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January 2014American Colonial Incomes, 1650-1774
with Peter H. Lindert: w19861
September 2012American Incomes 1774-1860
with Peter H. Lindert: w18396
July 2012The Spread of Manufacturing to the Poor Periphery 1870-­2007
with Agustín S. Bénétrix, Kevin H. O'Rourke: w18221
July 2011American Incomes before and after the Revolution
with Peter H. Lindert: w17211
February 2011Industrial Catching Up in the Poor Periphery 1870-1975
September 2010When, Where, and Why? Early Industrialization in the Poor Periphery 1870-1940
January 2010Latin American Growth-Inequality Trade-Offs: The Impact of Insurgence and Independence
August 2009Five Centuries of Latin American Inequality
March 2009Vanishing Third World Emigrants?
with Timothy J. Hatton: w14785
Ottoman De-Industrialization 1800-1913: Assessing the Shock, Its Impact and the Response
with Sevket Pamuk: w14763
History without Evidence: Latin American Inequality since 1491
February 2009Commodity Price Volatility and World Market Integration since 1700
with David S. Jacks, Kevin H. O'Rourke: w14748
January 2009Commodity Price Shocks and the Australian Economy since Federation
with Sambit Bhattacharyya: w14694
May 2008Was It Prices, Productivity or Policy? The Timing and Pace of Latin American Industrialization after 1870
with Aurora Gómez Galvarriato: w13990
March 2008Globalization and the Great Divergence: Terms of Trade Booms and Volatility in the Poor Periphery 1782-1913
October 2007Measuring Ancient Inequality
with Branko Milanovic, Peter H. Lindert: w13550
April 2007Globalization, Growth and Distribution in Spain 1500-1913
with Joan R. Rosés, Kevin H. O'Rourke: w13055
October 2006Lost Decades: Lessons from Post-Independence Latin America for Today's Africa
with Robert H. Bates, John H. Coatsworth: w12610
Poverty Traps, Distance, and Diversity: The Migration Connection
Inequality and Schooling Responses to Globalization Forces: Lessons from History
August 2006What Determines Immigration's Impact? Comparing Two Global Centuries
with Timothy J. Hatton: w12414
June 2006Globalization, De-Industrialization and Mexican Exceptionalism 1750-1879
with Rafael Dobado González, Aurora Gómez Galvarriato: w12316
December 2005A Dual Policy Paradox: Why Have Trade and Immigration Policies Always Differed in Labor-Scarce Economies
with Timothy J. Hatton: w11866
Did Vasco da Gama Matter for European Markets? Testing Frederick Lane's Hypotheses Fifty Years Later
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w11884
November 2005Mughal Decline, Climate Change, and Britain's Industrial Ascent: An Integrated Perspective on India's 18th and 19th Century Deindustrialization
with David Clingingsmith: w11730
August 2004Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Policy in Europe
with Timothy J. Hatton: w10680
July 2004The Impact of the Terms of Trade on Economic Development in the Periphery, 1870-1939: Volatility and Secular Change
with Christopher Blattman, Jason Hwang: w10600
June 2004India's De-Industrialization Under British Rule: New Ideas, New Evidence
with David Clingingsmith: w10586
May 2004International Migration in the Long-Run: Positive Selection, Negative Selection and Policy
with Timothy J. Hatton: w10529
September 2003The Terms of Trade and Economic Growth in the Periphery 1870-1938
with Christopher Blattman, Jason Hwang: w9940
May 2003Globalization in Latin America Before 1940
with Luis Bertola: w9687
April 2003Was It Stolper-Samuelson, Infant Industry or Something Else? World Trade Tariffs 1789-1938
March 2003Freight Rates and Productivity Gains in British Tramp Shipping 1869-1950
with Saif I. Shah Mohammed: w9531
January 2003Front matter, Globalization in Historical Perspective
with Michael D. Bordo, Alan M. Taylor
in Globalization in Historical Perspective, Michael D. Bordo, Alan M. Taylor and Jeffrey G. Williamson, editors
Introduction to "Globalization in Historical Perspective"
with Michael D. Bordo, Alan M. Taylor
in Globalization in Historical Perspective, Michael D. Bordo, Alan M. Taylor and Jeffrey G. Williamson, editors
Does Globalization Make the World More Unequal?
with Peter H. Lindert
in Globalization in Historical Perspective, Michael D. Bordo, Alan M. Taylor and Jeffrey G. Williamson, editors
December 2002Closed Jaguar, Open Dragon: Comparing Tariffs in Latin America and Asia before World War II
with Michael A. Clemens: w9401
September 2002What Fundamentals Drive World Migration?
with Timothy J. Hatton: w9159
Winners and Losers Over Two Centuries of Globalization
Why Did the Tariff-Growth Correlation Reverse After 1950?
with Michael A. Clemens: w9181
June 2002Where Do U.S. Immigrants Come From, and Why?
with Ximena Clark, Timothy J. Hatton: w8998
The Roots of Latin American Protectionism: Looking Before the Great Depression
with John H. Coatsworth: w8999
May 2002From Malthus to Ohlin: Trade, Growth and Distribution Since 1500
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w8955
September 2001A Tariff-Growth Paradox? Protection's Impact the World Around 1875-1997
with Michael A. Clemens: w8459
April 2001Does Globalization Make the World More Unequal?
with Peter H. Lindert: w8228
March 2001After Columbus: Explaining the Global Trade Boom 1500-1800
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w8186
Terms of Trade Shocks and Economic Performance 1870-1940: Prebisch and Singer Revisited
with Yael S. Hadass: w8188
February 2001Demographic and Economic Pressure on Emigration Out of Africa
with Timothy J. Hatton: w8124
December 2000Where did British Foreign Capital Go? Fundamentals, Failures and the Lucas Paradox: 1870-1913
with Michael A. Clemens: w8028
July 2000Land, Labor and Globalization in the Pre-Industrial Third World
April 2000When Did Globalization Begin?
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w7632
November 1999The Heckscher-Ohlin Model Between 1400 and 2000: When It Explained Factor Price Convergence, When It Did Not, and Why
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w7411
July 1999Explaining Inequality the World Round: Cohort Size, Kuznets Curves, andOpenness
with Matthew Higgins: w7224
May 1999Capital Goods Prices, Global Capital Markets and Accumulation: 1870-1950
with William J. Collins: w7145
The Impact of Globalization on Pre-Industrial, Technologically Quiescent Economies
February 1999The Impact of Globalization on Pre-Industrial, Technologically Quiescent Economies
Capital Goods Prices, Global Capital Markets and Accumulation, 1870-1950
with William J. Collins: h0116
November 1997Demographic Transitions and Economic Miracles in Emerging Asia
with David E. Bloom: w6268
October 1997Growth, Distribution and Demography: Some Lessons from History
June 1997Were Trade and Factor Mobility Substitutes in History?
with William J. Collins, Kevin H. O'Rourke: w6059
December 1996Racism, Xenophobia or Markets? The Political Economy of Immigration Policy Prior to the Thirties
with Ashley S. Timmer: w5867
November 1996Land, Labor and the Wage-Rental Ratio: Factor Price Convergence in the Late Nineteenth Century
with Kevin O'Rourke, Alan M. Taylor: h0046
May 1996Asian Demography and Foreign Capital Dependence
with Matthew Higgins: w5560
March 1996"Globalization and Inequality Past and Present"
December 1995"Around the European Periphery 1870-1913: Globalization, Schooling and Growth"
with Kevin H. O'Rourke: w5392
September 1995Globalization, Convergence and History
July 1995The Impact of Imigration on American Labor Markets Prior to the Quotas
with Timothy J. Hutton: w5185
May 1995Open Economy Forces and Late 19th Century Scandinavian Catch-Up
with Kevin O'Rourke: w5112
April 1994"Convergence in the Age of Mass Migration"
with Alan M. Taylor: w4711
June 1993Late-Comers to Mass Emigration: The Latin Experience
with Timothy J. Hatton: h0047
Mass Migration, Commodity Market Integration and Real Wage Convergence: The Late Nineteenth Century Atlantic Economy
with Kevin O'Rourke, Timothy J. Hatton: h0048
November 1992What Drove the Mass Migrations from Europe in the Late Nineteenth Century?
with Timothy J. Hatton: h0043
September 1992International Migration and World Development: A Historical Perspective
with Timothy J. Hatton: h0041
June 1992Were Heckscher and Ohlin Right? Putting the Factor-Price-Equalization Theorem Back into History
with Kevin O'Rourke: h0037
February 1992The Evolution of Global Labor Markets Since 1830 Background Evidence and Hypotheses
December 1991Capital Flows to the New World as an Intergenerational Transfer
with Alan M. Taylor: h0032
1980Long-Term Trends in American Wealth Inequality
with Peter H. Lindert
in Modeling the Distribution and Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth, James D. Smith, ed.

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