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December 2010Dynamic Incentive Contracts Under Parameter Uncertainty
with Julien Prat: w16649
May 2009Extensive and Intensive Investment over the Business Cycle
with Peter L. Rousseau: w14960
May 2008Specific Capital and Technological Variety
with Peter L. Rousseau: w13998
When Should Firms Invest in Old Capital?
December 2007Occupational Choice and Development
with Jan Eeckhout: w13686
August 2007Bubbles in Prices of Exhaustible Resources
Investment Options and the Business Cycle
January 2007Optimal Migration: A World Perspective
with Jess Benhabib: w12871
On the Return to Venture Capital
with Balàzs Szentes: w12874
September 2006Creative Destruction in Industries
with Chung-Yi Tse: w12520
January 2005General Purpose Technologies
with Peter L. Rousseau: w11093
November 2004The Product Cycle and Inequality
September 2004The Pre-Producers
June 2004Shakeouts and Market Crashes
with Alessandro Barbarino: w10556
Asymmetric Cycles
February 2004Interest Rates and Initial Public Offerings
with Peter L. Rousseau: w10298
October 2002Mergers as Reallocation
with Peter L. Rousseau: w9279
June 2002Bidder Discounts and Target Premia in Takeovers
with Serguey Braguinsky: w9009
January 2002Moore's Law and Learning-By-Doing
with Peter L. Rousseau: w8762
The Q-Theory of Mergers
with Peter L. Rousseau: w8740
November 2001Liquidity Effects in the Bond Market
with Peter L. Rousseau: w8597
March 2001Vintage Organization Capital
with Peter L. Rousseau: w8166
January 2001Why Wait? A Century of Life Before IPO
with Peter L. Rousseau: w8081
Accounting for Growth
with Jeremy Greenwood
in New Developments in Productivity Analysis, Charles R. Hulten, Edwin R. Dean and Michael J. Harper, editors
May 2000The Information Technology Revolution and the Stock Market: Evidence
with Bart Hobijn: w7684
January 2000Growth Theory
February 1999The IT Revolution and the Stock Market
with Jeremy Greenwood: w6931
December 1998Inequality
with Jan Eeckhout: w6841
July 1998Accounting for Growth
with Jeremy Greenwood: w6647
February 1998Vintage Capital and Inequality
January 1997Learning, Complementarities, and Asynchronous Use of Technology
with Dmitriy Stolyarov: w5870
Solow vs. Solow: Machine Prices and Development
with Rafael Rob: w5871
July 1996Stepping Stone Mobility
with Yaw Nyarko: w5651
June 1996Contracts and Money
with Masako Ueda: w5637
December 1995Learning and Growth
October 1995A CES Indirect Production Function
Research and Productivity
with Yaw Nyarko: w5321
August 1994The Transfer of Human Capital
with Yaw Nyarko: w4823
May 1994"Learning By Doing and the Choice of Technology."
with Yaw Nyarko: w4739
April 1994The Diversification of Production
September 1993Diffusion Lags and Aggregate Fluctuations. New Name: Product Innovation and the Business Cycle.
with Saul Lach: w4455
Competitive Diffusion
with Glenn MacDonald: w4463
August 1993The Life-Cycle of a Competitive Industry
with Glenn MacDonald: w4441
June 1991Was the Great Depression a Low-Level Equilibrium?
with John Dagsvik: w3726
The Diffusion of Technology and Inequality Among Nations
with Saul Lach: w3732
January 1990An Estimate of a Sectoral Model of Labor Mobility
with Robert Moffitt: w3227
November 1989Financial Development, Growth, and the Distribution of Income
with Jeremy Greenwood: w3189
Externalities and Growth Accounting
with Jess Benhabib: w3190
September 1981On Transactions and Precautionary Demand For Money
with Jacob A. Frenkel: w0288
1981Labor Mobility and Wages
with Jacob Mincer
in Studies in Labor Markets, Sherwin Rosen, ed.
November 1980On Transactions and Precautionary Demand For Money
with Jacob A. Frenkel: r0105
June 1979Labor Mobility and Wages
with Jacob Mincer: w0357

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