to the Popular Wisdom on Banker Conflicts
with Donna M. Hitscherich: w11333
December 2004Resolving the Puzzle of the Underissuance of National Bank Notes
with Joseph R. Mason: w10951
April 2003How to Restructure Failed Banking Systems: Lessons from the U.S. in the 1930's and Japan in the 1990's
with Joseph R. Mason: w9624
September 2000Causes of U.S. Bank Distress During the Depression
with Joseph R. Mason: w7919
May 2000Can Emerging Market Bank Regulators Establish Credible Discipline? The Case of Argentina, 1992-1999
with Andrew Powell: w7715
July 1998Bank Capital and Portfolio Management: The 1930's Capital Crunch and Scramble to Shed Risk
with Berry Wilson: w6649
February 1998International Adjustment Under the Classical Gold Standard: Evidence for the U.S. and Britain, 1879-1914
with R. Glenn Hubbard: w2206
March 1997Was the Great Depression a Watershed for American Monetary Policy?
with David C. Wheelock: w5963
February 1996Financing the American Corporation: The Changing Menu of Financial Rela-tionships
with Carlos D. Ramirez: h0079
January 1996The Efficiency of Self-Regulated Payments Systems: Learning From the Suffolk System
with Charles M. Kahn: w5442
November 1995Internal Finance and Investment: Evidence from the Undistributed Profits Tax of 1936-1937
with R. Glenn Hubbard: w4288
November 1994Contagion and Bank Failures During the Great Depression: The June 1932 Chicago Banking Panic
with Joseph R. Mason: w4934
Historical Macroeconomics and American Macroeconomic History
with Christopher Hanes: w4935
September 1994Commercial Paper, Corporate Finance, and the Business Cycle: A Microeconomic Perspective
with Charles P. Himmelberg, Paul Wachtel: w4848
July 1994Leverage as a State Variable for Employment, Inventory Accumulation, andFixed Investment
with Athanasios Orphanides, Steven A. Sharpe: w4800
December 1993Is the Discount Window Necessary? A Penn-Central Perspective
July 1993Corporate-Finance Benefits from Universal Banking: Germany and the United States, 1870-1914
September 1992Greenback Resumption and Silver Risk: The Economics and Politics of Monetary Regime Change in the United States, 1862-1900
July 1990Firm Heterogeneity, Internal Finance, and `Credit Rationing'
with R. Glenn Hubbard: w2497
September 1989Price Flexibility, Credit Rationing, and Economic Fluctuations: Evidence from the U.S., 1879-1914
with R. Glenn Hubbard: w1767
November 1987Growing in Debt: The 'Farm Crisis' and Public Policy
with R. Glenn Hubbard, James H. Stock: w2085

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