NBER Pre-Doctoral Fellowships in
Disability Policy Research


To encourage research that will deepen our understanding of the health and economic implications of disability and disability policy, the NBER Disability Research Center (DRC), with funding from the Social Security Administration (SSA) as part of its Disability Research Consortium, seeks applications from doctoral students in economics for one- or two-year fellowships.

The primary purpose of the fellowship is to provide time and resources for independent research, with supervision from one's dissertation advisor. A research paper or progress report on the proposed disability-related topic must be submitted by the end of the fellowship year, and will be a critical component of renewal applications.

Each fellowship will provide a 12-month stipend of $22,920 and will cover the fellow's tuition at his or her home institution, up to a limit of $12,000 per year plus health insurance, as well as limited funds for research expenses and travel.

NBER encourages applications from individuals from under-represented racial and ethnic groups; individuals with disabilities; and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.


  • Major Themes of
    NBER Research on Disability
  • Dimensions of Health & Disability
  • Dimensions of Health and Disability
  • Disability Insurance Spending
  • Enrollment Trends
  • Incidence of Disability Claims
  • Children and SSI
  • Maintaining Employment
  • Workplace Reintegration
  • Financial Incentives in DI
  • DI Replacement Rates
  • Health, Education & Disability
  • DI Program Interactions
  • Program Design & Evaluation
  • International Comparisons
  • Disability and Technology
  • Administrative Issues