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AN NBER PUBLICATION ISSUE: No. 3, September 2001

The Reporter Summer 2001

A free quarterly publication featuring program updates, several summaries of affiliates' research, and news about the NBER
Author(s): Nancy L. Rose
The NBER's Program on Industrial Organization (IO) celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The program has grown to include 34 members who are engaged in research on a wide range of topics. Rather than attempting an exhaustive review of program activity, this report provides an overview of the most active research areas since the last program report in 1997. These areas include e-commerce, restructured electricity markets, firm behavior in oligopoly markets, and the...

Research Summaries

Over the past 25 years, the gender pay gap has narrowed dramatically in the United States. In our recent research, we analyze the sources of the relative wage gains for women in the United States, and we study the determinants of gender differences in pay using international comparisons of the gender gap. Trends over the 1980s and 1990s in the United States After a long period of constancy at about 60 percent, the gender pay ratio in the United States started to...
Author(s): Gilbert Metcalf
The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 ushered in a new era in environmental policy, constructing a market in tradable permits for sulfur dioxide emissions at electric utilities in the United States. This law was a watershed in many ways because it was the first large-scale initiative in the United States to use a market-based instrument to manage pollution. Prior to 1990, discussion and analysis of market-based instruments (for example, cap-and-trade systems, environmental...


    Hoxby to Head Education Program NBER Faculty Research Fellow Caroline Hoxby, a professor of economics at Harvard University, is the first Director of the NBER's new Program on the Economics of Education. She received her A.B. in Economics from Harvard in 1988, an M.Phil. in Economics from the University of Oxford in 1990, and a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT in 1994. Hoxby has written on the effects of class size on student achievement, issues surrounding school finance,...

Meetings and Conferences, Summer 2001


  • Article
    International Trade and Investment The NBER's Program on International Trade and Investment met in Cambridge on March 16 and 17. James Harrigan, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, organized this program: Robert Feenstra, NBER and University of California, Davis, and Gordon Hanson, NBER and University of Michigan, "Global Production and Rising Inequality: A Survey of Trade and Wages" James Harrigan, "Comparative Advantage: Do the Data Obey the Law?" Donald Davis...


  • Article
    The Economics of School Choice An NBER Conference on "The Economics of School Choice," organized by Caroline M. Hoxby, Director of the NBER's Program on the Economics of Education, also of Harvard University, took place on February 22-24. The following papers and discussion made up the agenda: Eric A. Hanushek, NBER and Stanford University, and Steven G. Rivkin, Amherst College, "Does Public School Competition Affect Teacher Quality?" Discussant: Joseph Altonji,...

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