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February 2014Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry
with Serguey Braguinsky, Atsushi Ohyama, Tetsuji Okazaki, Chad Syverson: w19901
July 2013Competition in the Audit Market: Policy Implications
with Joseph J. Gerakos, Chad Syverson: w19251
Healthcare Exceptionalism? Productivity and Allocation in the U.S. Healthcare Sector
with Amitabh Chandra, Amy Finkelstein, Adam Sacarny, Chad Syverson: w19200
March 2013Advertising and Competition in Privatized Social Security: The Case of Mexico
with Justine S. Hastings, Ali Horta├žsu, Chad Syverson: w18881
September 2012The Effects of Environmental Regulation on the Competitiveness of U.S. Manufacturing
with Michael Greenstone, John A. List, Chad Syverson: w18392
April 2012Toward an Understanding of Learning by Doing: Evidence from an Automobile Assembly Plant
with Steven D. Levitt, John A. List, Chad Syverson: w18017
Why Do Firms Own Production Chains?
with Enghin Atalay, Ali Hortacsu, Chad Syverson: w18020
February 2012The Slow Growth of New Plants: Learning about Demand?
with Lucia Foster, John C. Haltiwanger, Chad Syverson: w17853
July 2010Are Consumers Affected by Durable Goods Makers' Financial Distress? The Case of Auto Manufacturers
with Ali Horta├žsu, Gregor Matvos, Chad Syverson, Sriram Venkataraman: w16197
January 2010What Determines Productivity?
January 2009Technological Change and the Growing Inequality in Managerial Compensation
with Hanno Lustig, Chad Syverson, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh: w14661
July 2008E-commerce and the Market Structure of Retail Industries
with Maris Goldmanis, Ali Hortacsu, Chad Syverson, Onsel Emre: w14166
February 2007Cementing Relationships: Vertical Integration, Foreclosure, Productivity, and Prices
with Ali Hortacsu, Chad Syverson: w12894
May 2006Prices, Spatial Competition, and Heterogenous Producers: An Empirical Test
August 2005Reallocation, Firm Turnover, and Efficiency: Selection on Productivity or Profitability?
with Lucia Foster, John Haltiwanger, Chad Syverson: w11555
January 2005How do Incumbents Respond to the Threat of Entry? Evidence from the Major Airlines
with Austan Goolsbee, Chad Syverson: w11072
Market Distortions when Agents are Better Informed: The Value of Information in Real Estate Transactions
with Steven D. Levitt, Chad Syverson: w11053
May 2004Market Structure and Productivity: A Concrete Example
October 2003Product Substitutability and Productivity Dispersion
May 2003Product Differentiation, Search Costs, and Competition in the Mutual Fund Industry: A Case Study of the S&P 500 Index Funds
with Ali Hortacsu, Chad Syverson: w9728

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