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April 2010Increasing Time to Baccalaureate Degree in the United States
with John Bound, Michael F. Lovenheim, Sarah Turner: w15892
December 2009Why Have College Completion Rates Declined? An Analysis of Changing Student Preparation and Collegiate Resources
with John Bound, Michael Lovenheim, Sarah Turner: w15566
August 2009Playing the Admissions Game: Student Reactions to Increasing College Competition
with John Bound, Brad Hershbein, Bridget Terry Long: w15272
March 2009Internationalization of U.S. Doctorate Education
with John Bound, Sarah Turner, Patrick Walsh: w14792
November 2007Health, Economic Resources and the Work Decisions of Older Men
with John Bound, Todd Stinebrickner, Timothy Waidmann: w13657
August 2006Cohort Crowding: How Resources Affect Collegiate Attainment
with John Bound, Sarah Turner: w12424
September 2002The Welfare Implications of Increasing Disability Insurance Benefit Generosity
with John Bound, Julie Berry Cullen, Austin Nichols, Lucie Schmidt: w9155
July 2002Closing the Gap or Widening the Divide: The Effects of the G.I. Bill and World War II on the Educational Outcomes of Black Americans
with Sarah E. Turner, John Bound: w9044
October 2001Trade in University Training: Cross-State Variation in the Production and Use of College-Educated Labor
with John Bound, Jeffrey Groen, Gabor Kezdi, Sarah Turner: w8555
September 2001Accounting for the Black-White Wealth Gap: A Nonparametric Approach
with Robert Barsky, John Bound, Kerwin Charles, Joseph Lupton: w8466
October 2000Accounting for Recent Declines in Employment Rates among the Working-Aged Disabled
with John Bound, Timothy Waidmann: w7975
December 1999Going to War and Going to College: Did World War II and the G.I. Bill Increase Educational Attainment for Returning Veterans?
with John Bound, Sarah E. Turner: w7452
November 1998The Dynamic Effects of Health on the Labor Force Transitions of Older Workers
with John Bound, Michael Schoenbaum, Todd R. Stinebrickner, Timothy Waidmann: w6777
October 1998Coding Geographic Areas Across Census Years: Creating Consistent Definitions of Metropolitan Areas
with David A. Jaeger, Susanna Loeb, Sarah E. Turner, John Bound: w6772
September 1998Double Trouble: On the Value of Twins-Based Estimation of the Return to Schooling
with John Bound, Gary Solon: w6721
September 1997Implications of Skill-Biased Technological Change: International Evidence
with Eli Berman, John Bound, Stephen Machin: w6166
November 1996On the Validity of Season of Birth as an Instrument in Wage Equations: A Comment on Angrist & Krueger's "Does Compulsory School Attendance Affect Scho
with John Bound, David A. Jaeger: w5835
July 1996Demand Shifts, Population Adjustments, and Labor Market Outcomes during the 1980s
with John Bound, Harry J. Holzer: w5685
April 1996Race Differences in Labor Force Attachment and Disability Status
with John Bound, Michael Schoenbaum, Timothy Waidmann: w5536
December 1995On the Validity of Using Census Geocode Characteristics to Proxy Individual Socioeconomic Characteristics
with Arline T. Geronimus, John Bound, Lisa J. Neidert: t0189
November 1995The Effect of Measured School Inputs on Academic Achievement: Evidence from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s Birth Cohorts
with Susanna Loeb, John Bound: w5331
July 1995Worker Adaptation and Employer Accommodation Following the Onset of a Health Impairment
with Mary C. Daly, John Bound: w5169
June 1995Race and Education Differences in Disability Status and Labor Force Attachment
with John Bound, Michael Schoenbaum, Timothy Waidmann: w5159
February 1995The Illusion of Failure: Trends in the Self-Reported Health of the U.S. Elderly
with Timothy Waidmann, John Bound, Michael Schoenbaum: w5017
August 1993Did Criminal Activity Increase During the 1980s? Comparisons Across Data Sources
with Scott Boggess, John Bound: w4431
June 1993The Cure Can Be Worse than the Disease: A Cautionary Tale Regarding Instrumental Variables
with John Bound, David A. Jaeger, Regina Baker: t0137
January 1993Changes in the Demand for Skilled Labor within U.S. Manufacturing Industries: Evidence from the Annual Survey of Manufacturing
with Eli Berman, John Bound, Zvi Griliches: w4255
July 1991What Went Wrong? The Erosion of Relative Earnings and Employment Among Young Black Men in the 1980s
with John Bound, Richard B. Freeman: w3778
May 1991Industrial Shifts, Skills Levels, and the Labor Market for White and Black Males
with John Bound, Harry J. Holzer: w3715
September 1990Disability Transfers and the Labor Force Attachment of Older Men: Evidence from the Historical Record
June 1989Self-Reported vs. Objective Measures of Health in Retirement Models
May 1989Changes in the Structure of Wages During the 1980's: An Evaluation of Alternative Explanations
with John Bound, George E. Johnson: w2983
March 1989Measurement Error In Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Labor Market Surveys: Results From Two Validation Studies
with John Bound, Charles Brown, Greg J. Duncan, Willard L Rodgers: w2884
The Extent of Measurement Error In Longitudinal Earnings Data: Do Two Wrongs Make A Right?
with John Bound, Alan B. Krueger: w2885
1989The Health and Earnings of Rejected Disability Insurance Applicants
October 1984Brothers and Sisters in the Family and the Labor Market
with John Bound, Zvi Griliches, Bronwyn H. Hall: w1476
June 1982Who Does R&D and Who Patents?
with John Bound, Clint Cummins, Zvi Griliches, Bronwyn H. Hall, Adam B. Jaffe: w0908

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