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March 2014Behavioral and Descriptive Forms of Choice Models
August 2013Hospital Choices, Hospital Prices and Financial Incentives to Physicians
with Kate Ho: w19333
September 2008An Experimental Component Index for the CPI: From Annual Computer Data to Monthly Data on Other Goods
with Timothy Erickson: w14368
July 2008Factor Utilization in Indian Manufacturing: A Look at the World Bank Investment Climate Surveys Data
with Ana M. Fernandes: w14178
June 2008Theory and Empirical Work on Imperfectly Competitive Markets
May 2004Simple Estimators for the Parameters of Discrete Dynamic Games (with Entry/Exit Samples)
with Michael Ostrovsky, Steve Berry: w10506
December 2003Common Sense and Simplicity in Empirical Industrial Organization
January 2002A Reconsideration of Hedonic Price Indices with an Application to PC's
December 2000A Framework for Applied Dynamic Analysis in I.O.
February 1999A Dynamic Oligopoly with Collusion and Price Wars
with Chaim Fershtman: w6936
March 1998Differentiated Products Demand Systems from a Combination of Micro and Macro Data: The New Car Market
with Steven Berry, James Levinsohn: w6481
September 1996How to Count Patents and Value Intellectual Property: Uses of Patent Renewal and Application Data
with Jean O. Lanjouw, Jonathan Putnam: w5741
Environmental Change and Hedonic Cost Functions for Automobiles
with Steven Berry, Samuel Kortum: w5746
August 1995Voluntary Export Restraints on Automobiles: Evaluating a Strategic TradePolicy
with Steven Berry, James Levinsohn: w5235
January 1993Automobile Prices in Market Equilibrium: Part I and II
with Steven Berry, James Levinsohn: w4264
January 1992Computing Markov Perfect Nash Equilibria: Numerical Implications of a Dynamic Differentiated Product Model
with Paul McGuire: t0119
The Dynamics of Productivity in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry
with G. Steven Olley: w3977
September 1989Patent Renewal Data
with Margaret Simpson: r1265
March 1989Empirical Implications of Alternative Models of Firm Dynamics
with Richard Ericson: w2893
September 1988The Value of Patents as Indicators of Inventive Activity
with Zvi Griliches, Bronwyn H. Hall: w2083
June 1988R&D, Patents, and Market Value Revisited: Is There Evidence of A SecondTechnological Opportunity Related Factor?
with Zvi Griliches, Bronwyn H. Hall: w2624
November 1986Patents as Options: Some Estimates of the Value of Holding European Patent Stocks
June 1985Estimates of the Value of Patent Rights in European Countries During thePost-1950 Period
with Mark Schankerman: w1650
November 1984Looking for the News in the Noise - Additional Stochastic Implications of Optimal Consumption Choice
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff: w1492
July 1982Estimating Distributed Lags in Short Panels with an Application to the Specification of Depreciation Patterns and Capital Stock Constructs
with Zvi Griliches: w0933
March 1982Optimum Contracts for Research Personnel, Research Employment, and the Establishment of "Rival" Enterprises
with Shmuel Nitzan: w0871
October 1981Patents, R and D, and the Stock Market Rate of Return
October 1980The Estimation of Distributed Lags in Short Panels
with Zvi Griliches: t0004
Patents and R and D at the Firm Level: A First Look
with Zvi Griliches: w0561
1980An Exploration into the Determinants of Research Intensity
with Mark Schankerman: w0438
May 1979Aggregation Effects And Panel Data Estimation Problems: An Investigationof the R&D Intensity Decision
The Rate of Obsolescence Of Knowledge, Research Gestation Lags, and the Private Rate of Return to Research Resources
with Mark Schankerman: w0346
Measuring the Variance-Age Profile of Lifetime Income
with Benjamin Eden: w0350

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