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February 2013Effects of Bicycle Helmet Laws on Children's Injuries
with Pinka Chatterji: w18773
March 2012Estimating the Relationship between Alcohol Policies and Criminal Violence and Victimization
with Erik Nesson, Eileen Poe-Yamagata, Curtis Florence, Partha Deb, Tracy Andrews, Sarah Beth L. Barnett : w17918
July 2011Early Maternal Employment and Family Wellbeing
with Pinka Chatterji, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn: w17212
June 2011Smoking Policies and Birth Outcomes: Estimates From a New Era
with E. Kathleen Adams, Patricia M. Dietz, Viji Kannan, Van Tong: w17160
Side Effects of Competition: the Role of Advertising and Promotion in Pharmaceutical Markets
with Guy David: w17162
March 2011The Effects of Alcohol Policies in Reducing Entry Rates and Time Spent in Foster Care
with Alison Evans Cuellar, Ryan M. Conrad, Michael Grossman: w16915
December 2010Where There's Smoking, There's Fire: The Effects of Smoking Policies on the Incidence of Fires in the United States.
March 2010Are Pink Slips Better Than Flu Shots? The Effects of Employment on Influenza Rates
with Erik Nesson, Joshua Robinson: w15796
February 2010Prices and Cigarette Demand: Evidence from Youth Tobacco Use in Developing Countries
with Deliana Kostova, Hana Ross, Evan Blecher: w15781
September 2009A Cure for Crime? Psycho-Pharmaceuticals and Crime Trends
with Dave E. Marcotte: w15354
April 2009Can A Rational Choice Framework Make Sense of Anorexia Nervosa?
with Robert S. Goldfarb, Thomas C. Leonard, Steven Suranovic: w14838
January 2009The Effects of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Promotion on Adverse Drug Events and Regulation
with Guy David, Seth Richards: w14634
July 2008Family Leave after Childbirth and the Health of New Mothers
with Pinka Chatterji: w14156
May 2007Incentives in Obesity and Health Insurance
with Inas Rashad: w13113
September 2006The Effectiveness of Cigarette Regulations in Reducing Cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
June 2006Even For Teenagers, Money Does Not Grow on Trees: Teenage Substance Use and Budget Constraints
with John Tauras: w12300
May 2006Medicaid Policy Changes in Mental Health Care and Their Effect on Mental Health Outcomes
with Alison Cuellar: w12232
September 2005The Effect of Child Access Prevention Laws on Non-Fatal Gun Injuries
with Jeff DeSimone: w11613
May 2005An Investigation of the Effects of Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Policies on Youth Risky Sexual Behaviors
with Robert Kaestner, Michael Grossman: w11378
April 2005Suicidal Behavior and the Labor Market Productivity of Young Adults
with Erdal Tekin: w11238
December 2004An Investigation of the Effects of Alcohol Policies on Youth STDs
with Michael Grossman, Robert Kaestner: w10949
January 2004Does the Length of Maternity Leave Affect Maternal Health?
with Pinka Chatterji: w10206
September 2003Are Mental Health Insurance Mandates Effective? Evidence from Suicides
with Jonathan Klick: w9994
The Relationships between Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment and Juvenile Crime
with Alison Evans Cuellar, Anne M. Libby: w9952
April 2003Alcohol Abuse and Suicide Attempts Among Youth - Correlation or Causation?
with Pinka Chatterji, Dhaval Dave, Robert Kaestner: w9638
March 2003Lighting Up and Slimming Down: The Effects of Body Weight and Cigarette Prices on Adolescent Smoking Initiation
with John Cawley, John Tauras: w9561
October 2002I Did What Last Night?!!! Adolescent Risky Sexual Behaviors and Substance Use
with Michael Grossman: w9244
September 2002Get High and Get Stupid: The Effect of Alcohol and Marijuana Use on Teen Sexual Behavior
with Michael Grossman, Robert Kaestner: w9216
March 2002The Impact of Lending, Borrowing, and Anti-Smoking Policies on Cigarette Consumption by Teens
with Brett Katzman, Kerry Anne McGeary: w8844
February 2002Substance Use and Suicidal Behaviors Among Young Adults
with Pinka Chatterji, Robert Kaestner, Dhaval Dave: w8810
August 2001Toward a Framework for Improving Health Care Financing for an Aging Population: The Case of Israel
with Dov Chernichovsky: w8415
October 2000An Economic Analysis of Alcohol, Drugs, and Violent Crime in the National Crime Victimization Survey
May 2000The Impact of Maternal Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use on Children's Behavior Problems: Evidence from the Children of the National Longitudinal Survey...
with Pinka Chatterji: w7692
January 2000Criminal Violence and Alcohol Beverage Control: Evidence from an International Study
The Role of Alcohol and Drug Consumption in Determining Physical Fights and Weapon Carrying by Teenagers
May 1999Alcohol Regulation and Violence on College Campuses
with Michael Grossman: w7129
February 1999Alcohol Regulation and Violence Towards Children
with Michael Grossman: w6359
January 1999The Price of Alcohol, Wife Abuse, and Husband Abuse
July 1998The Effects of Alcohol Regulation on Physical Child Abuse
with Michael Grossman: w6629

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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