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May 2014Accounting and Actuarial Smoothing of Retirement Payouts in Participating Life Annuities
with Raimond Maurer, Ralph Rogalla, Ivonne Siegelin: w20124
Financial Knowledge and 401(k) Investment Performance
with Robert L. Clark, Annamaria Lusardi: w20137
December 2013Time is Money: Life Cycle Rational Inertia and Delegation of Investment Management
with Hugh H. Kim, Raimond Maurer: w19732
October 2013How Family Status and Social Security Claiming Options Shape Optimal Life Cycle Portfolios
with Andreas Hubener, Raimond Maurer: w19583
How Does Retiree Health Insurance Influence Public Sector Employee Saving?
with Robert Clark: w19511
July 2013Optimal Life Cycle Portfolio Choice with Variable Annuities Offering Liquidity and Investment Downside Protection
with Vanya Horneff, Raimond Maurer, Ralph Rogalla: w19206
June 2013Decision Complexity as a Barrier to Annuitization
with Jeffrey R. Brown, Arie Kapteyn, Erzo F.P. Luttmer: w19168
May 2013Exchanging Delayed Social Security Benefits for Lump Sums: Could This Incentivize Longer Work Careers?
with Jingjing Chai, Raimond Maurer, Ralph Rogalla: w19032
April 2013The Economic Importance of Financial Literacy: Theory and Evidence
with Annamaria Lusardi: w18952
January 2013Ambiguity Aversion and Household Portfolio Choice: Empirical Evidence
with Stephen G. Dimmock, Roy Kouwenberg, Kim Peijnenburg: w18743
Optimal Financial Knowledge and Wealth Inequality
with Annamaria Lusardi, Pierre-Carl Michaud: w18669
March 2012Target-Date Funds in 401(k) Retirement Plans
with Stephen Utkus: w17911
February 2012Financial Sophistication in the Older Population
with Annamaria Lusardi, Vilsa Curto: w17863
October 2011Lifecycle Portfolio Choice with Systematic Longevity Risk and Variable Investment-Linked Deferred Annuities
with Vasily Kartashov, Raimond Maurer, Ralph Rogalla: w17505
June 2011Lifecycle Impacts of the Financial and Economic Crisis on Household Optimal Consumption, Portfolio Choice, and Labor Supply
with Jingjing Chai, Raimond Maurer, Ralph Rogalla: w17134
Financial Literacy around the World: An Overview
with Annamaria Lusardi: w17107
Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in the United States
with Annamaria Lusardi: w17108
May 2011The Outlook for Financial Literacy
with Annamaria Lusardi: w17077
Financial Literacy and Planning: Implications for Retirement Wellbeing
with Annamaria Lusardi: w17078
Framing Effects and Expected Social Security Claiming Behavior
with Jeffrey R. Brown, Arie Kapteyn: w17018
January 2011How Financial Literacy and Impatience Shape Retirement Wealth and Investment Behaviors
with Justine S. Hastings: w16740
October 2010Financial Literacy, Schooling, and Wealth Accumulation
with Jere R. Behrman, Cindy Soo, David Bravo: w16452
January 2010The Effect of Uncertain Labor Income and Social Security on Life-cycle Portfolios
with Raimond Maurer, Ralph Rogalla: w15682
November 2009Financial Literacy and Financial Sophistication Among Older Americans
with Annamaria Lusardi, Vilsa Curto: w15469
September 2009Financial Literacy among the Young: Evidence and Implications for Consumer Policy
with Annamaria Lusardi, Vilsa Curto: w15352
How Ordinary Consumers Make Complex Economic Decisions: Financial Literacy and Retirement Readiness
with Annamaria Lusardi: w15350
The Efficiency of Sponsor and Participant Portfolio Choices in 401(k) Plans
with Ning Tang, Gary R. Mottola, Stephen Utkus: w15317
June 2009Default, Framing and Spillover Effects: The Case of Lifecycle Funds in 401(k) Plans
with Gary R. Mottola, Stephen P. Utkus, Takeshi Yamaguchi: w15108
Extending Life Cycle Models of Optimal Portfolio Choice: Integrating Flexible Work, Endogenous Retirement, and Investment Decisions with Lifetime Payouts
with Jingjing Chai, Wolfram Horneff, Raimond Maurer: w15079
September 2008Managing Contribution and Capital Market Risk in a Funded Public Defined Benefit Plan: Impact of CVaR Cost Constraints
with Raimond Maurer, Ralph Rogalla: w14332
June 2008Managing Public Investment Funds: Best Practices and New Challenges
with John Piggott, Cagri Kumru: w14078
Asset Allocation and Location over the Life Cycle with Survival-Contingent Payouts
with Wolfram J. Horneff, Raimond H. Maurer, Michael Z. Stamos: w14055
January 2008Planning and Financial Literacy: How Do Women Fare?
with Annamaria Lusardi: w13750
Footnotes Aren't Enough: The Impact of Pension Accounting on Stock Values
with Julia Coronado, Steven A. Sharpe, S. Blake Nesbitt: w13726
February 2007Money in Motion: Dynamic Portfolio Choice in Retirement
with Wolfram J. Horneff, Raimond H. Maurer, Michael Z. Stamos: w12942
December 2006Cross-Cohort Differences in Health on the Verge of Retirement
with Beth J. Soldo, Rania Tfaily, John F. McCabe: w12762
October 2006Baby Boomer Retirement Security: the Roles of Planning, Financial Literacy, and Housing Wealth
with Annamaria Lusardi: w12585
August 2006Financial Innovation for an Aging World
with John Piggott, Michael Sherris, Shaun Yow: w12444
The Chilean Pension Reform Turns 25: Lessons From the Social Protection Survey
with Alberto Arenas de Mesa, David Bravo, Jere R. Behrman, Petra E. Todd: w12401
July 2006Optimizing the Retirement Portfolio: Asset Allocation, Annuitization, and Risk Aversion
with Wolfram J. Horneff, Raimond Maurer, Ivica Dus: w12392
November 2005Socially Responsible Investment in Japanese Pensions
with Henry Hongbo Jin, John Piggott: w11747
October 2005Turning Workers into Savers? Incentives, Liquidity, and Choice in 401(k) Plan Design
with Stephen P. Utkus, Tongxuan (Stella) Yang: w11726
April 2005Betting on Death and Capital Markets in Retirement: A Shortfall Risk Analysis of Life Annuities
with Ivica Dus, Raimond Maurer: w11271
November 2004Aged-Care Support in Japan: Perspectives and Challenges
with John Piggott, Satoshi Shimizutani: w10882
May 2004Death Spiral or Euthanasia? The Demise of Generous Group Health Insurance Coverage
with Mark V. Pauly, Yuhui Zeng: w10464
March 2004Unlocking Housing Equity in Japan
with John Piggott: w10340
September 2003International Adverse Selection in Life Insurance and Annuities
with David McCarthy: w9975
October 2002The Role of Company Stock in Defined Contribution Plans
with Stephen P. Utkus: w9250
September 2002The Role of Economic Policy in Social Security Reform: Perspectives from the President's Commission
with John F. Cogan: w9166
Understanding Individual Account Guarantees
with Marie-Eve Lachance: w9195
August 2002Annuities for an Ageing World
with David McCarthy: w9092
April 2002Strengthening Employment-Based Pensions in Japan
with Robert L. Clark: w8891
January 2002Guaranteeing Defined Contribution Pensions: The Option to Buy-Back a Defined Benefit Promise
with Marie-Eve Lachance: w8731
October 2001Developments in Decumulation: The Role of Annuity Products in Financing Retirement
January 2001Annuity Values in Defined Contribution Retirement Systems: The Case of Singapore and Australia
with Suzanne Doyle, John Piggott: w8091
The Role of Real Annuities and Indexed Bonds in an Individual Accounts Retirement Program
with Jeffrey R. Brown, James M. Poterba
in Risk Aspects of Investment-Based Social Security Reform, John Y. Campbell and Martin Feldstein, editors
October 2000Retirement Responses to Early Social Security Benefit Reductions
with John W.R. Phillips: w7963
July 2000Mortality Risk, Inflation Risk, and Annuity Products
with Jeffrey R. Brown, James M. Poterba: w7812
May 2000Would a Privatized Social Security System Really Pay a Higher Rate of Return
with John Genakoplos, Stephen P. Zeldes: w6713
Social Security Money's Worth
with John Geanakoplos, Stephen P. Zeldes: w6722
October 1999New Trends in Pension Benefit and Retirement Provisions
July 1999Worklife Determinants of Retirement Income Differentials Between Men and Women
with Phillip J. Levine, John W. Phillips: w7243
Taxing Retirement Income: Nonqualified Annuities and Distributions from Qualified Accounts
with Jeffrey R. Brown, James M. Poterba, Mark J. Warshawsky: w7268
March 1999The Role of Real Annuities and Indexed Bonds in an Individual Accounts Retirement Program
with Jeffrey R. Brown, James M. Poterba: w7005
April 1998Health Problems as Determinants of Retirement: Are Self-Rated Measures Endogenous?
with Debra Sabatini Dwyer: w6503
January 1998Administrative Costs in Public and Private Retirement Systems
in Privatizing Social Security, Martin Feldstein, editor
December 1997After Chile, What? Second-Round Pension Reforms in Latin America
with Flavio Ataliba Barreto: w6316
October 1997Projected Retirement Wealth and Savings Adequacy in the Health and Retirement Study
with James F. Moore: w6240
September 1997Retirement Wealth Accumulation and Decumulation: New Developments and Outstanding Opportunities
with James F. Moore: w6178
April 1997New Evidence on the Money's Worth of Individual Annuities
with James M. Poterba, Mark J. Warshawsky: w6002
February 1997Pension and Social Security Wealth in the Health and Retirement Study
with Alan L. Gustman, Andrew A. Samwick, Thomas L. Steinmeier: w5912
August 1996Construction of the Earnings and Benefits File (EBF) for Use With the Health and Retirement Survey
with Jan Olson, Thomas Steinmeier: w5707
Administrative Costs in Public and Private Retirement Systems
March 1996"Social Security Privatization: A Structure for Analysis"
with Stephen P. Zeldes: w5512
October 1995Evaluating Mental Health Capitation Treatment: Lessons from Panel Data
with Debra Sabatini Dwyer, Robert Cole, Sylvia K. Reed: w5297
September 1995State and Local Pension Plans
with Roderick Carr: w5271
August 1994Retirement Research Using the Health and Retirement Survey
with Alan L. Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier: w4813
January 1994"Public Sector Pension Governance and Performance"
with Ping Lung Hsin: w4632
August 1993Retirement Systems in Developed and Developing Countries: Institutional Features, Economic Effects, and Lessons for Economies in Transition
March 1993The Role of Pensions in the Labor Market
with Alan L. Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier: w4295
November 1991Pension Funding in the Public Sector
with Robert S. Smith: w3898
June 1991Expected Changes in the Workforce and Implications for Labor Markets
with Phillip B. Levine: w3743
Trends in Pension Benefit Formulas and Retirement Provisions
April 1990Pensions and the U.S. Labor Market
with Alan L. Gustman: w3331
February 1990The Effects of Mandating Benefits Packages
August 1989Explaining Pension Dynamics
with Rebecca A. Luzadis: w3084
1988The Baby Boom's Legacy: Relative Wages in the 21st Century
with Phillip B. Levine: w2501
October 1987Worker Knowledge of Pension Provisions
September 1987Social Security Reforms and Poverty Among Older Dual-Earner Couples
December 1986Married Women's Retirement Behavior
with Silvana Pozzebon: w2104
March 1985Firm-Level Policy Toward Older Workers
with Rebecca A. Luzadis: w1579
1985Rewards for Continued Work: The Economic Incentives for Postponing Retirement
with Gary S. Fields
in Horizontal Equity, Uncertainty, and Economic Well-Being, Martin David and Timothy Smeeding, editors
May 1984The Effects of Social Security Reforms on Retirement Ages and RetirementIncomes
with Gary S. Fields: w1348
September 1983Rewards to Continued Work: The Economic Incentives For Postponing Retirement
with Gary S. Fields: w1204
May 1983The Economics of Retirement Behavior
with Gary S. Fields: w1128
March 1983Economic Incentives to Retire: A Qualitative Choice Approach
with Gary S. Fields: w1096
April 1982Economic Determinants of the Optimal Retirement Age: An Empirical Investigation
with Gary S. Fields: w0876
1982The Labor Market Impact of Federal Regulation: OSHA, ERISA, EEO, and Minimum Wage
September 1981The Effects of Pensions and Earnings on Retirement: A Review Essay
with Gary S. Fields: w0772

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