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August 2013Financial Incentives and Educational Investment: The Impact of Performance-Based Scholarships on Student Time Use
with Lisa Barrow: w19351
June 2013Comment on "A Pollution Theory of Discrimination: Male and Female Differences in Occupations and Earnings"
in Human Capital in History: The American Record, Leah P. Boustan, Carola Frydman, and Robert A. Margo, editors
August 2008Technology's Edge: The Educational Benefits of Computer-Aided Instruction
with Lisa Barrow, Lisa Markman: w14240
December 2007Feeling the Florida Heat? How Low-Performing Schools Respond to Voucher and Accountability Pressure
with Jane Hannaway, Dan Goldhaber, David Figlio: w13681
May 2007Constrained After College: Student Loans and Early Career Occupational Choices
with Jesse Rothstein: w13117
September 2005Do Accountability and Voucher Threats Improve Low-Performing Schools?
with David N. Figlio: w11597
February 2004Putting Computerized Instruction to the Test: A Randomized Evaluation of a "Scientifically-based" Reading Program
with Alan B. Krueger: w10315
September 2002Financial Aid Packages and College Enrollment Decisions: An Econometric Case Study
with David M. Linsenmeier, Harvey S. Rosen: w9228
July 2002Using Market Valuation to Assess Public School Spending
with Lisa Barrow: w9054
July 1999Estimating Returns to Schooling When Schooling is Misreported
with Thomas J. Kane, Douglas Staiger: w7235
January 1999Schooling, Intelligence, and Income in America: Cracks in the Bell Curve
with Orley Ashenfelter: w6902
July 1997Income, Schooling, and Ability: Evidence from a New Sample of Identical Twins
with Orley Ashenfelter: w6106
March 1997Private School Vouchers and Student Achievement: An Evaluation of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program
January 1997Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of "Blind" Auditions on Female Musicians
with Claudia Goldin: w5903
October 1995The Underrepresentation of Women in Economics: A Study of Undergraduate Economics Students
with Karen E. Dynan: w5299
June 1995Intraschool Variation in Class Size: Patterns and Implications
with Michael Boozer: w5144
August 1994New Evidence on Workplace Education
with Alan Krueger: w4831
January 1993Labor Market Returns to Two- and Four-Year Colleges: Is a Credit a Credit and Do Degrees Matter?
with Thomas J. Kane: w4268

Contact and additional information for this authorAll publicationsWorking Papers only


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