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December 2013Culture and Institutions
with Paola Giuliano: w19750
April 2013Family Ties
with Paola Giuliano: w18966
February 2013Nation Building
with Bryony Reich: w18839
January 2013Birthplace Diversity and Economic Prosperity
with Johann Harnoss, Hillel Rapoport: w18699
November 2012Ethnic Inequality
with Stelios Michalopoulos, Elias Papaioannou: w18512
September 2012The design of fiscal adjustments
with Silvia Ardagna: w18423
August 2012The Output Effect of Fiscal Consolidations
with Carlo Favero, Francesco Giavazzi: w18336
December 2011The Electoral Consequences of Large Fiscal Adjustments
with Dorian Carloni, Giampaolo Lecce: w17655
May 2011On the Origins of Gender Roles: Women and the Plough
with Paola Giuliano, Nathan Nunn: w17098
April 2011A Test of Racial Bias in Capital Sentencing
with Eliana La Ferrara: w16981
January 2011Fertility and the Plough
with Paola Giuliano, Nathan Nunn: w16718
September 2010Regulation Versus Taxation
with Francesco Passarelli: w16413
April 2010The Politics of Monetary Policy
with Andrea Stella: w15856
February 2010Family Values and the Regulation of Labor
with Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc, Paola Giuliano: w15747
December 2009The Evolution of Ideology, Fairness and Redistribution
with Guido Cozzi, Noemi Mantovan: w15587
October 2009Large Changes in Fiscal Policy: Taxes Versus Spending
with Silvia Ardagna: w15438
Family Ties and Political Participation
with Paola Giuliano: w15415
March 2009Preferences for Redistribution
with Paola Giuliano: w14825
November 2008The Euro and Structural Reforms
with Silvia Ardagna, Vincenzo Galasso: w14479
September 2008Segregation and the Quality of Government in a Cross-Section of Countries
with Ekaterina Zhuravskaya: w14316
July 2008Do Women Pay More for Credit? Evidence from Italy
with Francesca Lotti, Paolo Emilio Mistrulli: w14202
June 2008Ambiguity and Extremism in Elections
with Richard T. Holden: w14143
November 2007Gender Based Taxation and the Division of Family Chores
with Andrea Ichino, Loukas Karabarbounis: w13638
June 2007Democracy, Technology, and Growth
with Philippe Aghion, Francesco Trebbi: w13180
April 2007The Power of the Family
with Paola Giuliano: w13051
October 2006Technology and Labor Regulations
with Joseph Zeira: w12581
July 2006Divorce, Fertility and the Shot Gun Marriage
with Paola Giuliano: w12375
June 2006Artificial States
with William Easterly, Janina Matuszeski: w12328
February 2006Who Adjusts and When? On the Political Economy of Reforms
with Alberto Alesina, Silvia Ardagna, Francesco Trebbi: w12049
October 2005Good bye Lenin (or not?): The Effect of Communism on People's Preferences
with Nichola Fuchs Schuendeln: w11700
September 2005Why is Fiscal Policy Often Procyclical?
with Guido Tabellini: w11600
August 2005Why Do Politicians Delegate?
with Guido Tabellini: w11531
June 2005Corruption, Inequality and Fairness
with George-Marios Angeletos: w11399
April 2005Work and Leisure in the U.S. and Europe: Why So Different?
with Edward L. Glaeser, Bruce Sacerdote: w11278
Choosing Electoral Rules: Theory and Evidence from US Cities
with Philippe Aghion, Francesco Trebbi: w11236
March 2004The European Union: A Politically Incorrect View
with Roberto Perotti: w10342
February 2004Ethnic Diversity and Economic Performance
with Eliana La Ferrara: w10313
January 2004Bureaucrats or Politicians?
with Guido Tabellini: w10241
June 2003Choosing (and reneging on) exchange rate regimes
with Alexander Wagner: w9809
March 2003Regulation and Investment
with Silvia Ardagna, Giuseppe Nicoletti, Fabio Schiantarelli: w9560
February 2003Fairness and Redistribution: U.S. versus Europe
with George-Marios Angeletos: w9502
January 2003Fractionalization
with Arnaud Devleeschauwer, William Easterly, Sergio Kurlat, Romain Wacziarg: w9411
July 2002Optimal Currency Areas
with Robert J. Barro, Silvana Tenreyro: w9072
June 2002Endogenous Political Institutions
with Philippe Aghion, Francesco Trebbi: w9006
December 2001The Political Economy of International Unions
with Ignazio Angeloni, Federico Etro: w8645
Institutional Rules for Federations
with Ignazio Angeloni, Federico Etro: w8646
What Does the European Union Do?
with Ignazio Angeloni, Ludger Schuknecht: w8647
October 2001Why Doesn't the US Have a European-Style Welfare System?
with Edward Glaeser, Bruce Sacerdote: w8524
May 2001Preferences for Redistribution in the Land of Opportunities
with Eliana La Ferrara: w8267
April 2001Inequality and Happiness: Are Europeans and Americans Different?
with Rafael Di Tella, Robert MacCulloch: w8198
September 2000Currency Unions
with Robert J. Barro: w7927
August 2000Political Jurisdictions in Heterogeneous Communities
with Reza Baqir, Caroline Hoxby: w7859
March 2000The Determinants of Trust
with Eliana La Ferrara: w7621
January 2000The Political Economy of the Budget Surplus in the U.S.
October 1999Redistribution Through Public Employment: The Case of Italy
with Stephan Danninger, Massimo Rostagno: w7387
July 1999Fiscal Policy, Profits, and Investment
with Silvia Ardagna, Roberto Perotti, Fabio Schiantarelli: w7207
June 1999Participation in Heterogeneous Communities
with Eliana La Ferrara: w7155
May 1999Do Corrupt Governments Receive Less Foreign Aid?
with Beatrice Weder: w7108
January 1999Is Europe Going Too Far?
with Romain Wacziarg: w6883
October 1998Redistributive Public Employment
with Reza Baqir, William Easterly: w6746
June 1998Who Gives Foreign Aid to Whom and Why?
with David Dollar: w6612
September 1997Economic Integration and Political Disintegration
with Enrico Spolaore, Romain Wacziarg: w6163
April 1997Public Goods and Ethnic Divisions
with Reza Baqir, William Easterly: w6009
Openness, Country Size and the Government
with Romain Wacziarg: w6024
August 1996International Conflict, Defense Spending and the Size of Countries
with Enrico Spolaore: w5694
Fiscal Adjustments in OECD Countries: Composition and Macroeconomic Effects
with Roberto Perotti: w5730
June 1996The Costs and Benefits of Fiscal Rules: Evidence from U.S. States
with Tamim Bayoumi: w5614
May 1996Budget Deficits and Budget Institutions
with Roberto Perotti: w5556
Budget Institutions and Fiscal Performance in Latin America
with Ricardo Hausmann, Rudolf Hommes, Ernesto Stein: w5586
August 1995Fiscal Expansions and Fiscal Adjustments in OECD Countries
with Roberto Perotti: w5214
March 1995On the Number and Size of Nations
with Enrico Spolaore: w5050
January 1995Economic Risk and Political Risk in Fiscal Unions
with Roberto Perotti: w4992
July 1994The Welfare State and Competitiveness
with Roberto Perotti: w4810
February 1994The Political Economy of Budget Deficits
with Roberto Perotti: w4637
October 1993Income Distribution, Political Instability, and Investment
with Roberto Perotti: w4486
May 1993The Political Economy of Capital Controls
with Vittorio Grilli, Gian Maria Milesi-Ferrett: w4353
April 1993On the Feasibility of a One or Multi-Speed European Monetary Union
with Vittorio Grilli: w4350
September 1992Political Instability and Economic Growth
with Sule Ozler, Nouriel Roubini, Phillip Swagel: w4173
January 1992Menus of Linear Income Tax Schedules
with Philippe Weil: w3968
October 1991The European Central Bank: Reshaping Monetary Politics in Europe
with Vittorio Grilli: w3860
September 1991Macroeconomic Policy and Elections in OECD Democracies
with Gerald D. Cohen, Nouriel Roubini: w3830
March 1991Why Are There So Many Divided Senate Delegations?
with Morris Fiorina, Howard Rosenthal: w3663
Distributive Politics and Economic Growth
with Dani Rodrik: w3668
February 1991A Model of the Political Economy of the United States
with John Londregan, Howard Rosenthal: w3611
October 1990Political Cycles in OECD Economies
with Nouriel Roubini: w3478
October 1989Public Confidence and Debt Management: A Model and A Case Study of Italy
with Alessandro Prati, Guido Tabellini: w3135
August 1989Why are Stabilizations Delayed?
with Allan Drazen: w3053
Moderating Elections
with Howard Rosenthal: w3072
November 1988Voting on the Budget Deficit
with Guido Tabellini: w2759
September 1988Partisan Cycles in Congressional Elections and the Macroeconomy
with Howard Rosenthal: w2706
June 1988External Debt, Capital Flight and Political Risk
with Guido Tabellini: w2610
December 1987The Politics of Ambiguity
with Alex Cukierman: w2468
August 1987An Overlapping Generations Model of Electoral Competition
with Stephen E. Spear: w2354
July 1987A Positive Theory of Fiscal Deficits and Government Debt in a Democracy
with Guido Tabellini: w2308
May 1986Political Parties and the Business Cycle in the United States, 1948-1984
with Jeffrey Sachs: w1940

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