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January 2014Lights, Camera,... Income!: Estimating Poverty Using National Accounts, Survey Means, and Lights
with Maxim Pinkovskiy: w19831
February 2010African Poverty is Falling...Much Faster than You Think!
with Maxim Pinkovskiy: w15775
October 2009Parametric Estimations of the World Distribution of Income
with Maxim Pinkovskiy: w15433
October 2003Do Democracies Have Different Public Policies than Nondemocracies?
with Casey B. Mulligan, Ricard Gil: w10040
July 2003The Economic Tragedy of the XXth Century: Growth in Africa
with Elsa V. Artadi: w9865
June 2003Addressing the Natural Resource Curse: An Illustration from Nigeria
with Arvind Subramanian: w9804
May 2003Social Security, Retirement, and the Single-Mindedness of the Electorate
with Casey B. Mulligan: w9691
May 2002Social Security and Democracy
with Casey B. Mulligan, Ricard Gil: w8958
The World Distribution of Income (estimated from Individual Country Distributions)
April 2002The Disturbing "Rise" of Global Income Inequality
June 2000Determinants of Long-Term Growth: A Bayesian Averaging of Classical Estimates (BACE) Approach
with Gernot Doppelhofer, Ronald I. Miller: w7750
May 1999Gerontocracy, Retirement, and Social Security
with Casey B. Mulligan: w7117
Social Security in Theory and Practice (I): Facts and Political Theories
with Casey B. Mulligan: w7118
Social Security in Theory and Practice (II): Efficiency Theories, Narrative Theories, and Implications for Reform
with Casey B. Mulligan: w7119
November 1997I Just Ran Four Million Regressions
March 1997The Optimum Quantity of Money: Theory and Evidence
with Casey B. Mulligan: w5954
March 1996Adoption of Financial Technologies: Implications for Money Demand and Monetary Policy
with Casey B. Mulligan: w5504
August 1995Disease Complementarities and the Evaluation of Public Health Interventions
with William H. Dow, Jessica Holmes, Tomas Philipson: w5216
June 1995Technological Diffusion, Convergence, and Growth
with Robert J. Barro: w5151
April 1995Capital Mobility in Neoclassical Models of Growth
with Robert J. Barro, N. Gregory Mankiw: w4206
February 1995Measuring Aggregate Human Capital
with Casey B. Mulligan: w5016
A Labor-Income-Based Measure of the Value of Human Capital: An Application to the States of the United States
with Casey B. Mulligan: w5018
January 1994Quality Improvements in Models of Growth
with Robert J. Barro: w4610
October 1992Transfers
May 1992A Growth Model of Inflation, Tax Evasion, and Financial Repression
with Nouriel Roubini: w4062
March 1992Regional Growth and Migration: A Japan-U.S. Comparison
with Robert J. Barro: w4038
February 1992Transitional Dynamics in Two-Sector Models of Endogenous Growth
with Casey B. Mulligan: w3986
November 1991A Note on the Time-Elimination Method For Solving Recursive Dynamic Economic Models
with Casey B. Mulligan: t0116
October 1991Fiscal Federalism and Optimum Currency Areas: Evidence for Europe From the United States
with Jeffrey Sachs: w3855
Financial Repression and Economic Growth
with Nouriel Roubini: w3876
April 1991World Real Interest Rates
with Robert J. Barro: w3317
December 1990Lecture Notes on Economic Growth(I): Introduction to the Literature and Neoclassical Models
Lecture Notes on Economic Growth(II): Five Prototype Models of Endogenous Growth
August 1990Economic Growth and Convergence across The United States
with Robert J. Barro: w3419
May 1990Public Finance in Models of Economic Growth
with Robert J. Barro: w3362
January 1990World Real Interest Rates
with Robert J. Barro
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1990, Volume 5, Olivier Jean Blanchard and Stanley Fischer, editors

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