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February 2014Patents as Quality Signals? The Implications for Financing Constraints on R&D
with Dirk Czarnitzki, Hanna Hottenrott: w19947
May 2013The Importance (or not) of Patents to UK Firms
with Christian Helmers, Mark Rogers, Vania Sena: w19089
May 2012Evidence on the Impact of R&D and ICT Investment on Innovation and Productivity in Italian Firms
with Francesca Lotti, Jacques Mairesse: w18053
April 2012The Choice between Formal and Informal Intellectual Property: A Literature Review
with Christian Helmers, Mark Rogers, Vania Sena: w17983
January 2012Recent Research on the Economics of Patents
with Dietmar Harhoff: w17773
June 2011Innovation and Productivity
March 2011Innovation and Diffusion of Clean/Green Technology: Can Patent Commons Help?
with Christian Helmers: w16920
September 2010The role of patent protection in (clean/green) technology transfer
with Christian Helmers: w16323
March 2010Harmonizing and Combining Large Datasets – An Application to Firm-Level Patent and Accounting Data
with Grid Thoma, Salvatore Torrisi, Alfonso Gambardella, Dominique Guellec, Dietmar Harhoff: w15851
December 2009Measuring the Returns to R&D
with Jacques Mairesse, Pierre Mohnen: w15622
September 2009The Financing of R&D and Innovation
with Josh Lerner: w15325
April 2009Business and Financial Method Patents, Innovation, and Policy
February 2009Financial Patenting in Europe
with Grid Thoma, Salvatore Torrisi: w14714
December 2008Innovation and Productivity in SMEs: Empirical Evidence for Italy
with Francesca Lotti, Jacques Mairesse: w14594
March 2008Evaluating the Impact of Technology Development Funds in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Latin America
with Alessandro Maffioli: w13835
October 2007Measuring the Returns to R&D: The Depreciation Problem
September 2007The market value of patents and R&D: Evidence from European firms
with Grid Thoma, Salvatore Torrisi: w13426
August 2007Employment, Innovation, and Productivity: Evidence from Italian Microdata
with Francesca Lotti, Jacques Mairesse: w13296
June 2006Empirical Studies of Innovation in the Knowledge Driven Economy
with Jacques Mairesse: w12320
May 2006The Private Value of Software Patents
with Megan MacGarvie: w12195
November 2005Identifying Age, Cohort and Period Effects in Scientific Research Productivity: Discussion and Illustration Using Simulated and Actual Data on French Physicists
with Jacques Mairesse, Laure Turner: w11739
February 2005Proprietary vs. Public Domain Licensing of Software and Research Products
with Alfonso Gambardella: w11120
November 2004Uncovering GPTS with Patent Data
with Manuel Trajtenberg: w10901
July 2004Exploring the Patent Explosion
April 2004Does the Market Value R&D Investment by European Firms? Evidence from a Panel of Manufacturing Firms in France, Germany, and Italy
with Bronwyn H. Hall, Raffaele Oriani: w10408
January 2004Innovation and Diffusion
May 2003Business Method Patents, Innovation, and Policy
Adoption of New Technology
with Beethika Khan: w9730
Prospects for Improving U.S. Patent Quality via Post-grant Opposition
with Stuart J.H. Graham, Dietmar Harhoff: w9731
February 2002Post-Issue Patent "Quality Control": A Comparative Study of US Patent Re-examinations and European Patent Oppositions
with Stuart J. H. Graham, Dietmar Harhoff, David C. Mowery: w8807
The Financing of Research and Development
October 2001The NBER Patent Citation Data File: Lessons, Insights and Methodological Tools
with Adam B. Jaffe, Manuel Trajtenberg: w8498
December 2000Firm Level Investment and R&D in France and the United States: A Comparison
with Benoit Mulkay, Jacques Mairesse: w8038
June 2000Market Value and Patent Citations: A First Look
with Adam B. Jaffe, Manuel Trajtenberg: w7741
April 2000Universities as Research Partners
with Albert N. Link, John T. Scott: w7643
February 2000Heart of Darkness: Modeling Public-Private Funding Interactions Inside the R&D Black Box
with Paul A. David: w7538
December 1999Firm-Level Investment in France and the United States: An Exploration of What We Have Learned in Twenty Years
with Jacques Mairesse, Benoit Mulkay: w7437
October 1999Is Public R&D a Complement or Substitute for Private R&D? A Review of the Econometric Evidence
with Paul A. David, Andrew A. Toole: w7373
April 1999How Effective are Fiscal Incentives for R&D? A New Review of the Evidence
with John van Reenen: w7098
March 1999The Patent Paradox Revisited: Determinants of Patenting in the US Semiconductor Industry, 1980-94
with Rose Marie Ham: w7062
February 1999Innovation and Market Value
November 1996The Private and Social Returns to Research and Development
March 1996Estimating the Productivity of Research and Development: An Exploration of GMM Methods Using Data on French & United States Manufacturing Firms
with Jacques Mairesse: w5501
March 1994Industrial Research during the 1980s: Did the Rate of Return Fall?
December 1993The Value and Performance of U.S. Corporations
with Robert E. Hall: r1831
December 1992R&D Tax Policy During the Eighties: Success or Failure?
June 1992Investment and Research and Development at the Firm Level: Does the Source of Financing Matter?
January 1992Exploring the Relationship Between R&D and Productivity in French Manufacturing Firms
with Jacques Mairesse: w3956
July 1991Corporate Restructuring and Investment Horizons
May 1990The Manufacturing Sector Master File: 1959-1987
December 1989The Impact of Corporate Restructuring on Industrial Research and Development
May 1989Research and Development As An Investment
with Fumio Hayashi: w2973
December 1988The R&D Master File Documentation
with Clint Cumminq, Elizabeth S. Laderman, Joy Mundy: t0072
September 1988The Value of Patents as Indicators of Inventive Activity
with Zvi Griliches, Ariel Pakes: w2083
June 1988R&D, Patents, and Market Value Revisited: Is There Evidence of A SecondTechnological Opportunity Related Factor?
with Zvi Griliches, Ariel Pakes: w2624
March 1987The Effect of Takeover Activity on Corporate Research and Development
June 1986The Relationship Between Firm Size and Firm Growth in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector
October 1984Econometric Models for Count Data with an Application to the Patents-R&D Relationship
with Jerry A. Hausman, Zvi Griliches: t0017
Brothers and Sisters in the Family and the Labor Market
with John Bound, Zvi Griliches: w1476
September 1984Patents and R&D: Is There A Lag?
with Zvi Griliches, Jerry A. Hausman: w1454
November 1983Patents and R&D: Searching for a Lag Structure
with Zvi Griliches, Jerry A. Hausman: w1227
June 1982Who Does R&D and Who Patents?
with John Bound, Clint Cummins, Zvi Griliches, Adam B. Jaffe: w0908

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