NBER Disability Research Center Papers

NB16-05 Mashfiqur R. Khan
Matthew S. Rutledge
Geoffrey T. Sanzenbacher

Social Security and Total Replacement Rates
in Disability and Retirement
September 2016
NB15-51 Anna V. Chorniy
Leah Kitashima

Sex, Drugs, and ADHD: The Effects of ADHD Pharmacological Treatment on Teens’ Risky Behaviors September 2015
NB15-03 David Cutler
Ellen Meara
Wilson Powell
Seth Richards-Shubik
Susan Stewart

Why Do Disability Insurance Claims Increase During Recessions September 2015
NB15-08b Rene Boeheim
Thomas Leoni

Disability Policies across Europe: Reforms and Employment Outcomes for Workers Aged 50+ September 2015
NB15-04 Andrew Foote
Michel Grosz
Ann Stevens

Locate Your Nearest Exit:
Mass Layoffs and Local Labor Market Response
September 2015
NB15-09 Philippe Ruh
Stefan Staubli

The Impact of the Substantial Gainful Activity Cap on Disability Insurance Recipients’ Labor Supply September 2015
NB15-06 David Autor
Andreas Ravndal Kostol
Magne Mogstad

Disability Benefits, Consumption Insurance,
and Household Labor Supply
September 2015
NB15-12 Matthew S. Rutledge
Geoffrey T. Sanzenbacher
Caroline V. Crawford

The Labor Supply of Veterans with Disabilities: 1995-2014 September 2015
NB15-07 Nicole Maestas
Kathleen Mullen

Unmet Need for Workplace Accommodation September 2015
NB15-01 James Poterba
Steven Venti
David Wise

The Long Reach of Education: Health, Wealth, and Disability Insurance Participation September 2015
NB15-08a Rene Boeheim
Thomas Leoni

Disability Policies: Reform Strategies in a Comparative Perspective September 2015
NB14-06 Alexander Gelber
Timothy Moore
Alexander Strand

The Effect of Disability Insurance on Beneficiaries' Mortality May 2015
NB14-10 David H. Autor
Nicole Maestas
Kathleen J. Mullen
Alexander Strand

Does Delay Cause Decay? The Effect of Administrative Decision Time on the Labor Force Participation and Earnings of Disability Applicants January 2015
NB14-03 David Cutler
Ellen Meara
Wilson Powell

Down, or Down And Out? Health Shocks, Socioeconomic Status, and Adverse Events in Mid-Life October 2014
NB14-05 Timothy J. Moore
Nicolas Ziebarth

The Consumption Patterns of Disability Beneficiaries September 2014
NB14-02 Bruce D. Meyer
Wallace K.C. Mok

Disabled Women and Their Economic Well-Being September 2014
NB14-04 Florian Heiss
Steven Venti
David A. Wise

The Effect of the Receipt of Disability Insurance Benefits on Health September 2014
NB14-09 Anirban Basu
Norma Coe
Sungchul Park

The Effect of Medicaid Reimbursement Policy on Downstream Medicaid Spending: The Case of Cochlear Implants September 2014
NB14-01 Matthew Rutledge
April Yanyuan Wu
Qi Guan
Brad Trenkamp

Are Disability Beneficiaries Unhealthier than Ever? September 2014
NB14-11 David Autor
Andreas Ravndal Kostøl
Magne Mogstad

Economic Consequences of Tightening the Disability Screening Process September 2014
NB14-07 Matthew S. Rutledge
Would a Refundable Tax Credit Increase the Labor Supply of Impaired Adults September 2014
NB14-08 Lukas Inderbitzin
Stefan Staubli
Josef Zweimüller

How Extended Unemployment Benefits for Older Workers Affect Labor Market Exit, Disability Enrollment, and Social Security Claims September 2014
NB13-09 David Autor
Mark Duggan
Jonathan Gruber
Catherine Maclean

How does Access to Short Term Disability Insurance Impact SSDI Claiming? October 2013
NB13-03 Jay Bhattacharya
Social Security Forecasts and the Future Health of the American Population October 2013
NB13-08 Enrica Croda
Jonathan Skinner
Laura Yasaitis

An International Comparison of the Efficiency of Government Disability Programs September 2013
NB13-04 Manasi Deshpande
The Effect of the Supplemental Security Income Children's Program on Parental Labor Supply and Long-Term Outcomes of Enrolled Children September 2013
NB13-06 Magne Mogstad
Andreas Kostol

How Financial Incentives Induce Disability Insurance Recipients to Return to Work September 2013
NB13-11 Jeffrey R. Brown
Gopi Shah Goda
Kathleen McGarry

State-Dependent Utility and Insurance Purchase Decisions September 2013
NB13-02 Anna Aizer
Nora Gordon
Melissa Kearney

Exploring the Growth of the Child SSI Caseload in the Context of the Broader Policy and Demographic Landscape September 2013
NB13-07 René Böheim
Thomas Leoni

Firms' sickness costs and workers' sickness absence September 2013
NB13-10 Andreas Mueller
Jesse Rothstein
Till M. von Wachter

Unemployment Insurance and Disability Insurance in the Great Recession September 2013
NB13-05 Alexander Gelber Timothy Moore
Alexander Strand

The Effect of Disability Insurance on Work Activity: Evidence from a Regression Kink Design April 2013
NB13-01 Jeffrey Liebman
Understanding the Increase in Disability Insurance Spending January 2013

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