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Transitions from unemployment to employment increased in US states that opted out early from federal programs that expanded unemployment benefits during the pandemic; reports of difficulties meeting household expenses also rose. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government instituted two policies that increased benefits for unemployed workers. The first, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), expanded eligibility for state unemployment insurance (UI) to some...

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The move to remote work initially increased the average GitHub user’s hourly workweek by more than 15 percent and shifted work to nontraditional hours. The pandemic caused a large number of workers to shift from working at the office to working at home. The rise of remote work may outlast the pandemic, but it is not clear whether it is affecting when and how much employees work. In Labor Reallocation and Remote Work during COVID-19: Real-Time Evidence from...
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A Boise State University policy that gave students the option to retake a class and better their previous grade encouraged enrollment in more and in harder courses, especially in STEM. Offering college students the opportunity to retake courses and to improve their grades changes course selection, according to Xuan Jiang, Kelly Chen, Zeynep K. Hansen, and Scott Lowe in A Second Chance at Success? Effects of College Grade Forgiveness Policies on Student Outcomes (...
While investor attention often focuses on carbon emissions, local pollutants are also important components of many firms’ environmental damages. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns have become increasingly important drivers of investor behavior, and a range of indices seek to guide this investment by tracking firms’ performance on each dimension of sustainability. Measures of firms’ carbon emissions are often cited in this context. In Measuring...
In the NBA 3-Point Contest, a player who successfully makes a shot is more likely to make his next one when it is from the same location, but not otherwise. When professional basketball players have a particularly successful game, hitting shot after shot, commentators often remark that they have a “hot hand.” The persistence of success, in basketball and other sports, has also attracted increasingly systematic study. In The Hot Hand in the NBA 3-Point Contest: The...
An Affordable Care Act related increase in reimbursements for providers serving low-income Medicare beneficiaries increased this group’s access to medical care. Low-income elderly and disabled individuals are eligible for health insurance through both Medicare, which is federally funded and administered, and Medicaid, which receives some federal funding but is administered by the states. These “dual-eligible” beneficiaries account for less than one-fifth of the...
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