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This is a partial list of NBER Working Papers cited in the press within the last year. If you are aware of any omissions, please email us. Whenever possible, include the name of the publication, title of the article, name of the NBER authors, and NBER Working Paper number.

Working Paper Number Authors NBER Working Paper Title

Bloomberg Business Week

August 22, 2014 How to Save the Postal Service and Boost the Savings Rate 17072 Annamaria Lusardi, Daniel J. Schneider, Peter Tufano Financially Fragile Households: Evidence and Implications
April 7, 2014 Why Education Spending Doesn't Lead to Economic Growth 16474 Pedro Carneiro, James J. Heckman, Edward J. Vytlacil Estimating Marginal Returns to Education
January 7, 2014 Heat Waves Kill Sick People. Cold Snaps Kill Healthy Ones 13227 Olivier Deschenes, Enrico Moretti Extreme Weather Events, Mortality and Migration
August 2, 2013 How Bubbly Housing Prices Helped Lift Startups 18868 Manuel Adelino, Antoinette Schoar, Felipe Severino House Prices, Collateral and Self-Employment
July 1, 2013 Why Immigration Is the New Gay Marriage
June 27, 2013 No 1997 Asian Crisis Return as China Trembles: Cutting Research 19136 Loukas Karabarbounis, Brent Neiman The Global Decline of the Labor Share
June 6, 2013 Aging Nations Like Low Prices Over High Income: Cutting Research 19078 Xavier Gabaix, Augustin Landier, Julien Sauvagnat CEO Pay and Firm Size: an Update after the Crisis
May 26, 2013 An Auction? Most EBay Users Don't Have Time for That 19021 Liran Einav, Chiara Farronato, Jonathan D. Levin, Neel Sundaresan Sales Mechanisms in Online Markets: What Happened to Internet Auctions?
May 9, 2013 Grabbing Jobs 18901 Paul Beaudry, David A. Green, Benjamin M. Sand The Great Reversal in the Demand for Skill and Cognitive Tasks
May 2, 2013 NYU Prof: How to Spot a Dishonest Company 18886 Tanja Artiga González, Markus Schmid, David Yermack Smokescreen: How Managers Behave When They Have Something To Hide

Boston Globe

August 10, 2014 Does inequality dampen ambition? 20195 Melissa S. Kearney, Phillip B. Levine Income Inequality, Social Mobility, and the Decision to Drop Out of High School
July 23, 2014 Springfield, Mass. Is One of Nation's Saddest Regions 20291 Edward L. Glaeser, Joshua D. Gottlieb, Oren Ziv Unhappy Cities
January 26, 2014 Sex ed from "Teen Mom" 19795 Melissa S. Kearney, Phillip B. Levine Media Influences on Social Outcomes: The Impact of MTV's 16 and Pregnant on Teen Childbearing
June 22, 2013 Is he black? Depends on your politics 19116 George J. Borjas The Slowdown in the Economic Assimilation of Immigrants: Aging and Cohort Effects Revisited Agains
June 22, 2013 Is he black? Depends on your politics 19102 Anna Aizer, Joseph J. Doyle, Jr. Juvenile Incarceration, Human Capital and Future Crime: Evidence from Randomly-Assigned Judges
June 15, 2013 Does homeownership make unemployment worse? 19080 John G. Bullock, Alan S. Gerber, Seth J. Hill, Gregory A. Huber Partisan Bias in Factual Beliefs about Politics
June 15, 2013 Does homeownership make unemployment worse? 19079 David G. Blanchflower, Andrew J. Oswald Does High Home-Ownership Impair the Labor Market?
June 2, 2013 Should the school year be longer? 18369 Victor Lavy Expanding School Resources and Increasing Time on Task: Effects of a Policy Experiment in Israel on Student Academic Achievement and Behavior
June 1, 2013 The cruelty of markets: Die, mouse 19023 Marianne Bertrand, Jessica Pan, Emir Kamenica Gender Identity and Relative Income within Households
May 26, 2013 This explains Albany 19027 Filipe R. Campante, Quoc-Anh Do Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability and Corruption: Evidence from US States
April 7, 2013 The blindness of football refs - quantified 18883 Marianne Bertrand, Adair Morse Trickle-Down Consumption
March 10, 2013 Lawyers, the arms race 18834 Orley C. Ashenfelter, David E. Bloom, Gordon B. Dahl Lawyers as Agents of the Devil in a Prisoner's Dilemma Game: Evidence from Long Run Play
March 3, 2013 Diverse college, higher wages 18812 Barbara L. Wolfe, Jason Fletcher Estimating Benefits from University-Level Diversity
March 3, 2013 Unstoppably frisky teens 18810 Silvie Colman, Thomas S. Dee, Theodore J. Joyce Do Parental Involvement Laws Deter Risky Teen Sex?
February 27, 2013 Small Mileage Differences Mean Big Price Differentials 17030 Nicola Lacetera, Devin G. Pope, Justin R. Sydnor Heuristic Thinking and Limited Attention in the Car Market
February 8, 2013 Hello, I'm Superman 18690 John F. Helliwell, Haifang Huang Comparing the Happiness Effects of Real and On-line Friends

January 13, 2014 50 Years After the War on Poverty, Poor People Are Not Better Off 19789 Liana Fox, Irwin Garfinkel, Neeraj Kaushal, Jane Waldfogel, Christopher Wimer Waging War on Poverty: Historical Trends in Poverty Using the Supplemental Poverty Measure
December 2, 2013 Want to Fight Off Content Pirates? Just Stream Your Show for Free 19634 Brett Danaher, Samita Dhanasobhon, Michael D. Smith, Rahul Telang Understanding Media Markets in the Digital Age: Economics and Methodology

The Economist

July 25, 2014 Im-patent to innovate 20269 Alberto Galasso, Mark Schankerman Patents and Cumulative Innovation: Causal Evidence from the Courts
March 18, 2014 In search of familiar faces 19640 Shigeru Fujita, Giuseppe Moscarini Recall and Unemployment
November 21, 2013 Location still matters 19621 Kevin S. Markle, Douglas A. Shackelford The Impact of Headquarter and Subsidiary Locations on Multinationals' Effective Tax Rates
May 2, 2013 Money can buy happiness 18992 Betsey Stevenson, Justin Wolfers Subjective Well-Being and Income: Is There Any Evidence of Satiation?
April 27, 2013 School's not out 16277 Raquel Fernández Does Culture Matter?
April 20, 2013 Crisis-stricken Icelanders drink less and sleep more 15639 Carmen M. Reinhart, Kenneth S. Rogoff Growth in a Time of Debt

Financial Times

August 5, 2013 An upfront bonus pays over the long term 18237 Roland G. Fryer, Jr, Steven D. Levitt, John List, Sally Sadoff Enhancing the Efficacy of Teacher Incentives through Loss Aversion: A Field Experiment
July 5, 2013 Past performance suggests gold has further to fall 18706 Claude B. Erb, Campbell R. Harvey The Golden Dilemma
May 16, 2013 How managers conceal the profits of price fixing 18886 Tanja Artiga González, Markus Schmid, David Yermack Smokescreen: How Managers Behave When They Have Something To Hide


October 22, 2013 Missing The Wave In Ship Transport 19246 Robin Greenwood, Samuel Hanson Waves in Ship Prices and Investment
July 22, 2013 Bend The Healthcare Cost Curve Downward By Letting Healthcare Costs Rise 18552 Frank Lichtenberg The Effect of Pharmaceutical Innovation on Longevity: Patient-Level Evidence from the 1996-2002 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey and Linked Mortality Public-Use Files
July 10, 2013 Don't Thank Stringent Regulations For California's Reduced Electricity Use 19123 Arik Levinson California Energy Efficiency: Lessons for the Rest of the World, or Not?
June 13, 2013 Get Off My Lawn: Living With Kids Makes Seniors Less Happy 19100 Angus Deaton, Arthur A. Stone Grandpa and the Snapper: the Wellbeing of the Elderly who Live with Children

The New York Times

July 22, 2014 What the Future Holds: How Technology, Aided by Recession, Is Transforming the Work World 20307 Guido Matias Cortes, Nir Jaimovich, Christopher J. Nekarda, Henry E. Siu The Micro and Macro of Disappearing Routine Jobs: A Flows Approach
July 16, 2014 Western Pressure Reduces Crucial Local Action to End Child Labor 15050 Matthias Doepke, Fabrizio Zilibotti Do International Labor Standards Contribute to the Persistence of the Child Labor Problem?
June 3, 2014 Tracking Students By Ability Produces Results 16865 Scott E. Carrell, Bruce I. Sacerdote, James E. West From Natural Variation to Optimal Policy? The Lucas Critique Meets Peer Effects
July 16, 2013 If Churchill Could See Us Now 18054 David H. Autor, David Dorn, Gordon H. Hanson The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import Competition in the United States
June 15, 2013 Don't Blame the Work Force 17782 Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman, John C. Haltiwanger Recruiting Intensity during and after the Great Recession: National and Industry Evidence
April 2, 2013 Investments in Education May Be Misdirected 16201 Flavio Cunha, James J. Heckman Investing in Our Young People
March 17, 2013 Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor 18586 Caroline M. Hoxby, Christopher Avery The Missing "One-Offs": The Hidden Supply of High-Achieving, Low Income Students?
February 3, 2013 How Does Job Loss Affect Life Expectancy? 18361 Courtney C. Coile, Phillip B. Levine, Robin McKnight Recessions, Older Workers, and Longevity: How Long Are Recessions Good For Your Health?
January 24, 2013 Housing Offers Hope of Strength in the Economy 18667 Karl E. Case, John M. Quigley, Robert J. Shiller Wealth Effects Revisited: 1975-2012

The Wall Street Journal

August 6, 2014 Stimulus for Clunkers 20349 Mark Hoekstra, Steven L. Puller, Jeremy West Cash for Corollas: When Stimulus Reduces Spending
August 1, 2014 Don't Blame Legal Medical Marijuana for Increasing Teen Use 20322 D. Mark Anderson, Benjamin Hansen, Daniel I. Rees Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use
March 27, 2014 Want to Reduce Crime? Get Rid of Cash 19996 Richard Wright, Erdal Tekin, Volkan Topalli, Chandler McClellan, Timothy Dickinson, Richard Rosenfeld Less Cash, Less Crime: Evidence from the Electronic Benefit Transfer Program
March 18, 2014 Fed Shouldn't Use Rates to Target Bubbles, Paper Says 19970 Anton Korinek, Alp Simsek Liquidity Trap and Excessive Leverage
March 17, 2014 Taper Talk Slammed Strong Emerging Nations Most 19980 Joshua Aizenman, Mahir Binici, Michael M. Hutchison The Transmission of Federal Reserve Tapering News to Emerging Financial Markets
March 16, 2014 The Hidden Rot in the Jobs Numbers 18841 Luis Garicano, Claire LeLarge, John Van Reenen Firm Size Distortions and the Productivity Distribution: Evidence from France
October 20, 2013 Overly Easy Monetary Policy Abets Bubble Creation, Economists Contend 19585 Michael D. Bordo, John Landon-Lane Does Expansionary Monetary Policy Cause Asset Price Booms; Some Historical and Empirical Evidence
October 11, 2013 Unhealthy? Chances Are Your Spouse Is Too 19438 James Banks, Elaine Kelly, and James P. Smith Spousal Health Effects - The Role of Selection
September 30, 2013 Year-End Rush to Use It or Lose It Leads to Bad Government Spending 19481 Jeffrey B. Liebman, Neale Mahoney Do Expiring Budgets Lead to Wasteful Year-End Spending? Evidence from Federal Procurement
September 19, 2013 Benefits of Good Teachers Last Long Beyond Primary School 19424 Raj Chetty, John N. Friedman, Jonah E. Rockoff Measuring the Impacts of Teachers II: Teacher Value-Added and Student Outcomes in Adulthood
September 11, 2013 Students Learn Better From Professors Outside Tenure System 19406 David N. Figlio, Morton O. Schapiro, Kevin B. Soter Are Tenure Track Professors Better Teachers?
July 31, 2013 Arthur Brooks: How Obama Neglects the Poor 18681 David Neumark, J.M. Ian Salas, William Wascher Revisiting the Minimum Wage-Employment Debate: Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?
July 26, 2013 Children With Parents on Government Assistance More Likely to Become Dependent 19237 Gordon B. Dahl, Andreas Ravndal Kostol, Magne Mogstad Family Welfare Cultures
July 24, 2013 Is High School Popularity or Family More Important to Future Earnings? 19232 Jason Fletcher Friends or Family? Revisiting the Effects of High School Popularity on Adult Earnings
July 23, 2013 Lottery-linked retirement accounts? 19130 Emel Filiz-Ozbay, Jonathan Guryan, Kyle Hyndman, Melissa Schettini Kearney, Erkut Y. Ozbay Do Lottery Payments Induce Savings Behavior: Evidence from the Lab
July 23, 2013 China Imports Punish Low-Wage U.S. Workers Longer, Study Finds 19226 David H. Autor, David Dorn, Gordon H. Hanson, Jae Song Trade Adjustment: Worker Level Evidence
July 13, 2013 Why aren't you using your Roth 401(k)? 19193 John Beshears, James J. Choi, David Laibson, Brigitte C. Madrian Who Uses the Roth 401(k), and How Do They Use It?
July 12, 2013 The High Price of Educating Engineers 19183 Kevin M. Stange Differential Pricing in Undergraduate Education: Effects on Degree Production by Field
July 8, 2013 ADHD Drugs Don't Boost Kids' Grades 19143 Janet Currie, Mark Stabile, Lauren E. Jones Do Stimulant Medications Improve Educational and Behavioral Outcomes for Children with ADHD?
July 3, 2013 The Specter Of Death Makes People Less Charitable 19145 Jonathan Meer, Harvey S. Rosen Donative Behavior at the End of Life
June 28, 2013 Food Prices Linked to Obesity Rates 19143 Michael Grossman, Erdal Tekin, Roy Wada Food Prices and Body Fatness among Youths
June 13, 2013 Living with kids: Tough on grandparents 19100 Angus Deaton, Arthur A. Stone Grandpa and the Snapper: the Wellbeing of the Elderly who Live with Children
May 20, 2013 What's Holding Back Hiring? 18668 Laurence M. Ball, Daniel Leigh, Prakash Loungani Okun's Law: Fit at Fifty?
May 20, 2013 What's Holding Back Hiring? 19047 Menzie D. Chinn, Laurent Ferrara, Valérie Mignon Post-recession US Employment through the Lens of a Non-linear Okun's law
May 20, 2013 What's Holding Back Hiring? 19048 Henry S. Farber, Robert G. Valletta Do Extended Unemployment Benefits Lengthen Unemployment Spells? Evidence from Recent Cycles in the U.S. Labor Market
May 16, 2013 More Talk, Less Violence: Helping Chicago's At-Risk Youth 19014 Sara Heller, Harold A. Pollack, Roseanna Ander, Jens Ludwig Preventing Youth Violence and Dropout: A Randomized Field Experiment
April 30, 2013 In China, a Persistent Edge for Big Insiders: Study 18680 James J. Choi, Li Jin, Hongjun Yan Informed Trading and Expected Returns
April 23, 2013 Seib & Wessel: What We're Reading Tuesday 18069 Patrick Bayer, Marcus D. Casey, Fernando Ferreira, Robert McMillan Estimating Racial Price Differentials in the Housing Market
April 5, 2013 Race. The Happiness Gap Shrinks 18916 Betsey Stevenson, Justin Wolfers Subjective and Objective Indicators of Racial Progress
April 3, 2013 New Research Wins Plaudits for Pinpointing Antitrust Red Flags 18886 Tanja Artiga González, Markus Schmid, David Yermack Smokescreen: How Managers Behave When They Have Something To Hide
March 26, 2013 College Grads May Be Stuck in Low-Skill Jobs 18901 Paul Beaudry, David A. Green, Benjamin M. Sand The Great Reversal in the Demand for Skill and Cognitive Tasks
March 26, 2013 Performance Has Long-Term Repercussions For Hedge Funds Managers: NBER 18903 Jongha Lim, Berk A. Sensoy, Michael S. Weisbach Indirect Incentives of Hedge Fund Managers
March 23, 2013 Losing out to the Joneses 18883 Marianne Bertrand, Adair Morse Trickle-Down Consumption
March 23, 2013 Clues to Price-Fixing 18886 Tanja Artiga González, Markus Schmid, David Yermack Smokescreen: How Managers Behave When They Have Something To Hide
February 25, 2013 China Has Its Own Debt Bomb 18290 Alan M. Taylor The Great Leveraging
February 16, 2013 Helmet Headwind 18773 Pinka Chatterji, Sara Markowitz Effects of Bicycle Helmet Laws on Children's Injuries
January 28, 2013 Study: China Underestimated House Price Growth in Beijing, Shanghai 18403 Yongheng Deng, Joseph Gyourko, Jing Wu Land and House Price Measurement in China
January 23, 2013 Rising House Prices, Not Stocks, Make People Feel Wealthy 18667 Karl E. Case, John M. Quigley, Robert J. Shiller Wealth Effects Revisited: 1975-2012
January 15, 2013 High School Graduation Rate Moves Up 18701 Richard J. Murnane U.S High School Graduation Rates: Patterns and Explanations
January 14, 2013 Air Conditioning Is a Double Edged Sword 18692 Alan Barreca, Karen Clay, Olivier Deschenes, Michael Greenstone, Joseph S. Shapiro Adapting to Climate Change: The Remarkable Decline in the U.S. Temperature-Mortality Relationship over the 20th Century
February 3, 2013 Teachers vs. Bleachers 18745 Brian Jacob, Brian McCall, Kevin M. Stange College as Country Club: Do Colleges Cater to Students' Preferences for Consumption?

The Washington Post

August 18, 2014 One way to boost organ donations: Just keep asking 20378 Judd B. Kessler, Alvin E. Roth Don't Take 'No' For An Answer: An Experiment With Actual Organ Donor Registrations
May 7, 2014 The disturbing decline in Americans' geographic mobility 20065 Raven Molloy, Christopher L. Smith, Abigail Wozniak Declining Migration within the U.S.: The Role of the Labor Market
January 29, 2014 The social mobility muddle 19843 Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, Patrick Kline, Emmanuel Saez Where is the Land of Opportunity? The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the United States
October 22, 2013 Here's how the Internet hurts your sleep schedule, productivity and personal life 19549 Scott Wallsten What Are We Not Doing When We're Online
August 22, 2013 Brokers Associated With More, Cheaper Health Coverage, Study Says 19342 Pinar Karaca-Mandic, Roger Feldman, Peter Graven The Role of Agents and Brokers in the Market for Health Insurance
August 8, 2013 85 million Americans lack dental coverage. Fixing that requires more than just money. 19218 Thomas C. Buchmueller, Sean Orzol, Lara D. Shore-Sheppard The Effect of Medicaid Payment Rates on Access to Dental Care Among Children
July 18, 2013 Porn is everywhere. But that's not what's killing marriage 15725 Adam Isen, Betsey Stevenson Women's Education and Family Behavior: Trends in Marriage, Divorce and Fertility
July 1, 2013 How to curb obesity: Tax calories, study says 16198 Hilary Williamson Hoynes, Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach Work Incentives and the Food Stamp Program
June 26, 2013 How to curb obesity: Tax calories, study says 19143 Michael Grossman, Erdal Tekin, Roy Wada Food Prices and Body Fatness among Youths
April 25, 2013 High-cost loans seeing tremendous growth 18869 Bruce D. Meyer, Wallace K.C. Mok Disability, Earnings, Income and Consumption
February 25, 2013 When driving a mile can cost you $448 18820 Meghan R. Busse, Nicola Lacetera, Devin G. Pope, Jorge Silva-Risso, Justin R. Sydnor Estimating the Effect of Salience in Wholesale and Retail Car Markets
February 22, 2013 Study: Gas taxes are six times as effective as stricter fuel-economy standards 18685 Christopher R. Knittel The Energy-Policy Efficiency Gap: Was There Ever Support for Gasoline Taxes?
February 18, 2013 Study: Teen depression linked to higher property crime, but not violent crime 18656 D. Mark Anderson, Resul Cesur, Erdal Tekin Youth Depression and Future Criminal Behavior
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