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December 2013The Impact of Biomedical Knowledge Accumulation on Mortality: A Bibliometric Analysis of Cancer Data
in Measuring and Modeling Health Care Costs, Ana Aizcorbe, Colin Baker, Ernst Berndt, and David Cutler, editors
October 2013The Impact of Biomedical Knowledge Accumulation on Mortality: A Bibliometric Analysis of Cancer Data
November 2012The Effect of Pharmaceutical Innovation on Longevity: Patient-Level Evidence from the 1996-2002 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey and Linked Mortality Public-Use Files
July 2012Pharmaceutical Innovation and Longevity Growth in 30 Developing and High-income Countries, 2000-2009
January 2012The Effect of Pharmaceutical Innovation on the Functional Limitations of Elderly Americans Evidence from the 2004 National Nursing Home Survey
September 2011The Impact of Therapeutic Procedure Innovation on Hospital Patient Longevity: Evidence from Western Australia, 2000-2007
August 2010Are the More Educated More LIkely to Use New Drugs?
with Adriana Lleras-Muney
in Contributions in Memory of Zvi Griliches, Jacques Mairesse and Manuel Trajtenberg, editors
June 2010Are Increasing 5-Year Survival Rates Evidence of Success Against Cancer? A reexamination using data from the U.S. and Australia
April 2010Has medical innovation reduced cancer mortality?
June 2009The Quality of Medical Care, Behavioral Risk Factors, and Longevity Growth
May 2008Have Newer Cardiovascular Drugs Reduced Hospitalization? Evidence From Longitudinal Country-Level Data on 20 OECD Countries, 1995-2003
Pharmaceutical innovation and the longevity of Australians: a first look
with Gautier Duflos: w14009
December 2007Pharmaceutical Innovation and U.S. Cancer Survival, 1992-2003: Evidence from Linked SEER-MEDSTAT Data
in Frontiers in Health Policy Research, Volume 10, David Cutler, Alan Garber, and Dana Goldman, organizers
September 2006Importation and Innovation
August 2006The Impact of Increased Utilization of HIV Drugs on Longevity and Medical Expenditures: An Assessment Based on Aggregate U.S. Time-Series Data
March 2006The Impact of New Laboratory Procedures and Other Medical Innovations on the Health of Americans, 1990-2003: Evidence from Longitudinal, Disease-Level Data
August 2005Pharmaceutical Knowledge-Capital Accumulation and Longevity
in Measuring Capital in the New Economy, Carol Corrado, John Haltiwanger and Dan Sichel, editors
November 2004The Effect of Drug Vintage on Survival: Micro Evidence from Puerto Rico's Medicaid Program
February 2004The Expanding Pharmaceutical Arsenal in the War on Cancer
June 2003Does Misery Love Company? Evidence from pharmaceutical markets before and after the Orphan Drug Act
with Joel Waldfogel: w9750
The impact of new drug launches on longevity: evidence from longitudinal disease-level data from 52 countries, 1982-2001
November 2002Pharmaceutical-embodied technical progress, longevity, and quality of life: drugs as "equipment for your health"
with Suchin Virabhak: w9351
The Dual Effects of Intellectual Property Regulations: Within- and Between- Patent Competition in the US Pharmaceuticals Industry
with Tomas J. Philipson: w9303
September 2002The Effect of Changes in Drug Utilization on Labor Supply and Per Capita Output
The Effect of Education on Medical Technology Adoption: Are the More Educated More Likely to Use New Drugs
with Adriana Lleras-Muney: w9185
June 2002Benefits and Costs of Newer Drugs: An Update
January 2002Sources of U.S. Longevity Increase, 1960-1997
The Effects of Medicare on Health Care Utilization and Outcomes
in Frontiers in Health Policy Research, Volume 5, Alan M. Garber, editor
December 2001The Effect of New Drugs on Mortality from Rare Diseases and HIV
March 2001The Benefits and Costs of Newer Drugs: Evidence from the 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
January 2001The Allocation of Publicly Funded Biomedical Research
in Medical Care Output and Productivity, David M. Cutler and Ernst R. Berndt, editors
June 1998The Allocation of Publicly-Funded Biomedical Research
May 1998Pharmaceutical Innovation, Mortality Reduction, and Economic Growth
May 1997The Impact and Organization of Publicly-Funded Research and Development in the European Community
with Maryann P. Feldman: w6040
July 1996International R&D Spillovers: A Re-Examination
with Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie: w5668
June 1996The Effect of New Political Administration on Federal Government Productivity and Employment
Computer Use and Productivity Growth in Federal Government Agencies, 1987 to 1992
with William Lehr: w5616
January 1996The Effect of Pharmaceutical Utilization and Innovation on Hospitalization and Mortality
November 1993The Output Contributions of Computer Equipment and Personnel: A Firm- Level Analysis
September 1992R&D Investment and International Productivity Differences
June 1992Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance in Japan
with George. M Pushner: w4092
December 1991Labor Market Institutions, Liquidity Constraints, and Macroeconomic Stability
September 1991The Effects of Leveraged Buyouts on Productivity and Related Aspects of Firm Behavior
with Donald Siegel: w3022
March 1991The Effect of Takeovers on the Employment and Wages of Central-Office and Other Personnel
with Donald Siegel: w2895
January 1990Industrial De-Diversification and its Consequences for Productivity
December 1989The Effects of Mergers on Prices, Costs, and Capacity Utilization in the U.S. Air Transportation Industry, 1970-84
with Moshe Kim: w3197
July 1989How Elastic is the Government's Demand for Weapons?
June 1989Productivity and Changes in Ownership of Manufacturing Plants
with Donald Siegel: r1208
March 1989The Impact of R&D Investment On Productivity - New Evidence Using Linked R&D-LRD Data
with Donald Siegel: w2901
October 1988Technical Change, Learning, and Wages
with Ann P. Bartel: w2732
Government Subsidies to Private Military R&D Investment: DOD's IR&D Policy
September 1988IR&D Project Data and Theories of R&D Investment
August 1986Errors of Measurement in Output Deflators
with Zvi Griliches: w2000
July 1986Private Investment in R&D to Signal Ability to Perform Government Contracts
October 1985The Comparative Advantage of Educated Workers in Implementing New Technology: Some Empirical Evidence
with Ann P. Bartel: w1718
November 1984Interindustry Technology Flows and Productivity Growth: A Reexamination
with Zvi Griliches: r0542
1984R&D and Productivity Growth at the Industry Level: Is There Still a Relationship?
with Zvi Griliches
in R & D, Patents, and Productivity, Zvi Griliches, ed.
February 1982R and D and Productivity at the Industry Level: Is There Still a Relationship?
with Zvi Griliches: w0850
May 1981Training, Tenure, and Productivity

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