NBER Retirement Research Center Papers in 2008

NB08-04 Thomas Bubolz
Jonathan Skinner

Regional Variation in Medicare Expenditures for the SSDI Population

December 2008
NB08-07 David H. Autor
Mark Duggan

The Effect of Transfer Income on Labor Force Participation and Enrollment in Federal Benefits Programs: Evidence from the Veterans Disability Compensation Program

October 2008
NB06-14 David M. Cutler
Health and the Factors Driving Medical Spending

September 2008
NB08-12 Bruce D. Meyer
Wallace K.C. Mok
James X. Sullivan

The Under-Reporting of Transfers in Household Surveys: Its Nature and Consequences

September 2008
NB08-03 Chinhui Juhn
Simon Potter

Interactions in the Labor Market Behavior of Couples over the Life Course

September 2008
NB08-08 Till von Wachter
Jae Song
Joyce Manchester

The Employment Effects of Social Security Disability Insurance in the Past 25 Years: A Study of Rejected Applicants Using Administrative Data

September 2008
NB08-13 John M.R. Chalmers
Woodrow T. Johnson
Jonathan Reuter

Who Determines When You Retire? Peer Effects and Retirement

September 2008
NB08-09 John Beshears
James J. Choi
David Laibson
Brigitte C. Madrian

A Primer on 401(k) Loans

September 2008
NB08-05 Jeffrey R. Brown
Scott Weisbenner

The Distributional Effects of the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision

September 2008
NB08-10 George J. Borjas
Immigration and Labor Market Outcomes in the Native Elderly Population

September 2008
NB08-01 Jeffrey B. Liebman
Erzo F.P. Luttmer

The Perception of Social Security Incentives for Labor Supply and Retirement: The Median Voter Knows More Than You'd Think

September 2008
NB08-15 Kent Smetters
Walter Theseira

A Matter of Trust: Understanding Worldwide Public Pension Conversions

September 2008
NB08-06 James Poterba
Steven Venti
David A. Wise

Tapping Assets in Retirement: Which Assets, How and When?

September 2008
NB08-11 John Geanakoplos
Stephen P. Zeldes

The Market Value of Social Security

September 2008
NB08-02 Sarena Goodman
Jeffrey B. Liebman

The Taxation of Social Security Benefits as an Approach to Means Testing

September 2008
NB07-08 Ying Chen
Kent Smetters

Should the Poor Own Stocks? The Role of Social Security

August 2008
NB08-14 Axel Boersch-Supan
Alexander Ludwig

Aging, Asset Markets, and Asset Returns

August 2008
NB07-03 Kathleen McGarry
Jonathan Skinner

The Impact of Health and Health Care Expenditures on Future Retirement Financial Security

February 2008