The NBER Working Group on Race and Stratification in the Economy invites papers for potential presentation at its inaugural conference, which will explore the economics of race, considering the factors that contribute to racial differences in income, wealth, housing, educational attainment, labor market outcomes, economic mobility, and a range of other measures. The meeting will consider research on a range of issues, including economic models of discrimination and social stratification and the role of public policies and political institutions in contributing to and ameliorating racial differences.

The virtual conference, on April 9, 2021, will be co-organized by NBER researchers Isaiah Andrews (Harvard University), Renee Bowen (University of California, San Diego), Trevon Logan (The Ohio State University, and the working group’s director), and Ebonya Washington (Yale University).

Research on any issue pertaining to the causes and consequences of racial disparities in economic outcomes, or on the role of race in economic analysis, is welcome. The organizers are especially interested in theoretical and methodological papers that incorporate approaches to race from other disciplines into an economic framework, and in papers that take race as their primary substantive focus. They hope to bring together insights on race from economics as well as from other social sciences.

Particular topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The effects of past and current public policies, at all levels of government, on racial disparities in economic outcomes.
  • The role of race and/or racial identity in economic decision making.
  • Methods for detecting and measuring racial discrimination and disparities.
  • The intergenerational transmission of racial inequality.  

The NBER welcomes submissions by scholars who are early in their careers, who are not NBER affiliates, and who are members of under-represented groups. To be considered for inclusion on the program, completed papers must be uploaded by 11:59pm (EST) February 8, 2021 via the following link:

Please do not submit papers that have been accepted for publication and that will be published by April, 2021. Authors chosen to present papers will be notified in late February, 2021. All co-authors will be invited to participate in the virtual conference. Questions about this conference may be addressed to