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August 2011Comment on "Toward a Political Economy of Macroeconomic Thinking"
in NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2011, Jeffrey Frankel and Christopher Pissarides, organizers
January 2011Kosher Pork
with Ethan Ilzetzki: w16667
September 2009Do Leaders Affect Government Spending Priorities?
with Adi Brender: w15368
October 2007Why is Economic Policy Different in New Democracies? Affecting Attitudes About Democracy
with Adi Brender: w13457
October 2006A Simple Test of the Effect of Interest Rate Defense
with Stefan Hubrich: w12616
May 2006Pork Barrel Cycles
with Marcela Eslava: w12190
December 2005How Do Budget Deficits and Economic Growth Affect Reelection Prospects? Evidence from a Large Cross-Section of Countries
with Adi Brender: w11862
January 2005Electoral Manipulation via Expenditure Composition: Theory and Evidence
with Marcela Eslava: w11085
November 2004Can Public Discussion Enhance Program Ownership?
with Peter Isard: w10927
Political Contribution Caps and Lobby Formation: Theory and Evidence
with Nuno Limão, Thomas Stratman: w10928
June 2004Political Budget Cycles in New versus Established Democracies
with Adi Brender: w10539
March 2004Government Gains from Self-Restraint: A Bargaining Theory of Inefficient Redistribution
with Nuno Limão: w10375
January 2003Interest Rate Defense against Speculative Attack as a Signal. A Primer
in Managing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets, Michael P. Dooley and Jeffrey A. Frankel, editors
January 2001The Political Business Cycle After 25 Years
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2000, Volume 15, Ben S. Bernanke and Kenneth Rogoff, editors
January 2000Political Contagion in Currency Crises
in Currency Crises, Paul Krugman, editor
August 1999News About News: Information Arrival and Irreversible Investment
with Plutarchos Sakellaris: t0244
July 1999Political Contagion in Currency Crises
February 1997Uncertain Duration of Reform: Dynamic Implications
with Guillermo A. Calvo: w5925
January 1997Towards a Political-Economic Theory of Domestic Debt
Policy Signaling in the Open Economy: A Re-Examination
August 1996Capital Account Liberalization as a Signal
with Leonardo Bartolini: w5725
When Liberal Policies Reflect External Shocks, What Do We Learn?
with Leonardo Bartolini: w5727
September 1993Credibility of Policies versus Credibility of Policymakers
with Paul R. Masson: w4448
September 1991Trigger Points and Budget Cuts: Explaining the Effects of Fiscal Austerity
with Giuseppe Bertola: w3844
December 1990The Benefits of Crises for Economic Reforms
with Vittorio Grilli: w3527
August 1989Why are Stabilizations Delayed?
with Alberto Alesina: w3053
May 1987Stabilization with Exchange Rate Management under Uncertainty
with Elhanan Helpman: w2268
August 1986Inflationary Consequences of Anticipated Macroeconomic Policies
with Elhanan Helpman: w2006
1986Inflation and Wage Dispersion
with Daniel S. Hamermesh: w1811
May 1981Quantity and Elasticity Spillovers onto the Labor Market: Theory and Evidence on Sluggishness
with Daniel S. Hamermesh, Norman P. Obst: w0676

Contact and additional information for this authorAll papers and publicationsWorking Papers onlyWorking Papers with publication info


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