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March 2013Disability, Earnings, Income and Consumption
with Wallace K.C. Mok: w18869
January 2013Winning the War: Poverty from the Great Society to the Great Recession
with James X. Sullivan: w18718
August 2012Saving Teens: Using a Policy Discontinuity to Estimate the Effects of Medicaid Eligibility
with Laura R. Wherry: w18309
The Validity of Consumption Data: Are the Consumer Expenditure Interview and Diary Surveys Informative?
with Adam Bee, James X. Sullivan: w18308
January 2011Consumption and Income Poverty over the Business Cycle
with James X. Sullivan: w16751
July 2009The Under-Reporting of Transfers in Household Surveys: Its Nature and Consequences
with Wallace K. C. Mok, James X. Sullivan: w15181
March 2009Five Decades of Consumption and Income Poverty
with James X. Sullivan: w14827
September 2007Further Results on Measuring the Well-Being of the Poor Using Income and Consumption
with James X. Sullivan: w13413
January 2007Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Unemployment Insurance from New York State
with Wallace K. C. Mok: w12865
January 2006Consumption, Income, and Material Well-Being After Welfare Reform
with James X. Sullivan: w11976
The Health Care Safety Net and Crowd-Out of Private Health Insurance
with Anthony T. Lo Sasso: w11977
October 2003Unemployment Insurance Tax Burdens and Benefits: Funding Family Leave and Reforming the Payroll Tax
with Patricia M. Anderson: w10043
June 2003Measuring the Well-Being of the Poor Using Income and Consumption
with James X. Sullivan: w9760
January 2003Work Costs and Nonconvex Preferences in the Estimation of Labor Supply Models
with Bradley T. Heim: w9429
June 2002Labor Supply Effects of Social Insurance
with Alan B. Krueger: w9014
May 2001The Effects of Welfare and Tax Reform: The Material Well-Being of Single Mothers in the 1980s and 1990s
with James X. Sullivan: w8298
February 2000The Effect of Immigration on Native Self-Employment
with Robert W. Fairlie: w7561
January 2000Making Single Mothers Work: Recent Tax and Welfare Policy and its Effects
with Dan T. Rosenbaum: w7491
September 1999Welfare, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Labor Supply of Single Mothers
with Dan T. Rosenbaum: w7363
June 1999Trends in Self-Employment Among White and Black Men: 1910-1990
with Robert W. Fairlie: w7182
November 1998Using a Natural Experiment to Estimate the Effects of the Unemployment Insurance Payroll Tax on Wages, Employment, Claims, and Denials
with Patricia M. Anderson: w6808
November 1997Does Immigration Hurt African-American Self-Employment?
with Robert W. Fairlie: w6265
January 1996Repeat Use of Unemployment Insurance
with Dan T. Rosenbaum: w5423
August 1995The Incidence of a Firm-Varying Payroll Tax: The Case of Unemployment Insurance
with Patricia M. Anderson: w5201
December 1994Natural and Quasi- Experiments in Economics
The Effects of Unemployment Insurance Taxes and Benefits on Layoffs Using Firm and Individual Data
with Patricia M. Anderson: w4960
July 1994The Ethnic and Racial Character of Self-Employment
with Robert W. Fairlie: w4791
June 1994"Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Takeup Rates"
with Patricia M. Anderson: w4787
October 1992Policy Lessons from the U.S. Unemployment Experiments
June 1991A Longitudinal Analysis of Young Entrepreneurs in Australia and the United States
with David G. Blanchflower: w3746
February 1991Unemployment Insurance And Unemployment Spells
Unemployment Insurance, Recall Expectations, And Unemployment Outcomes
with Lawrence F. Katz: w2594
December 1990Why Are There So Few Black Entrepreneurs?
November 1990Workers' Compensation and Injury Duration: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
with W. Kip Viscusi, David L. Durbin: w3494
July 1990The Impact of the Potential Duration of Unemployment Benefits on the Duration of Unemployment
with Lawrence F. Katz: w2741
November 1989A Quasi-Experimental Approach to the Effects of Unemployment Insurance
December 1988Implications of the Illinois Reemployment Bonus Experiments For Theories of Unemployment and Policy Design

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