To promote research on the economics of caregiving, the NBER Gender in the Economy Study group, which is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will convene a virtual meeting on June 4, 2021. The meeting will showcase original research papers on a range of caregiving topics that are of concern in developing and developed regions, both currently and historically. Potential topics include the roles of state subsidies, public programs, government mandates, and family traditions, the impact of COVID, time use, school hours and ages, quality of early childhood engagement, the role of siblings and other family members, immigration and remittances from caregivers to their families, and other caregiving arrangements that disproportionately impact women. The conference will be organized by NBER Research Associates Claudia Goldin of Harvard and Claudia Olivetti of Dartmouth, two of the co-directors of the Study Group, along with Study Group Advisory Board members Berk Özler of the World Bank and NBER Research Associates Rohini Pande of Yale and Alessandra Voena of Stanford.

Please submit completed papers, or nearly-finished drafts, for potential presentation to

by 11:59pm EDT on Thursday, April 8, 2021. Please do not submit research that will be published before June 2021. The NBER welcomes research submissions from scholars who are early in their careers, who are not NBER affiliates, and who are from members of groups that are under-represented in the economics profession.

The program will be announced in early May, and will be scheduled to accommodate participants in a range of time zones. It may include one or more panels in which authors will make brief presentations of their findings, as well as more standard-length presentations followed by discussion.

Questions about the meeting may be directed to Carl Beck at the NBER conference department,