Index of /ftp/pub/thorndike-ipuri

This directory contains the data from the Thorndike-Hagen study. It was
found at the NBER New York office by Bob Lipsey and I thank him for 
sending the tape. The tape had external labels showing it to be the
'Comprehensive Thorndike' with 5,085 cases with 27 records of 96 bytes
per case. Indeed, the file does contain 13,180,320 bytes, so it 
appears to be complete.         

A translation to .csv format has been generously provided by Clayton Nall, 
a student of Political Science at Harvard University. Because the original 
file was kept as images of 96 column cards (a proprietary IBM format of
brief existence) reading the csv file is likely to be much easier than the 

Paul Wachtel has sent a photocopy of the original documentation,
which was scanned and converted to an Adobe .PDF file.

Please apply to for permission to use these files.