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December 2013The Roles of Assimilation and Ethnic Enclave Residence in Immigrant Smoking
with Johanna Catherine Maclean, Douglas Webber: w19753
February 2011The Impact of Early Occupational Choice On Health Behaviors
with Inas Rashad Kelly, Dhaval M. Dave, William T. Gallo: w16803
August 2009The Impact of Job Stress on Smoking and Quitting: Evidence from the HRS
with Padmaja Ayyagari: w15232
Estimating Causal Effects of Early Occupational Choice on Later Health: Evidence Using the PSID
with Jason M. Fletcher: w15256
July 2009Job Loss: Eat, drink and try to be merry?
with Partha Deb, William T. Gallo, Padmaja Ayyagari, Jason M. Fletcher: w15122
Tobacco Use, Taxation and Self Control in Adolescence
with Jason M. Fletcher, Partha Deb: w15130
Sin Taxes: Do Heterogeneous Responses Undercut Their Value?
with Padmaja Ayyagari, Partha Deb, Jason Fletcher, William T. Gallo: w15124
June 2009Cumulative Effects of Job Characteristics on Health
with Jason M. Fletcher, Shintaro Yamaguchi: w15121
October 2008Work Expectations, Realizations, and Depression in Older Workers
with Tracy A. Falba, William T. Gallo: w14435
December 2007Impact of First Occupation on Health at Older Ages
with Jason Fletcher, Tracy Falba, Patricia Keenan, William T. Gallo: w13715
September 2006Willingness to Pay for Drug Rehabilitation: Implications for Cost Recovery
with David Bishai: w12506
December 2004Tobacco Spending and its Crowd-Out of Other Goods
with Susan H. Busch, Mireia Jofre-Bonet, Tracy A. Falba: w10974
September 2004Does the Impact of Managed Care on Substance Abuse Treatment Services Vary By Profit Status?
with Jody Sindelar, Todd Olmstead: w10745
July 2002Drug Treatment as a Crime Fighting Tool
with Mireia Jofre-Bonet: w9038
May 1995Employment, Unemployment, and Problem Drinking
with John Mullahy: w5123
August 1994Optimal Regulation of Multiply-Regulated Industries: The Case of Physician Services
with John A. Rizzo: w4822
February 1994Alcoholism, Work, and Income Over the Life Cycle
with John Mullahy: w3909
Health, Income, and Risk Aversion: Assessing Some Welfare Costs of Alcoholism and Poor Health
with John Mullahy: w4649

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info

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