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July 2014Barriers to Electrification for “Under Grid” Households in Rural Kenya
with Kenneth Lee, Eric Brewer, Carson Christiano, Francis Meyo, Edward Miguel, Matthew Podolsky, Javier Rosa, Catherine Wolfram: w20327
May 2013How Pro-Poor Growth Affects the Demand for Energy
with Paul Gertler, Orie Shelef, Catherine Wolfram, Alan Fuchs: w19092
January 2012How Will Energy Demand Develop in the Developing World?
with Catherine Wolfram, Orie Shelef, Paul J. Gertler: w17747
October 2011The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy: An Introduction
with Don Fullerton, Catherine Wolfram: w17499
August 2011Deregulation, Consolidation, and Efficiency: Evidence from U.S. Nuclear Power
with Lucas W. Davis, Catherine Wolfram: w17341
December 2010Cursed Resources? Political Conditions and Oil Market Outcomes
with Gilbert E. Metcalf, Catherine Wolfram: w16614
February 2009Work Environment and “Opt-Out" Rates at Motherhood Across High-Education Career Paths
with Jane Leber Herr, Catherine Wolfram: w14717
November 2008Sacred Cars? Optimal Regulation of Stationary and Non-stationary Pollution Sources
with Meredith Fowlie, Christopher R. Knittel, Catherine Wolfram: w14504
October 2007Local Solutions to Global Problems: Policy Choice and Regulatory Jurisdiction
with James Bushnell, Carla Peterman, Catherine Wolfram: w13472
July 2007The Guy at the Controls: Labor Quality and Power Plant Efficiency
with James B. Bushnell, Catherine Wolfram: w13215
December 2004Do Markets Reduce Costs? Assessing the Impact of Regulatory Restructuring on U.S. Electric Generation Efficiency
with Kira Markiewicz, Nancy L. Rose: w11001
December 2001Trading Inefficiencies in California's Electricity Markets
with Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell, Christopher R. Knittel, Catherine Wolfram: w8620
September 2001Pharmaceutical Prices and Political Activity
with Sara Fisher Ellison, Catherine Wolfram: w8482
August 2000Regulating Executive Pay: Using the Tax Code to Influence CEO Compensation
with Nancy L. Rose, Catherine Wolfram: w7842
February 1999Prices and Coupons for Breakfast Cereals
with Aviv Nevo, Catherine Wolfram: w6932
November 1997Strategic Bidding in a Multi-Unit Auction: An Empirical Analysis of Bids to Supply Electricity
December 1994Political Constraints on Executive Compensation: Evidence from the Electric Utility Industry
with Paul L. Joskow, Nancy L. Rose, Catherin D. Wolfram: w4980

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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