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May 2014Digitization and the Quality of New Media Products: The Case of Music
in Economics of Digitization, Avi Goldfarb, Shane Greenstein, and Catherine Tucker, editors
April 2012Music Piracy and Its Effects on Demand, Supply, and Welfare
in Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 12, Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, editors
October 2011Copyright Protection, Technological Change, and the Quality of New Products: Evidence from Recorded Music since Napster
March 2011Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie? The Supply of New Recorded Music Since Napster
August 2010Public Monopoly and Economic Efficiency: Evidence from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's Entry Decisions
with Katja Seim: w16258
May 2010Pop Internationalism: Has A Half Century of World Music Trade Displaced Local Culture?
with Fernando Ferreira: w15964
February 2010Who Benefits Whom in the Neighborhood? Demographics and Retail Product Geography
in Agglomeration Economics, Edward L. Glaeser, editor
October 2009Music for a Song: An Empirical Look at Uniform Song Pricing and its Alternatives
with Ben Shiller: w15390
October 2007"Lost" on the Web: Does Web Distribution Stimulate or Depress Television Viewing?
August 2007Close to You? Bias and Precision in Patent-Based Measures of Technological Proximity
with Mary Benner: w13322
June 2006Media Markets and Localism: Does Local News en EspaƱol Boost Hispanic Voter Turnout?
with Felix Oberholzer-Gee: w12317
February 2006Piracy on the Silver Screen
with Rafael Rob: w12010
January 2006The Median Voter and the Median Consumer: Local Private Goods and Residential Sorting
November 2004Piracy on the High C's: Music Downloading, Sales Displacement, and Social Welfare in a Sample of College Students
with Rafael Rob: w10874
October 2003Geography and the Internet: Is the Internet a Substitute or a Complement for Cities?
with Todd Sinai: w10028
September 2003Does Information Undermine Brand? Information Intermediary Use and Preference for Branded Web Retailers
with Lu Chen: w9942
June 2003Social Learning and Coordination in High-Stakes Games: Evidence from Friend or Foe
with Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Matthew White: w9805
Does Misery Love Company? Evidence from pharmaceutical markets before and after the Orphan Drug Act
with Frank R. Lichtenberg: w9750
May 2003Product Quality and Market Size
with Steven Berry: w9675
January 2002Do Low-Income Housing Subsidies Increase Housing Consumption?
with Todd Sinai: w8709
April 2001Electoral Acceleration: The Effect of Minority Population on Minority Voter Turnout
with Felix Oberholzer-Gee: w8252
October 2000Who Benefits Whom in Daily Newspaper Markets?
with Lisa George: w7944
October 1999Preference Externalities: An Empirical Study of Who Benefits Whom in Differentiated Product Markets
April 1999Mergers, Station Entry, and Programming Variety in Radio Broadcasting
with Steven T. Berry: w7080
March 1998The Effect of Price Advertising and Prices: Evidence in the Wake of 44 Liquormart
with Jeffrey Milyo: w6488
February 1998Reconciling Asymmetric Information and Divergent Expectations Theories of Litigation
January 1998Do Sentencing Guidelines Raise the Cost of Punishment?
with Jose Meade: w6361
June 1997Public Radio in the United States: Does It Correct Market Failure or Cannibalize Commercial Stations?
with Steven T. Berry: w6057
April 1996Free Entry and Social Inefficiency in Radio Broadcasting
with Steven Berry: w5528
February 1996A Citation-Based Test for Discrimination at Economics and Finance Journals
with Scott Smart: w5460
January 1994The Best Business Schools: A Market Based Approach
with Joseph Tracy: w4609
November 1993The Effect of Convicton on Income Through the Life Cycle
with Daniel Nagin: w4551
October 1993The Selection Hypothesis and the Relationship between Trial and Plaintiff Victory
June 1991Real Interest Rates and the Savings and Loan Crisis: The Moral Hazard Premium
with John B. Shoven, Scott B. Smart: w3754

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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