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January 2013Health Information Technology and Patient Outcomes: The Role of Organizational and Informational Complementarities
with Jeffrey S. McCullough, Robert Town: w18684
Health information technology (IT) adoption, it is argued, will dramatically improve patient care. We study the impact of hospital IT adoption on patient outcomes focusing on the roles of technological and organizational complements in affecting IT's value and explore underlying mechanisms through which IT facilitates the coordination of labor inputs. We link detailed hospital discharge data on all Medicare fee-for-service admissions from 2002-2007 to detailed hospital-level IT adoption information. We employ a difference-in-differences strategy to identify the parameters of interest. For all IT sensitive conditions we find that health IT adoption reduces mortality for the most complex patients but does not affect outcomes for the median patient. This implies that the benefits from IT adop...
December 2010Exploring Ex Ante Regulatory Mechanisms for Detecting Prescription Drug Misuse
in Regulation vs. Litigation: Perspectives from Economics and Law, Daniel P. Kessler, editor
July 2008Do HSA Choices Interact with Retirement Savings Decisions?
with Roger Feldman
in Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 22, James M. Poterba, editor
June 1991Technology Adoption and Growth
with Edward C. Prescott: w3733
Technology change is modeled as the result of decisions of individuals and groups of individuals to adopt more advanced technologies. The structure is calibrated to the U.S. and postwar Japan growth experiences. Using this calibrated structure we explore how large the disparity in the effective tax rates on the returns to adopting technologies must be to account for the huge observed disparity in per capita income across countries. We find that this disparity is not implausibly large.

Published: Revised version "Barriers to Technology Adoption and Development" Journal of Public Economics, April 1994, pp. 298-321

Contact and additional information for this authorAll NBER papers and publicationsNBER Working Papers only

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