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January 2014Using the Pareto Distribution to Improve Estimates of Topcoded Earnings
with Philip Armour, Jeff Larrimore: w19846
December 2013Accounting for Income Changes over the Great Recession (2007-2010) Relative to Previous Recessions: The Importance of Taxes and Transfers
with Jeff Larrimore, Philip Armour: w19699
June 2013Measuring Top Incomes Using Tax Record Data: A Cautionary Tale from Australia
with Markus H. Hahn, Roger Wilkins: w19121
Levels and Trends in United States Income and Its Distribution A Crosswalk from Market Income Towards a Comprehensive Haig-Simons Income Approach
with Philip Armour, Jeff Larrimore: w19110
December 2012Consolidating the Evidence on Income Mobility in the Western States of Germany and the U.S. from 1984-2006
with Gulgun Bayaz-Ozturk, Kenneth A. Couch: w18618
August 2011The Importance of the Meaning and Measurement of “Affordable” in the Affordable Care Act
with Sean Lyons, Kosali I. Simon: w17279
June 2011A "Second Opinion" on the Economic Health of the American Middle Class
with Jeff Larrimore, Kosali I. Simon: w17164
March 2010Measuring the Impact of Health Insurance on Levels and Trends in Inequality
with Kosali I. Simon: w15811
September 2009Recent Trends in Top Income Shares in the USA: Reconciling Estimates from March CPS and IRS Tax Return Data
with Shuaizhang Feng, Stephen P. Jenkins, Jeff Larrimore: w15320
May 2009Differences in the U.S. Trends in the Prevalence of Obesity Based on Body Mass Index and Skinfold Thickness
with John Cawley, Maximilian D. Schmeiser: w15005
October 2008Measuring Labor Earnings Inequality using Public-Use March Current Population Survey Data: The Value of Including Variances and Cell Means When Imputing Topcoded Values
with Shuaizhang Feng, Jeff Larrimore: w14458
August 2008Estimating Trends in US Income Inequality Using the Current Population Survey: The Importance of Controlling for Censoring
with Shuaizhang Feng, Stephen P. Jenkins, Jeff Larrimore: w14247
April 2008Consistent Cell Means for Topcoded Incomes in the Public Use March CPS (1976-2007)
with Jeff Larrimore, Shuaizhang Feng, Laura Zayatz: w13941
November 2007Who Gets What from Employer Pay or Play Mandates?
with Kosali I. Simon: w13578
June 2006Beyond BMI: The Value of More Accurate Measures of Fatness and Obesity in Social Science Research
with John Cawley: w12291
January 2003The Supplemental Security Income Program
with Mary Daly
in Means-Tested Transfer Programs in the United States, Robert A. Moffitt, editor
April 1997Labor Earnings Mobility and Inequality in the United States and Germany During the Growth Years of the 1980s
with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Stephen E. Rhody: w5988
1985Estimating Changes in Well-Being Across Life: A Realized vs. Comprehensive Income Approach
with J. S. Butler, James T. Wilkinson
in Horizontal Equity, Uncertainty, and Economic Well-Being, Martin David and Timothy Smeeding, editors
1984Raising the Normal Retirement Age under Social Security: A Life-Cycle Analysis
with Jennifer Warlick
in Economic Transfers in the United States, Marilyn Moon, ed.
1983The Effect of Pension Plans on the Pattern of Life Cycle Compensation
with Joseph F. Quinn
in The Measurement of Labor Cost, Jack E. Triplett, ed.

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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