List of Affiliates' Work in Medical and Other Journals with Pre-Publication Restrictions - 2019, 1

Many NBER-affiliated researchers publish some of their findings in medical and other journals that preclude pre-publication distribution. This makes it impossible to include these papers in the NBER working paper series. This is a partial listing of recent papers in this category by NBER affiliates in the Health Economics, Health Care, and Aging Programs.

Health-Related Papers

Fiscal Policy to Improve Diets and Prevent NCDs: From Recommendations to Action
A. M. Thow, S. Downs, C. Mayes, H. Trevena, T. Waqanivalu, J. Cawley, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 96(3), March 2018, pp. 201-10.

Factors of U.S. Hospitals Associated with Improved Profit Margins: An Observational Study
D. P. Ly, D. M. Cutler, Journal of General Internal Medicine, 33(7), July 2018, pp. 1020-7.

Growing Number of Unsubsidized Part D Beneficiaries with Catastrophic Spending Suggests Need for an Out-Of-Pocket Cap
E. Trish, J. Xu, G. Joyce, Health Affairs, 37(7), July 2018, pp. 1048-56.

Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Care Access and Self-Assessed Health after Three Years
C. Courtemanche, J. Marton, B. Ukert, A. Yelowitz, D. Zapata, Inquiry: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing, 55, September 2018, pp. 1-10.

Third Year of Evidence Shows Continuing Benefits of Medicaid Expansions
J. Cawley, A. Soni, K. Simon, Journal of General Internal Medicine, 33(9), September 2018, pp. 1495-7.

Generic Drug Price Hikes and Patient Out-Of-Pocket Costs for Medicare Beneficiaries
G. Joyce, L. Henkhaus, L. Gascue, J. Zissimopoulos, Health Affairs, 37(10), October 2018, pp.1578-86.

Intergenerational Transmission of Paternal Trauma among U.S. Civil War Ex-POWs
D. L. Costa, N. Yetter, H. DeSomer, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(44), October 2018, pp. 11215-20.

Adverse Selection into and within the Individual Health Insurance Market in California in 2014
V. Fung, C. Peitzman, J. Shi, C. Liang, W. Dow, A. Zaslavsky, B. Fireman, S. F. Derose, M. Chernew, J. P. Newhouse, J. Hsu, Health Services Research, 53(5), October 2018, pp. 3750-69.

The Association of Multiple Anti-Hypertensive Medication Classes with Alzheimer's Disease Incidence across Sex, Race and Ethnicity
D. Barthold, G. Joyce, W. Wharton, P. Kehoe, J. Zissimopoulos, PLoS ONE, 13(11), November 1, 2018, e0206705.

An Experimental Investigation of Preference Misrepresentation in the Residency Match
A. Rees-Jones, S. Skowronek, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(45), November 6, 2018, pp. 11471-6.

Quasi-Experimental Causality in Neuroscience and Behavioural Research
I. E. Marinescu, P. N. Lawlor, P. Konrad, K. P. Kording, Nature Human Behaviour, 2, November 2018, pp. 891–8.

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder and Month of School Enrollment
T. J. Layton, M. L. Barnett, T. R. Hicks, A. B. Jena, New England Journal of Medicine, 379, November 2018, pp. 2122-30.

The Challenge of Measuring Surgeon Spending for Payment Policies
P. VonAchen, R. A. Hayward, E. C. Norton, B. Denton, C. Ellimoottil, Annals of Surgery, 268(6), December 2018, pp. 903–7.

High-Deductible Insurance and Delay in Care for the Macrovascular Complications of Diabetes
J. F. Wharam, C. Y. Lu, F. Zhang, A. Hernandez, M. Callahan, X. Xu, J. Wallace, S. Soumerai, D. Ross-Degnan, J. P. Newhouse, Annals of Internal Medicine, 169(12), December 18, 2018, pp. 845-64.

The Contribution of New Product Entry versus Existing Product Inflation in the Rising Costs of Drugs
I. Hernandez, C. B. Good, D. M. Cutler, W. F. Gellad, N. Parekh, W. H. Shrank, Health Affairs, 38(1), January 2019, pp. 76-83.

Potential Effects of Eliminating the Individual Mandate Penalty in California: Uneven Coverage Losses and Premium Increases
V. Fung, C. Liang, J. Shi, A. Zaslavsky, W. Dow, M. Chernew, J. Newhouse, J. Hsu, Health Affairs, 38(1), January 2019, pp. 147-54.

Genetic Legacy of State Centralization in the Kuba Kingdom of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
L. van Dorp, S. Lowes, J. L. Weigel, N. Ansari-Pour, S. Lopez, J. Mendoza-Revilla, J. A. Robinson, J. Henrich, M. G. Thomas, N. Nunn, G. Hellenthal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(2), January 8, 2019, pp. 593-8.

Genome-Wide Association Analyses of Risk Tolerance and Risky Behaviors in over 1 Million Individuals Identify Hundreds of Loci and Shared Genetic Influences
R. K. Linnér, P. Biroli, E. Kong, S. Fleur, W. Meddens, R. Wedow, M. A. Fontana, M. Lebreton,... J. Gratten, J. J. Lee, D. Cesarini, D. J. Benjamin, P. Koellinger, J. P. Beauchamp, Nature Genetics, January 2019, pp. 245-57

Hospital Prices Grew Substantially Faster Than Physician Prices for Hospital-Based Care in 2007-2014
Z. Cooper, S. Craig, M. Gaynor, N. J. Harish, H. M. Krumholz, J. Van Reenen, Health Affairs, 39(2), February 2019, pp. 184-9.

Variation in Health Spending for the Privately Insured from 2007 to 2014
Z. Cooper, S. Craig, C. Gray, M. Gaynor, J. Van Reenen, Health Affairs, 38(2), February 2019, pp. 230-6.

Explaining the Slowdown in Medical Spending Growth among the Elderly, 1999-2012
D. M. Cutler, K. Ghosh, K. L. Messer, T. E. Raghunathan, S. T. Stewart, A. B. Rosen, Health Affairs, 38(2), February 2019, pp. 222-9.

Risk Adjustment in Medicare ACO Program Deters Coding Increases but May Lead ACOs to Drop High-Risk Beneficiaries
A. A. Markovitz, J. M. Hollingsworth, J. Z. Ayanian, E. C. Norton, N. M. Moloci, P. L. Yan, A.M. Ryan, Health Affairs, 38(2), February 2019, pp. 253–61.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Medication Adherence among Privately Insured Patients in the United States
R. Xie, P. St. Clair, D. Goldman, G. Joyce, PLoS ONE, 14(2), February 14, 2019, eo212117.

The Three Year Impact of the ACA on Disparities in Insurance Coverage
C. Courtemanche, I. Fazlul, J. Marton, B. Ukert, A. Yelowitz, D. Zapata, Health Services Research, 54, February 2019, pp. 307-16.

Initial Opioid Prescriptions among U.S. Commercially Insured Patients, 2012–2017
W. Zhu, M. E. Chernew, T. B. Sherry, N. Maestas, New England Journal of Medicine, 380, March 2019, pp. 1043-52.

Other Papers

Time Preferences are Reliable Across Time-Horizons and Verbal vs. Experiential Tasks
E. Lukinova, S. F. Lehrer, Y. Wang, J. C. Erlich, eLife e39656, February 5, 2019.

Measuring the Impact of Interaction Between Children of a Matrilineal and a Patriarchal Culture on Gender Differences in Risk Aversion
E. M. Liu, S. X. Zuo, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, March 18, 2019.

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