NBER Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program in
Disability Policy Research

NBER's Fellowship Program in Disability Policy Research, supported by the Social Security Administration and NBER enables outstanding early-career economists to visit NBER's Cambridge office for a year of intensive research aimed at deepening our understanding of the health and economic implications of disability policy.    more/less


  • Major Themes of
    NBER Research on Disability

  • Dimensions of Health & Disability
  • Disability Insurance Spending
  • Enrollment Trends
  • Incidence of Disability Claims
  • Children and SSI
  • Maintaining Employment
  • Workplace Reintegration
  • Financial Incentives in DI
  • DI Replacement Rates
  • Health, Education & Disability
  • DI Program Interactions
  • Program Design & Evaluation
  • International Comparisons
  • Disability and Technology
  • Administrative Issue