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June 2014Paying on the Margin for Medical Care: Evidence from Breast Cancer Treatments
with Liran Einav, Heidi Williams: w20226
October 2013The Impact of Medicaid on Labor Force Activity and Program Participation: Evidence from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
with Katherine Baicker, Jae Song, Sarah Taubman: w19547
August 2013The Response of Drug Expenditures to Non-Linear Contract Design: Evidence from Medicare Part D
with Liran Einav, Paul Schrimpf: w19393
July 2013Healthcare Exceptionalism? Productivity and Allocation in the U.S. Healthcare Sector
with Amitabh Chandra, Adam Sacarny, Chad Syverson: w19200
December 2012The RAND Health Insurance Experiment, Three Decades Later
with Aviva Aron-Dine, Liran Einav: w18642
October 2012Social Insurance: Connecting Theory to Data
with Raj Chetty: w18433
February 2012Moral Hazard in Health Insurance: How Important Is Forward Looking Behavior?
with Aviva Aron-Dine, Liran Einav, Mark R. Cullen: w17802
September 2011Insuring Long Term Care In the US
with Jeffrey Brown: w17451
July 2011The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Evidence from the First Year
with Sarah Taubman, Bill Wright, Mira Bernstein, Jonathan Gruber, Joseph P. Newhouse, Heidi Allen, Katherine Baicker, The Oregon Health Study Group: w17190
April 2011Selection on Moral Hazard in Health Insurance
with Liran Einav, Stephen P. Ryan, Paul Schrimpf, Mark R. Cullen: w16969
January 2011Selection in Insurance Markets: Theory and Empirics in Pictures
with Liran Einav: w16723
January 2010How general are risk preferences? Choices under uncertainty in different domains.
with Liran Einav, Iuliana Pascu, Mark R. Cullen: w15686
August 2009Beyond Testing: Empirical Models of Insurance Markets
with Liran Einav, Jonathan Levin: w15241
February 2009Income and Health Spending: Evidence from Oil Price Shocks
with Daron Acemoglu, Matthew J. Notowidigdo: w14744
October 2008Estimating Welfare in Insurance Markets Using Variation in Prices
with Liran Einav, Mark R. Cullen: w14414
June 2008What Good Is Wealth Without Health? The Effect of Health on the Marginal Utility of Consumption
with Erzo F.P. Luttmer, Matthew J. Notowidigdo: w14089
January 2008Preference Heterogeneity and Insurance Markets: Explaining a Puzzle of Insurance
with David M. Cutler, Kathleen McGarry: w13746
July 2007The Welfare Cost of Asymmetric Information: Evidence from the U.K. Annuity Market
with Liran Einav, Paul Schrimpf: w13228
February 2007E-ZTax: Tax Salience and Tax Rates
September 2006Medicaid Crowd-Out of Private Long-Term Care Insurance Demand: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Survey
with Jeffrey R. Brown, Norma B. Coe: w12536
May 2006Input and Technology Choices in Regulated Industries: Evidence From the Health Care Sector
with Daron Acemoglu: w12254
Redistribution by Insurance Market Regulation: Analyzing a Ban on Gender-Based Retirement Annuities
with James Poterba, Casey Rothschild: w12205
March 2006Testing for Asymmetric Information Using 'Unused Observables' in Insurance Markets: Evidence from the U.K. Annuity Market
with James Poterba: w12112
January 2006Did Medicare Induce Pharmaceutical Innovation?
with Daron Acemoglu, David Cutler, Joshua Linn: w11949
September 2005The Aggregate Effects of Health Insurance: Evidence from the Introduction of Medicare
What Did Medicare Do (And Was It Worth It)?
with Robin McKnight: w11609
January 2005Dynamic Inefficiencies in Insurance Markets: Evidence from long-term care insurance
with Kathleen McGarry, Amir Sufi: w11039
December 2004The Interaction of Public and Private Insurance: Medicaid and the Long-Term Care Insurance Market
with Jeffrey R. Brown: w10989
September 2004Supply or Demand: Why is the Market for Long-Term Care Insurance So Small?
with Jeffrey R. Brown: w10782
September 2003Private Information and its Effect on Market Equilibrium: New Evidence from Long-Term Care Insurance
with Kathleen McGarry: w9957
January 2003Health Policy and Technological Change: Evidence from the Vaccine Industry
June 2002The Interaction of Partial Public Insurance Programs and Residual Private Insurance Markets: Evidence from the U.S. Medicare Program
When Can Partial Public Insurance Produce Pareto Improvements?
May 2002Minimum Standards and Insurance Regulation: Evidence from the Medigap Market
December 2000Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets: Policyholder Evidence from the U.K. Annuity Market
with James Poterba: w8045
June 1999Selection Effects in the Market for Individual Annuities: New Evidence from the United Kingdom
with James Poterba: w7168

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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