The Roybal Center for Behavior Change in Health and Savings

The Roybal Center has many ongoing pilot projects, which are briefly described below. If you would like more details on the pilots, please contact our "Center Manager".

Pilot Projects on Behavior Change in Health

Default home delivery of prescription medicines

Peer effects on prescription adherence

A Commitment Device for Medication Adherence among HIV Patients

The Effect of Time-Slot Scheduling and Active Choice on Workplace Wellness Participation

The Impact of Social Proximity on Conversion to Generic Prescription Medications

Using Implementation Intentions Prompts to Enhance Influenza Vaccination Rates

Planning prompts for preemptive screenings

The effect of proximity on flu-shot participation

Healthy habit mailer and flu-shot participation

How do health savings accounts impact employee health and savings outcomes?

Financial incentives for improving adherence in diabetes: Phase II

Incentives and messaging providers to increase medication adherence

The effects of retirement on health and health care expenditure

Using behavioral economics to promote medication adherence and habit formation

An evaluation of temptation bundling

Memory Shrouding in Credit Card Spending

Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity

Children’s Ability to Delay Gratification across the Life Span and Financial Outcomes

Liquidity in a Socially Optimal Retirement Savings System

Pilot Projects on Behavior Change in Savings

Learning in the Credit Card Market

Designing a commitment contract

Predicting time series: Intuitive forecasting

Annuitization in employer sponsored retirement plans

The effect of providing peer information on retirement savings decisions

The persistence of default effects among low income individuals

Does aggregated returns disclosure increase portfolio risk-taking?

The heuristic savings hypothesis: Evidence from Roth accounts in defined contribution plans

Educating people about the power of compound interest

Measuring the Mexican response to return volatility in Mexican private Social Security accounts