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July 2014Holy Cows or Cash Cows?
with Britta Augsburg: w20304
February 2014The Evolution of Income, Consumption, and Leisure Inequality in the US, 1980-2010
with Erik Hurst, Luigi Pistaferri
in Improving the Measurement of Consumer Expenditures, Christopher Carroll, Thomas Crossley, and John Sabelhaus, editors
July 2012Comment on "Does Indivisible Labor Explain the Difference between Micro and Macro Elasticities? A Meta-Analysis of Extensive Margin Elasticities"
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2012, Volume 27, Daron Acemoglu, Jonathan Parker, and Michael Woodford, editors
April 2012The Evolution of Income, Consumption, and Leisure Inequality in The US, 1980-2010
with Erik Hurst, Luigi Pistaferri: w17982
November 2010Financing Medicare: A General Equilibrium Analysis
with Sagiri Kitao, Giovanni L. Violante
in Demography and the Economy, John B. Shoven, editor
February 2010Consumption and Saving: Models of Intertemporal Allocation and Their Implications for Public Policy
with Guglielmo Weber: w15756
July 2009Educational Choices, Subjective Expectations, and Credit Constraints
with Katja Kaufmann: w15087
April 2008Training Disadvantaged Youth in Latin America: Evidence from a Randomized Trial
with Adriana Kugler, Costas Meghir: w13931
October 2007What Really Happened to Consumption Inequality in the United States?
with Erich Battistin, Hidehiko Ichimura
in Hard-to-Measure Goods and Services: Essays in Honor of Zvi Griliches, Ernst R. Berndt and Charles R. Hulten, editors
March 2007Risk Sharing in Private Information Models with Asset Accumulation: Explaining the Excess Smoothness of Consumption
with Nicola Pavoni: w12994
August 2006Stochastic Components of Individual Consumption: A Time Series Analysis of Grouped Data
with Margherita Borella: w12456
Intertemporal Consumption Choices, Transaction Costs and Limited Participation to Financial Markets: Reconciling Data and Theory
with Monica Paiella: w12412
March 2004What Really Happened to Consumption Inequality in the US?
with Erich Battistin, Hidehiko Ichimura: w10338
July 2003Trade Reforms and Wage Inequiality in Colombia
with Pinelopi Goldberg, Nina Pavcnik: w9830
April 2001Differential Mortality in the UK
with Carl Emmerson: w8241
May 2000Estimating Euler Equations
with Hamish Low: t0253
Credit Constraints in the Market for Consumer Durables: Evidence from Micro Data on Car Loans
with Pinelopi K. Goldberg, Ekaterini Kyriazidou: w7694
June 1998The Demand for Money, Financial Innovation, and the Welfare Cost of Inflation: An Analysis with Household Data
with Luigi Guiso, Tuillo Jappelli: w6593
May 1998Intertemporal Choice and the Cross-Sectional Variance of Marginal Utility
with Tullio Jappelli: w6560
Asset Holding and Consumption Volatility
with James Banks, Sarah Tanner: w6567
March 1998Consumption Demand
November 1995Humps and Bumps in Lifetime Consumption
with James Banks, Costas Meghir, Guglielmo Weber: w5350
September 1995Consumer Durables and Inertial Behavior: Estimation and Aggregation of (S,s) Rules
May 1995Differential Mortality and Wealth Accumulation
with Hilary W. Hoynes: w5126
October 1994IRAs and Household Saving Revisited: Some New Evidence
with Thomas C. DeLeire: w4900
July 1994Is Consumption Growth Consistent with Intertemporal Optimization? Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey
with Guglielmo Weber: w4795
The Intertemporal Allocation of Consumption: Theory and Evidence
June 1994Relative Wage Movements and the Distribution of Consumption
with Steven J. Davis: w4771
January 1994Personal Saving in the United States
in International Comparisons of Household Saving, James M. Poterba, Editor
September 1993Consumption over the Life Cycle and over the Business Cycle
with Martin Browning: w4453
A Cohort Analysis of Saving Behavior by U.S. Households

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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