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September 2013Task Routineness and Trade Policy Preferences
with Jacob McGrew: w19468
April 2013Keeping it Fresh: Strategic Product Redesigns and Welfare
with Christopher R. Knittel, Anson Soderbery: w18997
January 2013Industrial Policy and Downstream Export Performance
September 2012Cherries for Sale: Export Networks and the Incidence of Cross-Border M&A
with Lionel Fontagné, Nicholas Sly, Farid Toubal: w18414
August 2012Airports and Urban Growth: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Policy Experiment
with Anca D. Cristea: w18278
May 2012Comovement in GDP Trends and Cycles Among Trading Partners
with Jeremy Piger, Nicholas Sly: w18032
October 2011Separating the Opposing Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties
with Lindsay Oldenski, Nicholas Sly: w17480
August 2011Foreign Firms and Local Communities
with Cheyney O'Fallon: w17282
January 2011Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment
with Jeremy Piger: w16704
September 2010Are All Trade Protection Policies Created Equal? Empirical Evidence for Nonequivalent Market Power Effects of Tariffs and Quotas
with Benjamin H. Liebman, Justin R. Pierce, Wesley W. Wilson: w16391
May 2009Measuring the Benefits of Product Variety with an Accurate Variety Set
with Anson Soderbery: w14956
December 2008New Evidence on the Formation of Trade Policy Preferences
December 2007Trade Policy and Market Power: The Case of the US Steel Industry
with Benjamin H. Liebman, Wesley W. Wilson: w13671
September 2007Please Pass the Catch-up The Relative Performance of Chinese and Foreign Firms in Chinese Exports
with Alyson Ma: w13376
February 2006New Measures of Port Efficiency Using International Trade Data
with Wesley Wilson: w12052
November 2005Foreign Subsidization and Excess Capacity
with Wesley W. Wilson: w11798
July 2005Spacey Parents: Spatial Autoregressive Patterns in Inbound FDI
with Ronald B. Davies, Helen T. Naughton, Glen R. Waddell: w11466
May 2005A Review of the Empirical Literature on FDI Determinants
December 2004FDI in Space: Spatial Autoregressive Relationships in Foreign Direct Investment
with Ronald B. Davies, Glen R. Waddell, Helen T. Naughton: w10939
September 2004Working the System: Firm Learning and the Antidumping Process
March 2004Inappropriate Pooling of Wealthy and Poor Countries in Empirical FDI Studies
with Miao Wang: w10378
April 2003Evolving Discretionary Practices of U.S Antidumping Activity
March 2003CEO Turnover and Foreign Market Participation
with Rossitza B. Wooster: w9527
June 2002Tariff-jumping FDI and Domestic Firms' Profits
with KaSaundra Tomlin, Wesley W. Wilson: w9027
May 2002Estimating the Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise: Comment
with Ronald B. Davies, Keith Head: w8929
March 2002Technology, Agglomeration, and Regional Competition for Investment
with Van Kolpin: w8862
Do Bilateral Tax Treaties Promote Foreign Direct Investment?
with Ronald B. Davies: w8834
November 2001Antidumping and Retaliation Threats
with Chad P. Bown: w8576
September 2001Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Antidumping Policy: Theory and Evidence
with Jee-Hyeong Park: w8477
July 2001Antidumping
with Thomas J. Prusa: w8398
December 2000Industrial Groupings and Strategic FDI: Theory and Evidence
with Christopher J. Ellis, Dietrich Fausten: w8046
October 2000The Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties on U.S. FDI Activity
with Ronald B. Davies: w7929
July 2000Tariff-Jumping Antidumping Duties
October 1999Antidumping Investigations and the Pass-Through of Exchange Rates and Antidumping Duties
with Stephen E. Haynes: w7378
July 1999The Effects of Direct Foreign Investment on Local Communities
with David N. Figlio: w7274
Size and Growth of Japanese Plants in the United States
with KaSaundra Tomlin: w7275
June 1999In Search of Substitution Between Foreign Production and Exports
March 1999Foreign-Affiliate Activity and U.S. Skill Upgrading
with Matthew J. Slaughter: w7040
March 1996Protectionist Threats and Foreign Direct Investment
with Robert C. Feenstra: w5475

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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