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July 2014Banks as Patient Fixed-Income Investors
with Samuel G. Hanson, Andrei Shleifer, Robert W. Vishny: w20288
November 2012Dollar Funding and the Lending Behavior of Global Banks
with Victoria Ivashina, David S. Scharfstein: w18528
June 2011Comment on "A Fistful of Dollars: Lobbying and the Financial Crisis"
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2011, Volume 26, Daron Acemoglu and Michael Woodford, editors
March 2011Monetary Policy as Financial-Stability Regulation
June 2008A Gap-Filling Theory of Corporate Debt Maturity Choice
with Robin Greenwood, Samuel Hanson: w14087
February 2008Do Hedge Funds Profit From Mutual-Fund Distress?
with Joseph Chen, Samuel Hanson, Harrison Hong: w13786
September 2007Conversations Among Competitors
December 2005Investor Sentiment and Corporate Finance: Micro and Macro
with Owen A. Lamont: w11882
August 2005Academic Freedom, Private-Sector Focus, and the Process of Innovation
with Philippe Aghion, Mathias Dewatripont: w11542
July 2005The Only Game in Town: Stock-Price Consequences of Local Bias
with Harrison Hong, Jeffrey D. Kubik: w11488
December 2004Corporate Financing Decisions When Investors Take the Path of Least Resistance
with Malcolm Baker, Joshua Coval: w10998
Growth vs. Margins: Destabilizing Consequences of Giving the Stock Market What it Wants
with Philippe Aghion: w10999
February 2004Why Are Most Funds Open-End? Competition and the Limits of Arbitrage
January 2004Aggregate Short Interest and Market Valuations
with Owen A. Lamont: w10218
October 2003Simple Forecasts and Paradigm Shifts
with Harrison Hong: w10013
May 2003The Neighbor's Portfolio: Word-of-Mouth Effects in the Holdings and Trade of Money Managers
with Harrison Hong, Jeffrey D. Kubik: w9711
February 2002Market Liquidity as a Sentiment Indicator
with Malcolm Baker: w8816
January 2002When Does the Market Matter? Stock Prices and the Investment of Equity-Dependent Firms
with Malcolm Baker, Jeffrey Wurgler: w8750
Does Function Follow Organizational Form? Evidence From the Lending Practices of Large and Small Banks
with Allen N. Berger, Nathan H. Miller, Mitchell A. Petersen, Raghuram G. Rajan: w8752
July 2001Social Interaction and Stock-Market Participation
with Harrison Hong, Jeffrey D. Kubik: w8358
June 2001Agency, Information and Corporate Investment
March 2001Breadth of Ownership and Stock Returns
with Joseph Chen, Harrison Hong: w8151
May 2000Forecasting Crashes: Trading Volume, Past Returns and Conditional Skewness in Stock Prices
with Joseph Chen, Harrison Hong: w7687
Information Production and Capital Allocation: Decentralized vs. Hierarchical Firms
October 1999Differences of Opinion, Rational Arbitrage and Market Crashes
with Harrison Hong: w7376
February 1999Banks as Liquidity Providers: An Explanation for the Co-Existence of Lending and Deposit-Taking
with Anil K. Kashyap, Raghuram Rajan: w6962
May 1998Bad News Travels Slowly: Size, Analyst Coverage and the Profitability of Momentum Strategies
with Harrison Hong, Terence Lim: w6553
December 1997A Unified Theory of Underreaction, Momentum Trading and Overreaction in Asset Markets
with Harrison Hong: w6324
June 1997What Do a Million Banks Have to Say About the Transmission of Monetary Policy?
with Anil K Kashyap: w6056
March 1997Leverage and House-Price Dynamics in U.S. Cities
with Owen Lamont: w5961
The Dark Side of Internal Capital Markets: Divisional Rent-Seeking and Inefficient Investment
with David S. Scharfstein: w5969
March 1996Rational Capital Budgeting in an Irrational World
January 1996Risk Management, Capital Budgeting and Capital Structure Policy for Financial Institutions: An Integrated Approach
with Kenneth A. Froot: w5403
August 1995An Adverse Selection Model of Bank Asset and Liability Management with Implications for the Transmission of Monetary Policy
May 1995Internal Capital Markets and the Competition for Corporate Resources
August 1994The Impact of Monetary Policy on Bank Balance Sheets
with Anil K Kashyap: w4821
June 1994Internal versus External Capital Markets
with Robert H. Gertner, David S. Scharfstein: w4776
Waves of Creative Destruction: Customer Bases and the Dynamics of Innovation
January 1994Monetary Policy and Bank Lending
with Anil K. Kashyap
in Monetary Policy, N. Gregory Mankiw, ed.
May 1993Prices and Trading Volume in the Housing Market: A Model with Downpayment Effects
April 1993Monetary Policy and Bank Lending
with Anil Kashyap: w4317
November 1992Credit Conditions and the Cyclical Behavior of Inventories: A Case Studyof the 1981-82 Recession
with Anil K Kashyap, Owen A. Lamont: w4211
May 1992Risk Management: Coordinating Corporate Investment and Financing Policies
with Kenneth A. Froot, David S. Scharfstein: w4084
March 1992Monetary Policy and Credit Conditions: Evidence From the Composition of External Finance
with Anil K Kashyap, David W. Wilcox: w4015
Convertible Bonds as "Back Door" Equity Financing
February 1992Exchange Rates and Foreign Direct Investment: An Imperfect Capital Markets Approach
with Kenneth A. Froot: w2914
May 1991The Evolution of Buyout Pricing and Financial Structure
with Steven N. Kaplan: w3695
February 1991Shareholder Trading Practices and Corporate Investment Horizons
with Kenneth A. Froot, Andre F. Perold: w3638
June 1990How Risky is the Debt in Highly Leveraged Transactions? Evidence from Public Recapitalizations
with Steven N. Kaplan: w3390
March 1990LDC Debt: Forgiveness, Indexation, and Investment Incentives
with Kenneth A. Froot, David S. Scharfstein: w2541
February 1990Herd on the Street: Informational Inefficiencies in a Market with Short-Term Speculation
with Kenneth A. Froot, David S. Scharfstein: w3250

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